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Jelly Belly: Ballistic Beans
Attachment In the files of Jelly Belly: Ballistic Beans, there are a set of 4 images that, when pieced together, make a crude image of someone being hit with a Wii remote with the caption "DONT[sic] HIT PEOPLE"
Jingle Brawl
In Super Fall Brawl, one of the many reskins of Jingle Brawl, the new character was intended to be Sheen Estevez from Jimmy Neutron, in promotion for his then-new spin-off series Planet Sheen. However, Sheen was not coded correctly, making him near-impossible to beat in a fight. The game's second update would remove Sheen and his stage completely, and he would never be added back in, making Fall Brawl the only Super Brawl game without any new combatants. Sheen would return in Super Brawl 2, though the House of Pain stage, based on the first episode of Planet Sheen, would be swapped for a Zeenu stage generally based on Planet Sheen instead of a single episode.
Also Appears On: Planet Sheen (Franchise)
Drill Dozer
Attachment In a Game Freak behind-the-scenes video, an unused design for Jill is shown. This version of the character lacks zippers, has uncurled ponytails that are even bigger than Jill's already large exaggerated hairstyle, wears knee-high heeled boots, has one large pocket on her hoodie-dress instead of two, lacks her drill-shaped hair tuft, wears large white ponytail holders with rabbit ears, and appears to have a single fang and wear long white gloves instead of short yellow gloves.
Attachment An early prototype version of the SD version of Ratatouille appears to be based on early concept content for the movie that has never been released by Disney or Pixar. Notably, the game features a different logo with a Tricolore motif and humorous font, and Remy's design appears skinnier and has a purple tint.
Also Appears On: Ratatouille (Franchise), Pixar (Collection)
Attachment Somari contains an unused file for a logo labeled "MARIO", implying that the game may have originally been intended to be posed as a new Mario installment in a similar vein to other bootlegs such as Super Mario Bros. 7: Grand Dad instead of a game starring a new semi-original character.
Tails and the Music Maker
Attachment There exists an unused version of Tails & the Music Maker's cover art where Tails plays a piano instead of standing on a giant piano.
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl
Attachment Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl was originally intended to feature alternate palette swaps for every character on the roster, but this was rejected by Nickelodeon, who only wanted costumes that reference the shows directly. The only known planned recolors are for SpongeBob that were based on other characters from the show: Squidward blue, Patrick pink, and Mr. Krabs red.
Battle Chess
Interplay producers were known to unnecessarily modify games for the simple reason of wanting to prove value - the artist for the Queen in Battle Chess worked around this by drawing a pet duck following the Queen on all of her animations to bait the producers into removing the duck instead of content the team wanted to keep.
Also Appears On: Interplay (Company)
Crazy Frog Racer
Attachment Early screenshots for Crazy Frog Racer on Game Boy Advance show an alternative logo that does not match up with either, the other versions of the game, or the Crazy Frog logo used at the time.
Angry Birds McDonald's
Angry Birds McDonald's has a non-functional language select button out-of-bounds on the sidebar, implying that an English version may have been planned.
McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure
Attachment In prototype versions of McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure, the shops were McDonald's restaurants, and all the meters and power-ups in the game were McDonald's products. McDonald's burgers as health items in a game could be seen as endorsing them as a healthy food, so it was likely changed for the final game to avoid this perception, and while at the time Ronald McDonald was still seen holding or eating McDonald's in advertising, in later years he would be mandated against doing either.
Contributed by Wario Wario Wario on September 18, 2023
Courage the Cowardly Dog: Creep TV
Courage the Cowardly Dog: Creep TV has secret codes and levels that went undiscovered until 20 years after its release due to a glitch making them inaccessible. The "daScore" code, which shows a counter of how many ghosts you've zapped; and the "mirage" code, which expands the game map and allows access to secret levels - one where you can acquire glasses, and another that has a sign simply reading Eustace's catchphrase, "STUPID DOG!" - however, if you get the glasses then read the sign, it will instead say "Wee...amazing! You found it! GOOD DOG!"
Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage
Attachment Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage contains files related to toasters and burners, implying that they may have been extra appliances to kill fruit with in the game alongside blenders, cutting boards, and fans.
Attachment In the game files exists a beta version of protagonist Takayuki Yagami's design. This design was presumably an alternate plan in case the licensing agreement with Takura Kimura, the actor whose face inspired Yagami's design, runs out, or he gets involved in any kind of controversy.
JumpStart Baby
Attachment Inside the files of the 1998 version of JumpStart Baby is a military-themed mission select graphic titled "DEFCON 4: THE ALISA FILES". The origin of this file and how it ended up in a game like JumpStart Baby is unknown.
Disney's DuckTales
The reason Scrooge McDuck wears his red cloak from the Carl Barks comics and DuckTales reboot instead of the blue cloak from the original DuckTales TV series is because the blue cloak didn't stand out enough alongside blue and black level backgrounds.
Chicken Run
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Also Appears On: Chicken Run (Game)
Eek! The Cat
Attachment Eek! the Cat has been noted for having an unusually dark color palette that makes the graphics hard to read. This is not the result of a faulty brightness register, but simply how the game's palettes are stored in the code. Marketing materials for the game show screenshots that are much brighter in palette and closer to both, the game's original form as Sleepwalker and its cartoon source material, meaning that the palette error was likely a mistake made late in the game's development.
The Ren & Stimpy Show: Buckeroo$!
Attachment In the SNES version of The Ren & Stimpy Show: Buckeroo$!, there is an unused sprite of the character George Liquor in his appearance as the Sheriff of Dodge City from the episode "Robin Höek". Around the time the game was being made, show creator John Kricfalusi was fired from Nickelodeon for inserting inappropriate content and missing deadlines while producing episodes, and was allowed to retain the rights to the George Liquor character, who he would continue to feature in cartoons for the rest of his career, meaning that he could not be used in Ren & Stimpy media from that point onward. Liquor would still appear in the NES version of Buckeroo$! however.
The Real Ghostbusters
Attachment The game's data contains sprites depicting Kid Klown and Princess Honey from Kid Klown in Night Mayor World, with them filling the roles of the protagonist and damsel in distress, respectively. This indicates that the game was originally devised as a Kid Klown title before being retooled around the Mickey Mouse, Garfield, and Ghostbusters franchises (depending on the region) midway through development. Ironically, Kid Klown in Night Mayor World was itself a retooled English localization of a Mickey Mouse game.
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