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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Sephiroth's inclusion as a DLC fighter was apparently so top secret that even certain members of Square Enix had not known that the villain was going to be included in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate until the corresponding show-stealing announcement at The Game Awards 2020 was made. Even Square Enix employee and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth director Naoki Hamaguchi was quite shocked and stated:

"[...] it was actually extremely confidential that he was even going to be in it, [...] So, none of the dev team knew, including myself. So it was more like when the whole world knew it, and that's when we knew it like, 'Oh, I had no idea!'"
Epic Mickey
subdirectory_arrow_right Férias Frustradas do Pica-Pau (Game)
Despite popular belief, Epic Mickey is not the first video game to include the character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. The actual first game to feature him was Férias Frustradas do Pica-Pau (also known as "Woody Woodpecker's Frustrated Vacations"), where Oswald (based on his "Oswald Rabbit" iteration owned by Universal at the time) was one of Woody's friends that had been kidnapped by Buzz Buzzard.
CrazyBus' soundtrack is often said to be randomly generated - this is partially false. The game does use a random number generator for its music, but it uses an outdated psuedo-RNG that is not truly random, so every boot of the game will play the exact same tune. However, if you press a button that does not start the game, the RNG will shift and the music will therefore end up becoming randomly generated.
Although CrazyBus is often discussed or reviewed as if it were a real video game sold for money, and included in ROM sets and pirated cartridges with authentic games, it was actually intended as a simple tech demo by a beginning developer posted on a Sega Genesis modding forum in 2004.
Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson
subdirectory_arrow_right Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven (Game)
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Star Fox 2
Contary to popular belief and Nintendo's own statements, Star Fox 2 does not require the use of the Super FX Chip 2 to run, as the Super FX Chip 2 only increases game size capacity support and not graphical support, and Star Fox 2 is small enough to fit on a regular Super FX Chip. Star Fox 2, however, cannot run on a MARIO chip, the first revision of the first Super FX Chip which was succeeded by the more graphically powerful GSU-1 and GSU-2 versions of the Super FX Chip.
Contrary to popular belief, the Pokémon franchise was not the main inspiration for Palworld. According to Pocket Pair CEO Takuro Mizobe, the game was actually based on Ark: Survival Evolved, which also had monster companions in the form of dinosaurs. Similarly, the survival mechanics and in-game tasks were inspired by Rust, and the creature designs were inspired by the Dragon Quest series.
Mega Man 2
The infamous American Mega Man 2 box art, where Mega Man wields a pistol instead of his signature Mega Buster, was not an attempt to make Mega Man appear more "edgy", but was actually born from a misconception where Capcom's art director believed Mega Man was using a gun too small to be seen in sprite form rather than transforming his arm. Artist Marc Ericksen would say to Nintendo Age in 2012:

"So we're talking about the infamous Mega Man 2 where Mega Man is actually running around waving a pistol! Okay so, the question on everyone's mind is 'how could the illustrator be such a complete idiot that he didn't realize that Mega Man had a cannon for an arm, and why is he holding a pistol for God's sake.'

What happened was I had to go down to Capcom and do a game they just got in from Japan. They had a beta version; they were in a hurry to get this thing out. So I went down there. The gentlemen was the art director was there with the beta guy and they were waiting for me and I came with my pad and they started running the game. What we saw was this little pixelated figure of the famous Mega Man running around on the screen shooting. Bang, bang, bang, he's shooting obviously like this with his arm [Marc points his arm forward]. So I said to the art director, 'what is he shooting? What is he shooting with?' The art director said, 'he must have a pistol because I don't see that he's got a rifle so he must have a pistol.'

'So... a pistol? You want me to do a pistol?' And he said, 'yeah, let's put a pistol in there.' So I did what I was told and I put the pistol in there. Add to the fact that they only had, like, a day and a half for me to do the painting and what you wound up with was not the greatest result but certainly a result that was not my fault. It was one of those things. Here's my opportunity: I'm saying to everybody now that was not my fault! Talk to Capcom about the pistol."
Scratchin' Melodii
Attachment Melodii from Scratchin' Melodii is referred to with "they" pronouns throughout the game, and a gag in the Grase Poppin' stage shows them exiting a restroom with a quaver as a symbol. The game's creator LephemStar91 noted that, unlike characters such as Frisk from Undertale or Niko from OneShot, Melodii's gender is not up to the player's interpretation or a mystery, but rather explicitly non-binary:

"Apparently Melodii's gender/lack-thereof has been a bit of a topic again. So just to publicly squash any and all misconceptions, Melodii is non-binary. It's not meant to be an "up to interpretation" sort of thing, Melodii's a character with their own identity."
Asterix (Arcade)
Asterix sprite artist Masaaki Kukino visited France while doing market research for the game, and visited the Parc Astérix theme park while he was there. He has claimed to be very proud of the fact that the game was so faithful to the comics that some French Asterix fans believed the game to have been made by French people.
Dying Light 2: Stay Human
In June 2020, the game's writer Chris Avellone was publicly accused of sexual assault and harassment by two women in the video game industry on Twitter claiming to have been victims of his behavior. Avellone denied the allegations, stating that he has never sexually assaulted or harassed anyone. Techland, the developer of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, later announced that the two had agreed to let him go from his work on the game, with Avellone also losing work on other games. However, in March 2023, after Avellone brought on a libel lawsuit, the women retracted their statements claiming that they were misinterpreted, and paid Avellone a seven figure payment as part of the settlement. In a joint statement, the women said that Avellone "never sexually abused either of us. We have no knowledge that he has ever sexually abused any women", and they "believe that he deserves a full return to the industry and support him in those endeavors."
person ProtoSnake calendar_month December 25, 2023
Dying Light 2 writer Chris Avellone accused of sexual assault and harassment:

The game and comics industries are grappling with widespread allegations of harassment and abuse:

Fallout Writer Chris Avellone’s Accusers Settle Libel Case For Seven Figures:

Chris Avellone resolves sexual misconduct allegations, claiming a "seven-figure payment"
"There are still many very real challenges that we face but am confident we can face them together.":
Attachment Although Billy and Lance on the NES cover art are believed to be inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, both characters' poses and attire were based on only Arnold Schwarzenegger's appearance in the movie "Predator".
person Kakariko Kid calendar_month December 21, 2023
Clips from Predator showing Arnold Schwarzenegger's attire matching Billy and Lance on the box art:
Zoo Tycoon
Attachment The adoption icon and information plaque for the mythological Yeti lists them to be from the Arctic instead of the Himalayas.
person CuriousUserX90 calendar_month December 21, 2023
Star Fox Adventures
subdirectory_arrow_right Dinosaur Planet (Game)
Contrary to popular belief, Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo did not singlehandedly force Rare (who was never even fully owned by Nintendo) to convert Dinosaur Planet into Star Fox Adventures. It was merely an offer and suggestion Miyamoto gave to Rare, and at the very least, the higher ups such as the Stamper Bros. and Kevin Bayliss were on board with it. An October 2004 edition of Rare's Scribes says as such:

Q: First of all, what’s the true story here, did Rare approach Microsoft because Nintendo raped Dinosaur Planet, or did Microsoft approach you guys because of your talent?

A: None of it had anything to do with Dinosaur Planet. That was way before the negotiations started, and besides, the Rare-Nintendo relationship didn’t work in such a way that they’d just force the SFA switch on us.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 19, 2023
Dinosaur Planet/Star Fox Adventures Development Explained:

Rare Scribes – October 19th 2004:
War Thunder
Starting in 2021, War Thunder's official forums became notorious for being the center point of multiple leaks of export-restricted or regionally classified military documents from around the world detailing how various weapons and transportation equipment like tanks and fighter jets are built. The leaks are attributed to the fact that the game strives to depict the minutiae of warfare as realistically as possible, leading to players with military connections, or access to resources that are publicly available in other regions, sharing the documents on the forums in order to prove points regarding what would or would not be accurate in-game. Despite the forum moderators quickly removing these posts and issuing multiple warnings about them breaching international law, the issue became so prominent and recurring that laypeople began spreading rumors that the United States military had to start filtering out War Thunder players during the recruitment process, which American weapons contractor RTX Corporation denied.
person VinchVolt calendar_month December 13, 2023
Company: Nintendo
Nintendo's development philosophy is often described with the quote "a delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad," which is generally attributed to Shigeru Miyamoto. However, there is no evidence that he actually said the quote: a 2022 investigation by video game researcher Ethan Johnson revealed that it was first documented as "an industry catchphrase" in a November 1997 issue of Gamepro magazine. The quote was first tied to Nintendo in the June 1998 issue of Edge, in which an article about the protracted development of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time alleges that Nintendo saw it on a poster in a developer's office and took it to heart.

Over the next three years, the quote circulated among Usenet forum members when describing a variety of game developers, Nintendo included, and in 2003 it started being attributed to Miyamoto specifically. Johnson speculates that this came from people conflating it with comments Miyamoto made in a 2001 interview looking back on the making of Ocarina of Time, where he stated that "the entire staff starts to feel like 'if I let the game be released in this state, I will be ashamed.' Because if the development team doesn't end up feeling like craftsmen, artisans... then it won't be a good game." Johnson attributed the quote's longevity to the emergence of modern hype culture and growing public awareness about the significantly longer development periods needed for 3D games.
person VinchVolt calendar_month December 13, 2023
Article about Johnson's findings:

Johnson's original Twitter thread, including a correction about his statement regarding the poster Nintendo allegedly saw:
A well-known claim relating to Bug! is that legendary film director Steven Spielberg endorsed the game as "the character that is going to do it for [the Sega] Saturn." This claim is somewhat dubious however, as both the 2009 IGN article the quote was popularized by and the internal pitch video for the game's sequel that the quote originated from cite the origin as being from his visit to the 1995 Consumer Electronics Show, which was in January, 5 months before Bug! would be revealed to the public at E3. Bug! creator David Warhol has stated that he was not there to actually see Spielberg approve of the game, but did know that he approved of the game.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month December 9, 2023
Twitter thread researching quote history:

IGN article the quote originated from:

GameFan magazine Volume #3, Issue #7 (Page 52):
Star Fox Adventures
Attachment The WarpStone, despite living on a planet filled with dinosaurs, is infamously somehow incapable of warping them, hence why Tricky can't accompany Fox to Krazoa Palace.

In the Japanese version of Star Fox Adventures, the WarpStone, whose Japanese name is ワープ魔人 (Wāpu majin) or Warp Demon, offers a different explanation of why he can't warp Tricky through Japanese subtitles:

すまない 、1つ言い忘れたことがある。恐竜たちはワープをこわがるんだ! (Sorry, I forgot to mention one thing. Dinosaurs are afraid of teleporting!)

Essentially, it's not that the WarpStone can't teleport dinosaurs like Tricky, it's just that they're merely afraid of being warped.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 8, 2023
Collection: Shantae
Attachment On April 16, 2015, WayForward's official Twitter account claimed that the title character of the series is approximately 16 years old in response to a fan's inquiry on the topic. This generated controversy from audiences due to the series' heavy emphasis on fanservice, including provocative depictions of Shantae herself, drawing concerns that the series was sexualizing a minor.

Following the 2015 tweet, a user on the Shantae subreddit claimed that they contacted WayForward staffer James Montagna about the controversy. According to the user, Montagna stated that the tweet on the official account was made by an intern without the approval of higher-ups, that the staff at WayForward did not work on the series under the pretense of Shantae being a 16-year-old, and that they seek to avoid doing anything with her that would make people feel uncomfortable. The Reddit post included a link to a screencap of the conversation with Montagna; both the post and image have since been deleted. Commenters on the post additionally speculated that the tweet was referring to the age of the series rather than the age of the character. Corroborating these claims, series creator Matt Bozon stated in a June 2015 tweet that although "I write her as a 16 year old," Shantae doesn't have an official age.

The controversy over Shantae's age would finally be settled in a 2020 AMA on Limited Run Games' Discord server. In response to another question about Shantae's age, Bozon clarified his remarks from five years prior, stating that he and the other developers consider Shantae an adult of ambiguous age throughout the series.
person VinchVolt calendar_month December 8, 2023
Kingdom Hearts
subdirectory_arrow_right Kingdom Hearts (Franchise)
In each Dive to the Heart segment in almost every game in the series, there is a disembodied voice that can only speak through text that guides the characters (and thus the player as well) through the tutorial of each game. The identity of these voices has been unidentified in every game but Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (where it is obviously child Sora) and the first Kingdom Hearts. For the latter, in the Kingdom Hearts Ultimania, Nomura was asked who the voice is for the opening of the first game and he finally gave it's identity as being none other than King Mickey. However, this interview was done in the early 2000's before most of the sequels were produced, so it's unknown if this explanation was retconned or not.
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