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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
As an early April Fools' joke, the fan-run Facebook/Blogspot group Operation: Power Up made a fake Super Smash Bros. website character page based on the ones used in the official website to "reveal" Nester, the mascot of Nintendo Power magazine, as a playable character. While the page itself is notably accurate to the source material, the screenshots shown at the bottom are of very low quality: not only is Nester's model poorly made, he's only ever shown alone in the pics and is clearly pasted on in some of them.
Also Appears On: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Game)
Contributed by chocolatejr9 on December 1, 2023
Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration
Attachment The SwordQuest series was a series of 4 games developed by Atari, each one having an associated contest to win a one-of-a-kind item from the game made of real gold by finding clues in the game and using them to uncover hidden messages in the attached comic book, then coming to Atari headquarters to compete in a contest version of the respective game. The advertised prizes were:

•Talisman of Penultimate Truth, Earthworld's prize
•Chalice of Light, Fireworld's prize
•Crown of Life, Waterworld's prize
•The Philosopher's Stone, Airworld's prize
•The Sword of Ultimate Sorcery, the grand prize

Halfway through the series, the video game crash of 1983 hit, and it was put to a halt, leaving Airworld, the Philosopher's Stone, and the Sword of Ultimate Sorcery unreleased. The Chalice of Light is the only item known to still exist, with all others being believed to have been melted down at some point.

In Atari 50, a game based on Airworld would see release, though it was not based on the work done for the game back in the 1980s.
Also Appears On: Swordquest: Waterworld (Game), Swordquest: Earthworld (Game), SwordQuest: AirWorld (Game), Swordquest: Fireworld (Game), Swordquest (Collection)
Platform: PlayStation 2
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Fido Dido
Fido Dido was listed as being "out now" in an issue of UK magazine SegaPro, despite the game not being released.
Cool Spot
Attachment According to an Electronic Gaming Monthly preview article, Cool Spot was originally a Reversi clone like Spot: The Video Game, titled Spot II - the graphics used in Cool Spot seem to have been reused from cutscenes in the cancelled game.
Bio Force Ape
Attachment Bio Force Ape is a game that was never released - it did, before it's cancellation, get a spotlight in Nintendo Power, creating a level of curiosity surrounding it within NES fan communities. Capitalizing off of this curiosity, a post would be made on the Digital Press forum in 2005 claiming to show screenshots of a leaked prototype. While the first post appeared legitimate, the hoax would eventually be unraveled starting with a screenshot of a glitched super move that was "so powerful [that] it messes up the game's graphics", which humorously made it appear that Bio Force Ape was unleashing a powerful fart attack, as a set of glitched graphics appeared next to a crouching animation. The poster, going under the username PaulB812, would refuse to dump the game and refer to anybody who asked for it to be released as either "communists" or "butter-slathered... hoarding fatties", before finally unveiling the prank with a game screenshot of a cutscene where a fat butter monster points out that the ape is "worth 2K monies[sic]", before the ape punches him while saying "EAT COMMUNISM!" A real prototype would be leaked in 2010.
Contributed by Rocko & Heffer on November 19, 2023
Inspector Gadget
Attachment Dr. Claw's face, a recurring mystery in the Inspector Gadget cartoon, is shown in the Inspector Gadget SNES game. The design of his face, which possesses spiky grey hair, matches up with an action figure released prior, which used a mystery box gimmick for his face. It does not, however, match up with Inspector Gadget character designer Bruno Bianchi's take on the character released in a French magazine contest, where he is instead portrayed as a frog-like alien controlling fake human hands from his chair.
Also Appears On: Inspector Gadget (Franchise)
Contributed by Rocko & Heffer on November 8, 2023
Star Fox Adventures
Attachment The development team behind Star Fox Adventures never intended the Shopkeeper character to have a name, even as far back when it was still Dinosaur Planet. "Shabunga" was initially the name of a cut NPC character from DP, a mutant creature that Sabre/Fox and Tricky would come across in Willow Grove, the bridge between SwapStone Hollow (known as ThornTail Hollow in SFA) and Dragon Rock that too was similarly scrapped in the transition to SFA. This mutant character would appear in SFA as an enemy type known as the "FireCrawler" that appears in Moon Mountain Pass and also all over Dragon Rock.

Curiously, SFA's Nintendo Power guidebook would re-appropriate the mutant's name to the Shopkeeper, claiming his name to be "Shabunga", despite the actual game just merely referring to him as the Shopkeeper. It turns out there's a reason for this: looking at the Japanese localization for Star Fox Adventures, it appears that NCL did indeed repurpose the "Shabunga" name behind Rare's back for the Shopkeeper as he's called that both in-game and also all over its ancillary material. For example, in the Japanese version of SFA, the ThornTail Store is renamed to シャブンガの店 (Shabunga no mise), which translates to Shabunga's Shop in English.

Another notable example is when Fox is talking to the Blue SnowHorn in SnowHorn Wastes; in the English version, the latter has this to say:

This item was stolen from me many years ago. I believe it was around the same time that a strange floating dinosaur visited the Wastes.

Retranslating the Japanese subtitles in the Japanese version of the game, however, reveals:

何と・・・ これは昔ワシが盗まれた宝じゃ。シャブンガとかいうヤツが ここに来たのと同じころだったか・・・ (This is the treasure that was stolen from me so long ago. It was around the same time that Shabunga or whatever his name was came here...)

It would seem that whoever wrote the Nintendo Power SFA guide was given the memo about this.
Also Appears On: Dinosaur Planet (Game)
Contributed by Dinoman96 on October 28, 2023
Hyle Russell of DKVine said that the SFA dev team members he talked to never intended for the Shopkeeper to be called "Shabunga":

Shabunga the Mutant from Dinosaur Planet:

JP SFA website calling the Shopkeeper "Shabunga":

Examples of in-game JP text referring to the the Shopkeeper and his store as "Shabunga":


Entire Reddit thread of this just for good measure:
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