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Duckman: The Graphic Adventures of a Private Dick
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subdirectory_arrow_right Scooby-Doo (Franchise)
Attachment Lemmings was originally going to use a soundtrack of plagarised copyrighted music, something that was common in microcomputer games the decade prior, including pop songs and television theme songs. In the final game, these were swapped for public domain songs, though a sample of Don Messick as Scooby-Doo used for a cover of the Scooby-Doo & Scrappy-Doo theme song would be retained in the How Much is that Doggie in the Window? music track. The Mission: Impossible theme seems to have been chosen in reference to a fad on British television at the time of showing squirrels performing stunts to the song.
LEGO Friends
Attachment The Nintendo DS version of LEGO Friends has a failsafe for out-of-bounds glitches where the player character will respawn after falling for longer than any moment in the game requires her to (1 second). This failsafe notably has its own voice clip saying "Uh, oh!" that is not used anywhere else in the game.
Max & the Magic Marker
The NTSC release of the Nintendo DS version of Max & the Magic Marker has the entirety of the song "Wonderwall" by Oasis in its files, complete with audio tag metadata and the cover artwork of their album (What's the Story) Morning Glory?.
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl
Attachment 3 items from Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl were removed before the items update: a fart cloud, the Krusty Krab blimp, and a wrench set. The fart cloud and blimp's use are not fully known, but the wrench set would've created a platform like Toph's down special. They were rejected "because they weren't that fun".

In the files of the game, there is content implying two other potential appearances for the Krusty Krab Blimp: a texture for the Kids' Choice Awards blimp, and voice lines from the announcer referencing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' blimp, which is used in April's up special, as an item.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month January 9, 2024
Items, wrench set's use is mentioned in replies:

Turtle and KCAs Blimp:
Star Fox Adventures
subdirectory_arrow_right Dinosaur Planet (Game)
Attachment Found within the files of Star Fox Adventures is an unused audio track for the WarpStone's introduction cutscene, which also includes verbal dialogue. This was clearly an earlier version before Rare had done a voice-acting retake.

Most notably, the music that plays in the background is a remnant from Dinosaur Planet, from the scene where Krystal first arrives in SwapStone Circle and thus meets her respective SwapStone, Rubble. In the final Star Fox Adventures, music performed by bagpipes is played instead in this particular cutscene.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month January 6, 2024
Star Fox Adventures - WarpStone Intro (Unused Ver.):

Star Fox Adventures - WarpStone Intro cutscene:

Dinosaur Planet - Krystal meets Rubble in SwapStone Circle:

Dinosaur Planet - Arriving at SwapStone Circle music track:
Star Wars: Monopoly
Attachment Star Wars: Monopoly contains a set of two unused lyric music videos, which are both in-jokes welcoming new employees to Artech Studios.
Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition
Attachment Unlike the rest of the game's soundtrack, the introductory music is programmed to play exclusively in mono. Despite this, it features fully functional stereo mixing, which can be enabled by forcing the game to begin with one of the three Headphone modes enabled. In this configuration, the only part of the audio to remain in mono is the Game Freak logo, which would not receive a stereo version until the Generation II titles.
person VinchVolt calendar_month December 21, 2023
The Cutting Room Floor article:

YouTube video showing the intro with stereo mode enabled:
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2, like the first game, contains unused calls from the announcer. Interestingly, a good chunk of these voice calls are for characters who could be clones or otherwise have a similar body shape to playable fighters, such as DoodleBob, Dark Danny Phantom, Nermal, Abrasive SpongeBob, Squilliam Fancyson, and La Tigresa. Perhaps most interestingly, Lucy Loud's ghost ancestor, Lucille Loud, is the only The Loud House character with an unused announcer line, despite the show's protagonist Lincoln having been cut from the first NASB and the show being based on a large ensemble cast of sisters. Michelangelo and Leonardo are the only cut veterans from the first game with unused announcer voice clips. None of them are from new shows, with a technical exception in the form of the name "Tak", which most likely refers to the Invader Zim character, as she would fit a clone role being an Irken invader like Zim, but could also potentially be for the titular character from the Tak series, though this is unlikely given that the game series had effectively been abandoned by Nickelodeon following the cancellation of its animated series in 2009.

Strangely, before the unused voice lines were dumped and publically uploaded to the internet, an almost entirely accurate list circulated online with Goku from Dragon Ball listed as an announcer call, likely a meme-based in-joke regardless of if it is real or fake, a name which was not included when the voice calls got datamined proper.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month December 16, 2023
Star Fox Adventures
Attachment Found within the E3 2002 kiosk version of Star Fox Adventures is an unused cutscene of Fox talking with Tricky, Peppy and Slippy after placing presumably the final SpellStone. Various unused SFA voice clips sync up perfectly with this sequence, revealing the dialogue exchange to be:

Tricky: You did it, Fox! You saved Dinosaur Planet!
Fox: Don't get too excited, Tricky. We haven't delt with General Scales yet.
Slippy: Fox, Fox! Where are you going? You've completed the mission so let's go home!
Peppy: He's right, Fox. We don't need the extra bonus. I can finally retire with what we got.
Fox: It's not the bonus or even General Scales that I'm worried about...
Peppy and Tricky: Krystal!
Peppy: Ha! It's always the girls that get him!
Fox: Look guys, I promised I saved her. You wouldn't want her to die, would you? So I'm going to the Walled City, to find the final Krazoa spirit!

This presents bit of a different story from what is presented in the final game. In the retail release, it's discovered that returning all of the SpellStones to the Force Point Temples does not single handily restore Dinosaur Planet to its original state, and that Fox also needs to return all of the Krazoa spirits to Krazoa Palace to fully stabilize the planet, in addition to freeing Krystal from Krazoa Palace.

Here, it does seem returning the SpellStones restores the planet, and collecting the Krazoa spirits is for a separate task, that being merely freeing Krystal.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 15, 2023
Final SpellStone scene in Star Fox Adventures kiosk:

Final SpellStone scene Star Fox Adventures retail:
Star Fox Adventures
subdirectory_arrow_right Dinosaur Planet (Game)
Attachment One of Star Fox Adventures' most infamous scenes is within the final Krazoa Shrine at Krazoa Palace where Fox McCloud is about to engage in combat with General Scales, seemingly the game's antagonist and final boss, only to be suddenly interrupted by Andross' spirit, who forces Scales to give the last Krazoa spirit to Fox, abruptly ending the fight. Per admitted by developers of Star Fox Adventures during a February 2008 edition of Rare's Scribes, Scales was meant to have a proper boss confrontation, but this was scrapped entirely due to the impending Microsoft buyout that was announced in September 2002, forcing the team to focus on only the Andross boss fight.

However, looking further into Dinosaur Planet and Star Fox Adventures' development cycle, one can see a more complex story going on in regards to the notion of General Scales having a boss fight. The Dinosaur Planet condensed story promises a true final confrontation between Krystal and General Scales within the Desert Force Point Temple, as she places her final SpellStone. After Scales' defeat, the King EarthWalker would barge in and tell Krystal to take his belt (that was provided by Drakor), but then it would turn into stone, resulting in the player into having to swap over to Sabre's story, who takes it to the mutant Shabunga in Willow Grove to help reactivate it, which allows him to enter Dragon Rock unharmed.

However, the leaked December 2000 build of Dinosaur Planet features no such boss fight for Krystal's final visit to the Desert Force Point, instead having a cutscene where Krystal, Scales and Kyte are teleported outside of the temple after the former places the final SpellStone. Krystal plummets into a nearby pond safely, but Scales falls onto a rock and breaks his back, completely incapacitating him. Instead of the King EarthWalker, it's the BoneHead SpellStone guardian who first appeared in CloudRunner Fortress that instructs Krystal to take the Kamerian belt to Sabre so he can have Shabunga revitalize it, as Scales whispers that he'll have his revenge as he passes out.

When Dinosaur Planet was being transitioned into Star Fox Adventures over on GameCube, unused voice clips and also hints found within the 2002 E3 kiosk indicate that Rare planned on revisiting Scales having a boss fight by essentially doing a rematch against his flying galleon like in the game's prologue, though instead of playing as Krystal flying on the CloudRunner, it'd likely would have been Fox in his Arwing. The voice lines reveal that Falco Lombardi would actually appear earlier than in the final game and assist Fox in taking out Scales and his galleon. After Scales' defeat, Fox would land in Krazoa Palace and partake in the Test of Sacrifice, which is where the General Scales "boss fight" occurs in the final game.

Curiously, the 2002 E3 kiosk shows that the dev team had later hoped to include a 1-on-1 fight on-foot against Scales. The fight is very incomplete and Scales is strangely smaller in size than usual, but he will actually attack the player in this version instead of simply walking towards Fox and assuming a fighting stance. He has a number of unique attack animations which aren't used in the final game, though these attacks don't connect with the player. He can be attacked without immediately activating his defeat cutscene here, and will block most of the player's attacks and recoil when an attack is successfully landed on him. His health doesn't seem to decrease, so there doesn't appear to be a way to end the fight.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 9, 2023
Dinosaur Planet condensed story:

Dinosaur Planet: Desert Force Point Temple Final Visit:

General Scales 1-on-1 fight in SFA E3 Kiosk with unused animations:

The Cutting Room Floor article:

Unused SFA voice clips:

Star Fox Adventures General Scales "boss fight":

February 13th 2008 Rare Scribes:
Star Fox Adventures
subdirectory_arrow_right Dinosaur Planet (Game)
Attachment One of the Krazoa shrines in Star Fox Adventures, the Test of Fear, features the only in-game appearance of a mysterious dromeosaur-esque race known as the "ShadowHunters".

The ShadowHunters had a larger role in the original Dinosaur Planet. Krystal, accompanied with a LightFoot guide in place of Kyte (mirroring how Sabre was supposed to get a temporary sidekick in place of Tricky in the form of a infant RedEye within Walled City), would come across them in an area called BlackWater Canyon, which was said to be the dinosaur's sacred burial grounds, and the home of the Tree of Souls, which was said to return the magic energy of a dinosaur into the planet after their death. The ShadowHunter Tribe were the protectors of this place, with their leader being one of the SpellStone guardians, who agrees to give Krystal his SpellStone, only for his jealous son to run off with it, leading to Krystal and the LightFoot to chase after him. Eventually this leads to the ShadowHunter being trapped within the rib cages of a giant skeletal monster, which would act as the boss fight of BlackWater Canyon. After Krystal and the LightFoot defeated it, the ShadowHunter would realize that they were really trying to save Dinosaur Planet, and gave them the SpellStone, which would then be activated by the ShadowHunter leader.

BlackWater Canyon appears in the leaked December 2000 build of Dinosaur Planet, but is notably devoid of any actual design work or puzzles. The voice lines from the ShadowHunters found in this build seem to indicate a different story from what was presented in the Condensed Story; instead of a SpellStone guardian father with a jealous son, they're portrayed as brothers who live as scavengers in BlackWater Canyon, who come across the SpellStone and claim it as their own, only to come across Krystal as well as Kyte, who would accompany her to BlackWater Canyon in place of the alformentioned LightFoot tribe member. One of the ShadowHunters siblings is willing to hand over the SpellStone, but the other seems to run off with it, which leads to Krystal and Kyte chasing after him, which leads to them encountering a ghostly apparition of Kyte's mother, the Queen CloudRunner (who was killed by General Scales back in CloudRunner Fortress) who encourages them on and warns them about the angry spirits within the area, presumably referring the aforementioned skeleton monster boss (that does not appear anywhere in the leaked build). After they retrieve the SpellStone, they seem to use the Tree of Souls to activate it in place of a proper SpellStone guardian.

BlackWater Canyon would be removed entirely in the transition to Star Fox Adventures, but it seems that Rare still had substantial plans for the ShadowHunters, as an unused briefing from Peppy Hare says this:

"This is dangerous ground, Fox! The Walled City was built to hold the flesheating RedEye and ShadowHunter tribes, to ensure that they do not eat the other dinosaurs. General Scales has imprisoned Tricky's father, the King EarthWalker, within its walls. You must rescue the King and find that SpellStone. But hurry, Fox! Those nasty beasts are mighty hungry. Peppy out!"

Which seems to indicate that earlier on in SFA's development, Rare had considered having the ShadowHunters fill in the role intended for the HookClaw tribe (who had already been cut by the time of the December 2000 Dinosaur Planet build) as the secondary carnivorous antagonist of the Walled City. This of course was scrapped in the final game, where only the RedEye tribe is present.

The senior animator of Star Fox Adventures, Michael Cawood, had mentioned on his website that when animating the Test of Fear, his goal for it wasn't well defined, and he didn't have enough time or resources to request additional assets and thus had to improvise. Fortunately for him, he had access to a library of animations for the ShadowHunters that had originally been planned as enemies in the game but had never got around to being implemented past the animation stage, very likely referring to when they planned as enemies encountered in SFA's iteration of the Walled City.

Funny enough, despite having such a minimal role in the final game, the ShadowHunters were present in some of Star Fox Adventures' Japanese material, most notably on the boxart, oddly utilizing their original Dinosaur Planet renders (presumably because the GCN models were not given an official render, due to them being a last minute addition after initially being scrapped).
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 6, 2023
Dinosaur Planet condensed story:

Dinosaur Planet - BlackWater Canyon (December 2000 build):

Dinosaur Planet (N64 Dec. 2000 Build) ShadowHunter Voice Lines:

Dinosaur Planet Audio Reconstruction: Kyte encounters the CloudRunner Queen at the Tree of Souls:

Dinosaur Planet (N64 Dec. 2000 Build) Princess Kyte Voice Lines:

Star Fox Adventures voice clips:

Test of Fear - Star Fox Adventures:

Micheal Cawood explaining the Test of Fear animation:

JP Star Fox Adventures boxart with ShadowHunter:
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
subdirectory_arrow_right The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Game)
While Navi does not appear in Twilight Princess, she has unused lines and sound effects which can be found in the game's data, including those which may have been intended to be heard from the Wii Remote speaker in the Wii version.
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
After defeating Solidus Snake at the end of the game, he falls to his death off of the Federal Hall building. Just before he falls however, if you look closely, you can see his lips move slightly in the brief moments that they are not covered by the collar of his exoskeleton. By replacing Solidus' model with Solid Snake's (who shares most of Solidus' facial features) through mods, it reveals that Solidus was actually saying one last message to Raiden. However, the dialogue during this moment is still muted, so Solidus' last words remain unknown.
Yakuza 3
Yakuza 3 features an unused remix of a song called “Bruise” in the game files, originally intended to be used in tag battles in the Coliseum. This song would later be used in-game in Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name in 2023.
Muppet RaceMania
Attachment Muppet RaceMania has unused credits dialogue from Statler and Waldorf, commenting on different names and job titles. This includes Steve and Jamie Riding, two Traveller's Tales employees who were not credited in the final game.
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury has unused character select screen voice clips from Toadette ripped from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, suggesting she was going to be a playable character at some point.
Super Mario Bros. 35
While Super Mario Bros. 35 removed the intro portions of music from the underground and underwater levels in the original Super Mario Bros., they (along with sped-up versions that play when there's not much time left) can still be found in the game's data.
Super Mario Advance
Attachment Found within the game's data is an unused line of the boss Robirdo saying "I'm gonna finish you off!".
person CuriousUserX90 calendar_month November 26, 2023
The Cutting Room Floor article:

Super Mario Advance - All Bosses:
Mario Forever
Attachment Mario Forever, between versions 3.5 and 4.4, used an audio track that was a "fart version" of the Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island castle theme as the Hardcore World 1-4 music. Prior to its addition, some versions of the game had an unused version of the fart castle theme with Luigi impressions by developer Michał Gdaniec non-melodically interspersed.
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