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Developer: Koei Tecmo
Tecmo was developing a MMORPG called BASTARD!! ONLINE, based on the manga Bastard!! by Kazushi Hagiwara. The game was cancelled on December 18, 2009.

According to a press release, the game was canceled due to "current market trends and future prospects".
Contributed by ZpaceJ0ck0
Tony Hawk's Underground 2
Within the debug menu of T.H.U.G 2, there is an option to instantly grant the player a score of five million points.

When this debug function is activated, the text near the bottom of the screen in which the name of a trick performed during a combo would appear, instead the phrase, "You cheat like Kurt" fills in.

References to "Kurt" are a running inside joke within Neversoft, with numerous respective instances occurring in both Tony Hawk's Underground 1 as well as Underground 2 as Easter Eggs.
Contributed by Regen-33
Grand Theft Auto III
The game was supposed to feature the series' first aircraft missions, but they were removed.
Contributed by ClaudX
By selecting the "Load Game" option and not loading from the controller pack, a password screen will appear instead. Entering a password of all Q's and exiting out of the "Invalid password" message using the B button will unlock a Debug Menu in the Options screen. This lets players choose the level they start on, and even enable God mode, along with a few other options.
Contributed by KidDivinegon
1080° Snowboarding
Realistic depictions of Mario and Luigi can be seen among the spectators in the audience, wearing their signature color coded overalls.
Contributed by Regen-33
Series: Mass Effect
A spin-off for the Nintendo DS titled Mass Effect: Corsair was in early development but ultimately cancelled. The reason for its cancellation was due to high production costs for the DS game cartridge, according to ex-BioWare producer Mark Darrah. EA predicted the game would only sell 50,000 units with each cartridge costing $10.50 USD to produce.

Corsair would've been a combination of the games Privateer and Star Control set "in a part of the galaxy that was more piratey and not really fully explored". You'd play as an independent character exploring, collecting cargo, and selling information to the Human alliance. The development team had already started working on the flight controls and overall story before it was cancelled.
Contributed by KnowledgeBase
There is a secret portal located towards the upper-left corner of the level "The Project". Going in it will take Gex to a hidden room with a unique enemy blocking an exit to the level; a random man walking towards Gex. Hitting the man will cause him to vomit, and his kill animation shows large amounts of blood shooting out of his neck before dying. It's unknown who this person is, though it could be a self-insert by one of the game's developers.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater
While the Evoker Illager is not engaged in combat and "/gamerule mobGriefing" is set to "true", it can change the color of the wool of any blue sheep within 16 blocks to red. It signals the spell by producing orange particles and making a "wololo" sound. This is a reference to the Priest special unit in Age of Empires who after making that sound can turn enemy units into friendly units, thereby changing that unit's color. Mojang's developers first noticed the similarities between the Priest and the Evoker in the latter's spell-casting animation when it holds up its arms, and because Age of Empires and Minecraft were both owned by Microsoft, they were able to use the same "wololo" audio clip from Age of Empires for the Evoker in Minecraft.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
In the Japanese version of the game, the Zora Queen's smooth gem is not a source of her power. The gem is actually her secret to beauty, and she turned fat when she lost her gem. Any reference was changed to power in the US version.

One of the Zora in Zora's Domain says he's fond of the Queen being fat, but in the US he just says that they have to get the gem back. After getting the gem back to Oren, that same Zora was disappointed that Oren became slim again. Another Zora mentions the queen's beauty returning, but it was changed to just "What a relief."

After completing the House of Gales, a Zora says that he was swimming with the queen but lost her, even saying that he lost her because she was so slim. In the US version, nothing about weight was mentioned. It seems likely that these changes were made as Nintendo of America didn't want people to think the game was fat shaming people.
Two unused sprites in the SNES version of the game are demonic parodies of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, likely intended for the Tokyo Destinyland theme park, based on the real-life Tokyo Disneyland park.

In the PC Engine release of the game, two much less similar-looking parodies of the characters appear in Tokyo Destinyland as NPCs under the names "Zombie Mouse" and "Demon Duck", possibly as a workaround to copyright issues with The Walt Disney Company.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater
DuckTales: Remastered
The game's data contains a different tune of the Himalayas theme, which starts off with a high pitched string instrument, rather then the style used in the final version of the game.
Contributed by CuriousUserX90
In 2004 Radica Games released a plug and play SSX game called SSX Snowboarder under their PlayTV brand that had a snowboard peripheral similar to Tony Hawk: Ride and Tony Hawk: Shred. Despite coming years before the Tony Hawk games such controller was never used in any full fledged SSX game.
Contributed by Mass Distraction
After the cancellation of Omega Labyrinth Z's North American localization in 2018, work began on Omega Labyrinth Life for the Nintendo Switch. In May 2019, it was announced that D3 was also working on a censored version for the Playstation 4. Despite the PS4 version being cheaper, the Switch version sold three times as many copies.
Contributed by raidramon0
Dead Rising
Taking a Perfect!!! Erotica photo will cause Frank's nose to bleed down to his chin, a reference to a euphemism for sexual arousal found in and commonly associated with Japanese media.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater
Rock Band 2
In the "Game Modifiers" menu, one of the cheat options is called "Awesomeness Detection". Its description states that it "Lets Harmonix know that you are awesome!", and Harmonix claimed that high-level players should play the game with this option turned on without actually revealing what it does, causing confused players to speculate on what it did. The Official Harmonix Podcast confessed in their 11th episode on February 26, 2010 that it did nothing.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
Neil Druckmann snuck in several easter eggs which directly referenced The Secret of Monkey Island, including the likeness of its main protagonist Guybrush Threepwood. Naughty Dog later received permission from The Walt Disney Company to leave these references in the game.

In Chapter 11, a slightly burned portrait resembling Guybrush can be found that Nathan and Sam will comment on, not recognizing him among the other pirate founders of Libertalia they do know. This is hinted at further during the sigils puzzle in the same chapter, one of which is that of a monkey. A statue of the Guybrush figure can be found among statues of the founders during Chapter 12, with Nathan again conveniently forgetting his name. Spoiler:A more intact version of the painting can be found later in Chapter 15, but with the word "THIEF" painted overtop its subject as are the rest of the portraits found near it, and a barely legible plaque underneath revealing his name to be "Guy Wood". In Chapter 18 while in Thomas Tew's mansion, Nathan and Elena stumble upon a dinner table surrounded by the corpses of the founders. Guy Wood's corpse appears among the rest, with a monkey sigil found close to him on the table.

Two more references to The Secret of Monkey Island can be found in the game's dialogue, including one moment where Nathan comments "That is the second biggest cistern I've ever seen." This references a running gag from the series where Guybrush would commonly remark that something is the second biggest version of that thing that he's seen. The second piece of dialogue refers to Monkey Island itself with the line "Big, skull-shaped island? What?"
Contributed by MehDeletingLater
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
In the Xbox version of the game, by connecting a first-generation controller (A.K.A. "The Duke" controller) into the fourth port on an original Xbox console, the pitch and speed of all dialogue in the game can be shifted higher and faster using the White action button, and lower and slower using the Black action button.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater
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In the Tower of Barbs, there is a girl who operates the golden elevator named Torai Rin. If you can angle the camera correctly while in the elevator, it can clip through Torai's dress and reveal her fully modeled breasts and nipples.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater
Mischief Makers
When you first start up the game, it asks for an age between 00 and 99. Spoiler:This age choice does not refer to the player, but to the main protagonist Marina Liteyears, and has an effect on one frame in the true ending of the game. If Marina's age is set to 15 years or younger, her true human form will be physically closer to that of a child. If her age is set to 16 years or older, her true human form will be closer to that of an adult.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater
Halo 3
In the beta release's multiplayer mode, if you can angle the camera correctly while on a vehicle, it will clip through your Spartan's helmet and reveal a face underneath. This is a photo of Marcus Lehto, Bungie's Creative Director from 1997 to 2012.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater
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