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During any crime that involves you entering someone's room (i.e. Domestic Dispute), after arresting the perpetrator, go into their bathroom. If the toilet seat is up, you can find a smiling face made out of feces. If you shoot at the toilet enough, there is a chance it may gush out dirty water as it's damaged, and if you look again, that smile will have turned into a frown.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater
The developers had help from former NYPD officers Bill Clark and Tom Walker to make the game more accurate. Despite this, the game was seen as disrespectful by the rest of the NYPD and was boycotted. This has lead to the firing of both officers involved with the game, changing the in-game police from the real live NYPD to the PDNY, and including a piece of paper with each copy stating that the NYPD does not endorse.
Contributed by gamemaster1991