Kira's photo unlocked at "Sweetheart" level was originally going to feature her holding a frothy mug of ale, but this was scrapped in favor of having her tug the player's shirt.
subdirectory_arrow_right Ayano's Lovesick Labyrinth (Game), Yandere Simulator (Game), Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals (Game), YandereDev (Company)
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Attachment The character Mur is a fictionalized version of Mur Moruno, one of the main artists of the game.
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subdirectory_arrow_right Sad Panda Studios (Company)
Amelia states in her Phone Fling conversation that she works for "Sad Panda / Happy Panda", an organization dedicated to the preservation of red pandas. This is not only a reference to Sad Panda Studios, the studio that made Crush Crush, but also to their mascot, which is a red panda. Further supporting this is one of the first text prompts the player can submit during the conversation which confuses the fictional organization for the real-life Sad Panda Studios.
The character Mio has an official VTuber Twitter, YouTube and Twitch channel, all run by developer Morgan Long.
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subdirectory_arrow_right Hush Hush: Only Your Love Can Save Them (Game)
Attachment Despite not winning the Vote-a-Fling event at any point, Lotus was added to Crush Crush as a datable girl to commemorate the release of Hush Hush: Only Your Love Can Save Them, where she appears as a major character. While Lotus' bundle normally costs $2, it can be acquired for free if you have save data for Hush Hush.
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Link detailing Lotus' role in Hush Hush: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sadpandastudios/hush-hush-only-your-love-can-save-them/posts/2463894

The image provided is a promo for Lotus' bundle, confirming you can get her for free if you own Hush Hush.
Attachment If you atone with Mio, there is a chance Mio will say "Quick - top five games! (Please don't say Fappy Bird... )". Fappy Bird is most likely a reference to the mobile game Flappy Bird.
Attachment When meeting Iro for the first time, the game will say that you were practicing for the Hangry Gamez, a reference to the The Hunger Games series of books and films.
Attachment When flirting with Mio, there is a chance she will say "Your princess is in another castle... JK!" This is a reference to Super Mario Bros. when Toad says "Thank you Mario! but our princess is in another castle!"

There is also a chance Mio might say "Player used Seduction. it's super effective. Mio fainted...". This is a reference to the "super effective" line used during battles in the Pokemon series.

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