Below, you'll find a number of frequently asked questions. If you’re unsure about something, this is the place to start. If you still have questions after reading through this page though, feel free to reach out via the contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Before we get to the questions though, we have one important thing we want to mention first: JavaScript is effectively required to use this site. Many elements will function without it but features like submissions, voting, and even some layout elements will break if it's disabled. Most people reading this likely already have it enabled but if for some reason you don't, just know that your experience will be degraded.

How do I register?
Fill out the registration form and then check your email for an activation link. As a method of spam/bot protection, a registration token may be required. If it is, it will be available at the bottom of this page and should be copied and pasted where requested during registration to ensure it matches exactly.

What is VGFacts?
VGFacts aims to be the best source of gaming trivia on the web, providing reliable sources, and concise information. Our community provides the trivia, so if you know something that we don't have listed, you can contribute it yourself and help us flesh out the site!

Who runs VGFacts?
The site was designed and developed by Daniel "Dazz" Loyall Brown and Peter "Petie" Manse, with assistance from Shane Gill. Shane owns and operates DidYouKnowGaming?, which Dazz also contributes to. Dazz and Petie also run The VG Resource sites, made up of The Spriters Resource, Models Resource, Textures Resource, and Sounds Resource. On top of that, Petie also directly manages the servers that each of these sites operate from so essentially, the site would not exist without him!

While they may also be approving trivia, it is thanks to our selected moderation team that the site can operate to its full potential. You can view our full staff list over on our staff page.

How do I change my avatar?
The avatar at the top right of the screen can be clicked to drop down a navigation menu. At the bottom of that menu, you’ll find the Edit Profile link which will let you, among other things, change your avatar, update your email address, and modify your site preferences.

What are the rules for making a submission?
We have an entire page dedicated to submission guidelines that all users must read before contributing to the site. We also have a more general rules page that all members should familiarize themselves with. While not specific to submissions, those rules apply to the submission process as well.

You don't have any trivia for X game, can you get some trivia about X?
We try to add as much trivia for games as we can, but we don't know everything. If you know a cool piece of trivia, you can sign up and submit it yourself!

I have an interesting piece of trivia, but my source is a book... What do I do?
A situation like this is a perfect candidate for our "self-source" feature. If possible, including a link to the book or a legal scan of the page in question is preferred but you can also outline how your source verifies your trivia in the self-source box and even include an attachment that you can reference to make sure your trivia is verifiable.

How can I report inaccurate information or other mistakes I find on the site?
On each piece of trivia is a "report" button - just click that and we'll be guided to the trivia. The staff will see the report and fix the issue as quickly as possible. You can also submit a revision to the submission (the link to do so, assuming a revision for that submission isn't already pending, is below the report form), which will allow you to provide edits to the existing trivia that can then be approved by staff. Be sure to show your evidence!

And on a related note, there is also a report button on every comment (though you won't see it on your own) which you can use to report comments that break any of the site rules.

What types of files are allowed for attachments?
For images, we allow .png, .gif, .jpg, and .jpeg files. For audio, we allow only .mp3 files. The maximum allowed size per attachment, regardless of file type, is 15 MB.

Can I become a member of staff?
We tend to pick regular users of our community to become mods. They know how the place works. So if you want to become staff, the best way is to just be a good member. If you're the right person for the job, we should notice and pick you up on it if we need any help.

What is the registration token?