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Sid Meier's Civilization VI
If the player shakes the game camera while over a snow tile, it will cause the snow to swirl around much like when a snow globe is shaken.
Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown
Performing El Blaze's item win pose with the maracas will feature Amigo from Samba de Amigo popping out of the maracas.
Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown
One of Kage's item win poses features him throwing a pan into the air and it landing on his head. This is a reference to a secret win pose he had in Virtua Fighter 3tb.
person DrakeVagabond calendar_month April 14, 2024
Virtua Fighter 3tb
In Virtua Fighter 3tb, Jacky and Kage both have a secret win pose when holding Down, Guard, Punch, and Evade. They will perform "V for Victory" poses. If Kage is in his 2P costume and gets an "Excellent" victory on Akira's stage, he will perform a secret win pose where a metal pan will fall on his head.
person DrakeVagabond calendar_month April 14, 2024
Final Fantasy X
subdirectory_arrow_right Final Fantasy X-2 (Game), Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (Game), Final Fantasy (Franchise)
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person MehDeletingLater calendar_month April 14, 2024
Unofficial Japanese to French to English translation of Final Fantasy X-2.5 ~Eien no Daishō~ (3 page forum thread):

Final Fantasy -Will- (links include Japanese audio, English subtitles, and English audio):

Amazon link to the novella with mixed user reviews:

Article about novella criticism:

Satirical article criticizing the novella:

Videos covering X-2.5 and Will:

Blog posts discussing the plots of X-2.5 and Will:
Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix
Attachment In the "3rd Mix PLUS!" variant of this game, there is unused data for the song "TOTAL RECALL" by ULTIMATE HEIGHTS. This includes unused graphics, step charts and lyrics for the song.
The King of Fighters XV
The Art of Fighting ending, which was a continuation from the ending from The King of Fighters XIV, features Khushnood from Garou: Mark of the Wolves. However, his name changed to Marco in this ending, which was his original name in the Japanese version of Garou: Mark of the Wolves. This was likely due to The King of Fighters XIV's director, Yasuyuki Oda, and art director, Nobuyuki Kuroki, asking on a livestream with SNK community manager KrispyKaiser if the fans would like his original name in future games. The chat overwhelmingly preferred the name Marco.
person DrakeVagabond calendar_month April 14, 2024
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Attachment The Ziggy enemies appear to be modeled after Ziggy Stardust, a stage persona created and portrayed by English rock musician David Bowie from 1972 to 1973. In addition to the identical names, the Garden Ziggy variety features brightly colored lightning bolts painted across each eye and a large yellow mohawk, with the results resembling the cover photo for Bowie's 1973 album Aladdin Sane (which depicts Bowie with a red lightning bolt on one eye and a large red mullet).
person VinchVolt calendar_month April 14, 2024
Nintendatos post (in Spanish):

Compilation of enemy splash screens (the Ziggy splash screen is the very first one):

YouTube video about the album Aladdin Sane (the cover art is discussed at 14:40):
Mr Bean
In PAL releases of the PlayStation 2 version, the player is normally only able to access the tutorial in English, French, Italian, Castilian, and Dutch. Despite this, versions in the other supported languages (German, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, and Portuguese) are present in the game's data and can be accessed either through hacking the game or selecting a supported language and switching to an unsupported one with debug features just before the screen fades to black. It is unknown why these six variants of the tutorial were made inaccessible in the final game, given that they are fully translated.
person VinchVolt calendar_month April 14, 2024
The Cutting Room Floor:

YouTube video showcasing the tutorial in all 11 languages, including the 6 unused ones:
The King of Fighters XV
Temjin, from Art of Fighting 2, and Mars People, from Metal Slug 2, make a cameo appearance in the "Friendly Fight" ending.
person DrakeVagabond calendar_month April 14, 2024
Fallout: New Vegas
subdirectory_arrow_right Fallout (Franchise)
During an interview with Variety Fair, Todd Howard revealed that the 2024 live-action "Fallout" TV series was considered canon to the games, having wanted to tell an original story within the game's world rather than adapt any of the previous games. However, when the show came out, this lead to complaints from fans accusing the show of retconning the events of Fallout: New Vegas. Specifically, the sixth episode "The Trap" featured a shot of a blackboard seemingly depicting the fall of Shady Sands (the capital of the New California Republic) as taking place in the year 2277. Fallout: New Vegas takes place in the year 2281, yet Shady Sands is stated to still exist in the game without any mention of a fall (although the city cannot be visited in-game). Emil Pagliarulo, a design director for Bethesda, would try to assure fans on Twitter that Fallout: New Vegas is still considered canon, claiming to being overprotective of the series' lore and going as far as to post a timeline of the Fallout series. While the timeline not only featured both Fallout: New Vegas, the TV series, and also confirmed that Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel is considered canon to the series, it did not address the timeline inconsistency brought about by the blackboard scene in the show. This reportedly lead some fans to accuse Bethesda of holding a grudge against Obsidian Entertainment for making what many fans consider to be the best Fallout game and using the show as a way to spite them. However, it's worth noting that there are three other possible explanations for the inconsistency:

• Whoever wrote "2277" was misinformed due to the post-apocalyptic setting forcing many to rely on guesswork for event dates.
• It could be a simple mistake in writing for a series with large amounts of lore to it.
• It could be a reference to the "Lonesome Road" DLC expansion for New Vegas, where the player is given the option to nuke the NCR, though there is no confirmation that this ending is canon.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month April 14, 2024
The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact Regulation A
Ash's intro sequences with Kyo and Jivatma is a reference to Orochi Chris' win poses from The King of Fighters 2002.
person DrakeVagabond calendar_month April 14, 2024
According to lead level designer Enrique Colinet, Larian Studios was one of the largest backers during the game's 2017 Kickstarter campaign, donating an unspecified four figure sum and never asking for any backer rewards.
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
During the final battle in the Japanese version, Spoiler:a voiceover from Zelda states that the monstrous form that Calamity Ganon assumes is due to his obsession with maintaining his longevity. However, in the English localization, Spoiler:Zelda claims that this form is the result of him abandoning his ambitions for reincarnation and giving into his primal rage, which directly contrasts the Japanese script.

This also opens up a plot hole with Spoiler:Zelda's dialogue in the game's ending, where she says that "Ganon is gone for now" (emphasis added), implying that he will reincarnate anyway (as is the case in other entries, including the game's sequel, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom); in the Japanese version, she simply says that "the threat of calamity has passed."
Spanish for Everyone!
Spanish for Everyone!'s plotline has been noted for containing stereotypical characters and seeming to have innuendo alluding to drug smuggling across the Mexican border. According to a developer, this was intentional as a way to have fun making a budget title, and inspired by the double meanings in the Shrek movies.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month April 13, 2024
Hardcore Gaming 101 article, links to a Starmen.net thread with a developer:

Developer mentioning Shrek inspiration:
Super Paper Mario
Attachment The South Korean version of the game (released two years after the original Japanese edition) contains eleven unused maps not found in any other release, featuring fully 3D environments which do not line up with any locations present in the finished product. All assets related to these maps are dated after the game's Japanese release, with intervals ranging from five days to just over three months. Additionally, the maps' texture names are written in Romanized Japanese rather than Korean, indicating that they were not created by Nintendo of Korea.

Two of these maps, kri_04 and kri_05, additionally feature various cat NPCs, all drawn in substantially different art styles compared to not only each other, but also the final game. Each one is named after a developer from the Super Paper Mario staff: yamada_neko02 (Koichiro Yamada), koba_neko (Sayuri Kobayashi), tuka_neko (Naoko Tsukamoto), and kawa_neko (Chie Kawabe).

Of these four, kawa_neko is the most unique, and was apparently designed as a player character. Firstly, the cat's name is only given to its mesh, with its sprite instead being named bc_all.1. Additionally, kawa_neko features an animated tail and a mesh that is centered on the ground rather than the middle of the room. Furthermore, new_neko_18, a redesigned version of kawa_neko with white fur instead of black, can be found in kri_08, kri_09, and kri_10; new_neko_18's mesh is explicitly labeled "PLAYER" in the data for these maps.

Taken together, all of these elements imply that these early rooms were created as a proof-of-concept for an original project by Intelligent Systems that ended up cancelled for unknown reasons.
Beatmania IIDX 4th style
According to a tweet by dj TAKA, the song "ABSOLUTE" was originally called "Special Thanks". The name was changed after CG Designer VJ GYO and illustrator GOLI thought the name was "lame".
person aa1205 calendar_month April 13, 2024
Baldur's Gate 3
Baldur's Gate 3 was the first AAA game to win all five of what is referred to as the major Game of the Year awards, those being the BAFTAs, The Game Awards, DICE, Game Developers Choice, and the Golden Joystick awards.
Tweenies Doodles' Bones
Tweenies: Doodles' Bones unusually credits the costume actors for the Tweenies TV series in the credits, despite no live-action footage or screenshots of them being present in the game.
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Attachment Certain in-game enemies are only able to be fought by Mario & Luigi or Bowser. Despite this, a few Bowser-oriented enemies have unique behaviors for Mario & Luigi, which can only be seen through hacking the game:

• All of Naplock's attacks can be dodged or countered by jumping, with its snot bubble attack also missing Mario & Luigi entirely even if nothing is done.
• Dark Mechawful's punch attack can be countered with Mario & Luigi's hammers, while its countdown attack is replaced by the same star attack used by the Dark Mechawful head, which can fight Mario & Luigi in normal gameplay if Bowser inhales it. However, in a hacked Dark Mechawful fight, this attack progresses extremely slowly.
• The smoke signals at the start of Choomba's charge attack are changed from fist and shell icons to "M" and "L" ones, indicating which brothers it will charge at and in which order; the attack can also be countered by hammering.
• Dark Trashure's thrown items can be avoided or countered by jumping, similarly to its standard counterpart. However, the items move far faster than those thrown by a regular Trashure or a Dark Trashure fought by Bowser.

While most of these behaviors appear to be failsafes, Choomba is unique in that the "M" and "L" smoke signals are not present anywhere else in the game, indicating that at one point in development, Mario & Luigi would've been able to explore the Tunnel, where Choombas are fought.

Meanwhile, when hacking the game to allow Bowser to fight enemies that can only be encountered by Mario & Luigi, most of them will either crash the game, flee immediately, or display glitchy behavior. One unique case is Magifoofas, which can be inhaled by Bowser (despite the Vacuum Block not indicating this), indicating that the developers considered letting him encounter them in some form.
person VinchVolt calendar_month April 12, 2024
The Cutting Room Floor article:

YouTube video showcasing the unused enemy behaviors:
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