Snowboard Kids 2
Snowboard Kids 2
February 19, 1999
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Attachment The main antagonist Damien attempts to cause trouble for the Snowboard Kids throughout the game after his entrance and declaration to conquer Snow Town are completely ignored. Following along with this, a sprite animation of Damien yelling can be found hiding in the sidelines of seven of the game's courses. Damien's irrelevancy is joked at further in the game's manual, where the first six pages after the Table of Contents appear to show him "crash-landing" into the manual and observing some of the instructions and story events from the top-left corner before entering the story himself, as well as the background image of these pages (and also the very last two pages of the manual) being a close-up shot of Damien hopelessly yelling for attention.
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Damien sprite cameos:

Snowboard Kids 2 manual (Pages 4-9, 38-39):
Attachment Despite the game receiving a PAL version, this release was never available in Europe and only released in Australia.
The music of Turtle Island samples the music from Dizzy Land in the first Snowboard Kids.

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