Attachment There is an unused Federation Emblem graphic called Federation4.jpg left in the game. It is the insignia for the United Federation of Planets with a crude 4 painted over, presumably for editor marker reference for scripts. It is never seen in-game.
Attachment There are two unfinished items in the game's memory that go unused in the final game:
• Tricorder - The tricorder gives you a sensor display to the bottom right with dots representing friends and foes, and describes what you point at in more detail with the left mouse button. The item was finished up late and made officially available in the Virtual Voyager expansion.
• Hypospray - The primary trigger fires a spray of blue particles. Using the alternate fire shows it's clearly unfinished by only spraying at an extremely high rate without sound. It also has an early icon, showing a different font. Ironically, attempting to obtain one by cheating will parse "health" and the letters as a negative number, killing the player in the process.

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