Submission Guidelines

The VGFacts submission guidelines are put in place to make sure that content that is posted to the site is of high quality, truthful, and relevant. Each submission is moderated with a queue system before being published to the site, so please be patient while your submission is reviewed.

Before you can submit to the site, you must agree to the following (along with the site’s main rules):

1. What is a good submission?

A good submission is a factual piece of information backed by a verifiable source. It should be written in full sentences and properly punctuated. And of course, take a quick look and make sure your trivia isn't already on the site. It is written in a way to sound factual. Trivia should not be written as directions or steps to accomplish something nor should it be phrased as if you are talking to the reader or writing a forum post.

If the information you're linking to in your source isn't immediately obvious, please take advantage of the "Source Notes" box on the submission form. It will help us quickly find what we need to verify your trivia and will only be visible while the submission is pending.

2. Language

We currently only serve English language information so unless the trivia is relating to another language, we will only allow English language submissions. We understand English isn't the first language for some users, but we will try to fix any grammatical, spelling, or phrasing mistakes you may make. As long as it's written out properly, it should be fine. Swearing is allowed when relevant to the content you're submitting but otherwise, please try to keep your language tame.

3. Attachments

First and foremost, attachments must be relevant to the trivia you're submitting. Pay attention to the size and type limitations (written next to the upload form) as the system will reject an image that is too large or a file that is not of an accepted format. Try to keep attachments "safe for work" when possible, though if necessary for the trivia at hand and at least somewhat reasonable, we'll overlook this particular rule. Finally, attachments are not required. Don't feel the need to add an image just for the sake of doing so. It the trivia would be improved with a visual, by all means submit one but otherwise, just submit the information.

4. Sources

Source links should be from reputable sites whenever possible. A Wikipedia link, for instance, should not be specified if the information you're referencing has a source in the article. In this case, use the source linked in the article directly. Wikipedia is a great tool to help you find the information you're looking for but due to its open nature, we cannot accept Wikipedia articles as sources. Please don't just use an image as a source; this tells us nothing. Link to an article about the trivia or if you have gathered information from multiple places on the net, use the self-sourcing option instead.

Self-sourcing does not mean you can simply vouch for the accuracy of the trivia. It is an option available to you in the event that a single URL cannot verify your submission. Use the provided form to include multiple sources and describe how they relate to and confirm your trivia. You can also upload an attachment and reference it in this description if appropriate. Just remember that the information provided must still be verifiable by staff before a submission can be accepted.

5. Revisions by Staff

The VGFacts staff reserves the right to edit or remove any content for any reason. In general, we'll only make edits for clarification or to address language issues and will only delete something if it has been proven to be completely inaccurate. With that said though, we ask that you please respect the decisions of the staff.