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As with a number of other Ocean games there are a number of pieces of leftover content in the ROM from a previous Ocean title. In this case the games files contain leftover sprites from The Addams Family game on the NES.
Contributed by KidDivinegon
Injustice: Gods Among Us
In a Clash dialogue with Solomon Grundy and Hawkgirl, Solomon will call her "Bird-Nose" and reference their friendship in an episode of the Justice League animated series; "The Terror Beyond".
The credits theme is actually the song "Pizza Power!" from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Coming Out of Their Shells album.

While both versions use a remix of the song for the credits, the Arcade version also uses the original song as the intro music.
Contributed by Takahashi2212
A boss fight with a character called Incarose is only available via cheat devices. The fight includes scripted text throughout, suggesting that it was removed late into development.
Contributed by KidDivinegon
One of the guidebooks contains concept art for a character with a companion similar to Hewpow, suggesting that it might have originally been planned for the game to feature a multiplayer mode or a second playable character.
Contributed by Operationgamer17
A hidden debug room remained hidden and undiscovered in the game until an interview with the developers surfaced 20 years later in Retro Gamer magazine. Interacting with a matchbox near a flickering street light outside the Morgue in a specific way would warp the player into a room containing various items (including one thought to be unused in the final game) and warps to every level in the game.
Contributed by KidDivinegon
A specific tree found at the landing zone area of the map An Lao Valley was removed at the request of a user 'SprayAndPlay' because it caused issues when playing. The tree caused the player problems when landing and trying to escape, and because it was too thin it couldn't serve as any sort of cover. The developer's agreed with the user and removed it in a patch on June 20th, 2017.
Contributed by KnowledgeBase
In 2000, Wes Craven (known for Nightmare on Elm Street) was originally tied on to direct a film based off of the game. However, he wasn't fully attached to the project. The project was then given to Jon and Erich Hoeber. After multiple changes in production companies trying to make the film (Dimension Films being the first, 20th century Fox being the second, and Universal being the third and last) the film was later put on hold in 2008.

In 2013, after getting the funding for Alice: Otherlands, American Mcgee stated that the film could possibly be kickstarted. Although, it was later revealed in 2015 that the development of the film had gone on hiatus.
Contributed by CLXcool
American McGee's Alice
In the console versions of the 2011 rerelease, the main menu and loading screens are rendered in 4:3, as opposed to 16:9 like the rest of the game. As such, they feature a border. This border is not featured in the PC version of the rerelease, since the main menu and loading screens are rendered in 16:9 like the rest of the game. However, the border is still in the PC version's files as "border1_left.tga".

Similarly, the console versions also feature a title screen, which goes unused in the PC version since neither the 2000 original or the 2011 version have a title screen. This is also in the PC versions files, as "title_bg.tga".
Contributed by Takahashi2212
American McGee's Alice
In one of the cutscenes in the game, Alice will say the line "I shouldn't think so. I'm a person, and just now I wish to become very small. About this big." However, there is a different take of the line in the game's files that goes "I shouldn't think so. I'm a girl, and just now I wish to become very small. About this big.", replacing the word 'person' with 'girl.'

Both the original release and the 2011 rerelease use the version with "person" in it, so this different take goes unused.
Contributed by Takahashi2212
Sonic: Lost World
During one of the cutscenes after Cubot has his body destroyed, Orbot says "Alas, poor Cubot. I knew him well". This is a reference to the often misquoted line from Shakespeare's Hamlet; "Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio".
Contributed by CuriousUserX90
Street Fighter II
Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix started out as a remake of Street Fighter Alpha 3. Lead designer David Sirlin felt that Alpha 3's large roster would make the development process more difficult. He also believed that the game's lack of approval by the hardcore community would harm the game's sales, so he pushed Capcom so that they could work on SF2 instead.

David Sirlin also confirmed that the development team scrapped 2,500 animation frames in development because they weren't satisfied with how they turned out.
Contributed by ZpaceJ0ck0
Final Fantasy VIII
According to former Square localizer Alexander O. Smith, the US localization team had to use a GameShark cheat device to view the game's text for easier translation. This was because Square's Japan headquarters didn't think to send them a copy of the game's text files.
Contributed by DidYouKnowGaming
When a new game is started in Persona 5, the player is prompted to accept that the game is a work of fiction. Refusing to accept this prompt will have the player told they're not allowed to play the game and being asked to leave, then returning to the title screen.
Contributed by KidDivinegon
Hitting the opponent into the movie sign in the Gotham City stage enough times will have the letters spell out "FINISH HIM" and darken the background. A reference to Mortal Kombat, another title from NetherRealm Studios
At the end of Spoiler:Catwoman/Cyborg's Chapter, Spoiler:Catwoman will say the Brother Eye override authorization code, "LK-4D4", a reference to Mortal Kombat's Cyrax.
Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight
While the original Japanese release is written around a cyborg officer called 'Kevin Striker' fighting against a breed of alien and mutant creatures, the international version changed the main character's identity and backstory from Kevin to Ken, to imply that he is the same Ken from the original Street Fighter.
Contributed by ZpaceJ0ck0
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing
During early development the developers experimented with having each character have a different way of racing, with Sonic running, Dr. Eggman in the Eggpod, and Gilius Thunderhead from Golden Axe riding on top of a Chicken Leg. This idea was abandoned when they found that the gameplay just wasn't enjoyable, mostly due to the racers being different sizes, as well as problems getting characters on foot to drift the same as characters in cars.
Contributed by gamemaster1991
An arcade machine of Freedom Force vs the 3rd Reich can be found on the second floor of the level "Victory Imports Auto Center". Freedom Force vs the 3rd Reich is a game by the same developers, Irrational Games.
Contributed by Dark
Billy and Jimmy Lee from Double Dragon are playable characters in the NES port of Super Spike V'ball. (Titled U.S. Championship V'ball in Arcades)
Contributed by Kakariko Kid


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