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Star Fox 2
Attachment When assets from Star Fox 2 were leaked in the 2020 Nintendo Gigaleak, one character that caught people's attention was what appeared to be a human woman. Some fans and news outlets assumed the character to be black based on her frilly hair and large lips, but palettes were eventually discovered that revealed her to be fair-skinned. The human woman's sprites have the same filename as Miyu and Fay's in the final game, and her two sprites' facial structures resemble Miyu and Fay's prototype sprites (the latter being a sheep instead of a poodle), suggesting she was simply a placeholder meant to give a human reference for Miyu and Fay's anthropomorphic expressions.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month May 14, 2024
Resident Evil 2
Attachment In the April 1998 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly's spin-off magazine EGM2, the issue's Trick of the Month was an alleged method to unlock Akuma from the Street Fighter series as a secret playable character in Resident Evil 2. In order to unlock him, the magazine instructed players to play through both story scenarios six times each using only the Knife and the H&K VP70 gun on hand at the start of the game, and achieve an A ranking in all scenarios. Once these specific conditions are met, the player would receive some kind of clue that would lead them to the security computer in the Laboratory on Level B5F. At this point in either scenario, players would type "AKUMA" instead of "GUEST" into the computer, and after entering it would be sent to the Save screen and given the option to make a new save file with Akuma's name. After starting this new file, the game would start with Akuma breaking out of a cryogenic tank in an unused area where Tyrants were originally planned to escape from, and make his way through the game without the use of keys, with his main attack being a red Gohadoken used just like a gun by holding the Action button and firing.

In reality, after going through these difficult unlock conditions, entering AKUMA into the computer will not unlock anything, because the trick was an elaborate April Fools' prank (with the exception of the unused Tyrant area, that was real). This prank was the work of EGM2 editor and art director Mike Vallas, who took assets from Street Fighter EX and heavily modified and photoshopped them into Resident Evil 2 gameplay screenshots. It was one of two proposed April Fools' pranks that were in consideration to appear in the main EGM magazine that month, being beaten out by a prank trick for GoldenEye 007 where you could play as previous James Bond actors. Unlike Akuma, they actually were planned to appear in that game, but can only be accessed with GameShark codes.
person MehDeletingLater calendar_month May 14, 2024
EGM2 Issue #46 - April 1998 (Page 20):

Game Sleuth video with Mike Vallas interview:

Radd's Basement - Episode 2: Mike Vallas interview:
Code Vein
Attachment In a pre-release gameplay video from 2018, at the end of a tour of the Home Base, a lit sign featuring the logo for the pizza restaurant chain Domino's can be seen hanging on a wall near the refrigerator. This sign would be removed in the final game, but within the game's files are several voice lines spoken by the game's main cast (Coco, Davis, Eva, Io, Jack, Louis, Mia, Rin and Yakumo) talking about eating freshly delivered pizza in an unusually glorifying manner without mentioning the company by name. It's unclear how these voice clips would have been used in the game, but when taken with the unused Domino's sign, it's believed that this was all part of a planned promotional tie-in that fell through when the game was delayed to 2019, where Domino's would have somehow survived the apocalypse in the game's story and adapted to the Revenants and the Lost.
person MehDeletingLater calendar_month April 29, 2024
Code Vein - Domino's voice lines:

Code Vein - Home Base early gameplay:

The Cutting Room Floor article:
Star Fox Adventures
subdirectory_arrow_right Dinosaur Planet (Game)
Attachment The floating planetoid representing CloudRunner Fortress on the world map screen in Star Fox Adventures very clearly resembles its original, rockier iteration from the Nintendo 64 version of Dinosaur Planet, as opposed to its remodeled look in the final Star Fox Adventures.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month April 22, 2024
CloudRunner Fortress in the leaked December 2000 build of Dinosaur Planet:

CloudRunner Fortress in Star Fox Adventures:
Popgoes Evergreen
subdirectory_arrow_right Popgoes Arcade (Game)
In a weekly update post by Kane Carter, he shared that the model for Blackrabbit was changed for POPGOES Evergreen by basing it on a more accurate Toy Bonnie model that was designed by one of the game's modelers named Alexis. Due to this change, the Blackrabbit model seen in a cutscene in POPGOES Arcade uses the outdated model, and Carter has no plans to re-render the cutscene due to both models appearing very similar despite being different.
Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix
Attachment In the "3rd Mix PLUS!" variant of this game, there is unused data for the song "TOTAL RECALL" by ULTIMATE HEIGHTS. This includes unused graphics, step charts and lyrics for the song.
Super Paper Mario
Attachment The South Korean version of the game (released two years after the original Japanese edition) contains eleven unused maps not found in any other release, featuring fully 3D environments which do not line up with any locations present in the finished product. All assets related to these maps are dated after the game's Japanese release, with intervals ranging from five days to just over three months. Additionally, the maps' texture names are written in Romanized Japanese rather than Korean, indicating that they were not created by Nintendo of Korea.

Two of these maps, kri_04 and kri_05, additionally feature various cat NPCs, all drawn in substantially different art styles compared to not only each other, but also the final game. Each one is named after a developer from the Super Paper Mario staff: yamada_neko02 (Koichiro Yamada), koba_neko (Sayuri Kobayashi), tuka_neko (Naoko Tsukamoto), and kawa_neko (Chie Kawabe).

Of these four, kawa_neko is the most unique, and was apparently designed as a player character. Firstly, the cat's name is only given to its mesh, with its sprite instead being named bc_all.1. Additionally, kawa_neko features an animated tail and a mesh that is centered on the ground rather than the middle of the room. Furthermore, new_neko_18, a redesigned version of kawa_neko with white fur instead of black, can be found in kri_08, kri_09, and kri_10; new_neko_18's mesh is explicitly labeled "PLAYER" in the data for these maps.

Taken together, all of these elements imply that these early rooms were created as a proof-of-concept for an original project by Intelligent Systems that ended up cancelled for unknown reasons.
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Attachment Certain in-game enemies are only able to be fought by Mario & Luigi or Bowser. Despite this, a few Bowser-oriented enemies have unique behaviors for Mario & Luigi, which can only be seen through hacking the game:

• All of Naplock's attacks can be dodged or countered by jumping, with its snot bubble attack also missing Mario & Luigi entirely even if nothing is done.
• Dark Mechawful's punch attack can be countered with Mario & Luigi's hammers, while its countdown attack is replaced by the same star attack used by the Dark Mechawful head, which can fight Mario & Luigi in normal gameplay if Bowser inhales it. However, in a hacked Dark Mechawful fight, this attack progresses extremely slowly.
• The smoke signals at the start of Choomba's charge attack are changed from fist and shell icons to "M" and "L" ones, indicating which brothers it will charge at and in which order; the attack can also be countered by hammering.
• Dark Trashure's thrown items can be avoided or countered by jumping, similarly to its standard counterpart. However, the items move far faster than those thrown by a regular Trashure or a Dark Trashure fought by Bowser.

While most of these behaviors appear to be failsafes, Choomba is unique in that the "M" and "L" smoke signals are not present anywhere else in the game, indicating that at one point in development, Mario & Luigi would've been able to explore the Tunnel, where Choombas are fought.

Meanwhile, when hacking the game to allow Bowser to fight enemies that can only be encountered by Mario & Luigi, most of them will either crash the game, flee immediately, or display glitchy behavior. One unique case is Magifoofas, which can be inhaled by Bowser (despite the Vacuum Block not indicating this), indicating that the developers considered letting him encounter them in some form.
person VinchVolt calendar_month April 12, 2024
The Cutting Room Floor article:

YouTube video showcasing the unused enemy behaviors:
Street Fighter 6
Attachment When Street Fighter 6's preliminary logo was revealed, it was mocked for a variety of reasons, particularly a disconnect from previous series logos and aligning with a widely criticized trend of generic, minimalist or "oversimplified" logos. Some fans noted that the logo strongly resembled an $80 design for an "SF" logo posted on the Adobe Stock Image store by user xcoolee, which had previously been used for a sci-fi convention in France. xcoolee did offer to sell exclusive rights to the logo to Capcom, but was seemingly denied. It was also discovered that a Taiwanese electronics and appliances retailer, Sunfar, had a similar hexagonal logo. On the day after Street Fighter 6's logo reveal, the front page of their website displayed an advertisement with the logo featuring a paint splatter reading the number 6 promoting gaming products, most likely as a promotional parody. It is unknown if either resemblance was a coincidence on Capcom's part, and xcoolee did not state if they knew whether Capcom bought anything from their store or not. The logo of Street Fighter 6 would be updated to appear more stylized before the game's launch in response to the negative reception, although the fan reception to the new logo was not much more positive.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month April 11, 2024
Wii Sports
subdirectory_arrow_right Wii Fit (Game), Pilotwings Resort (Game)
Attachment Wuhu Island was originally created for Wii Sports before its debut appearance in Wii Fit. An early version of the island can be seen in a leaked development image for Wii Sports, and in footage of the unused Airplane sport in the E3 2006 demo for the game. The leaked image also indicates that the Airplane sport would have also given you the option to fly around the island with a Rocket Belt, an idea that would later be reused in Pilotwings Resort.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month April 1, 2024
The Cutting Room Floor article:

Wii Sports E3 2006 Airplane:
Super Princess Peach
Within the game's data are sprites for Glad and Calm Goombas; the final game only features regular, Mad, and Sad varieties. Of note is that the Calm Goombas' sprites depict them with a pastel green palette, whereas the final game only differentiates Calm enemies from regular ones by having them stay asleep until provoked. Both unused Goomba types also feature a considerably different art style compared to the final game, indicating that the removal of color coordination for the Calm vibe occurred at around the same time as the overhaul in the game's aesthetics.
Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis
Attachment In an interview with the developers at Blue Tongue, they mentioned several buildings they wanted to include in this game, but had to drop due to design decisions or memory constraints on home consoles:

•Hotels, which would provide extra accommodation for guests.
•Dino-Vet Station, which would have been vital for keeping dinosaurs healthy.
•Hunting Platforms, which would let visitors hunt down carnivores in the park from afar.

The Dino-Vet Station can be found in earlier promotional material for Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis and also within its game files. Likewise with the Hunting Platform, which also still has Audio, Ini and even Rig Files within the game.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month March 27, 2024
Developer interview about JPOG post release:

Article on the Hunting Platform on JPOG Archive fan site:

Article on the Dino-Vet Station on JPOG Archive fan site:
Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis
Attachment The now defunct Jurassic Park Institute website featured what appeared to be an unused 3D model of a Chasmosaurus for Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. This would line up with the developer's comments about wanting to include more dinosaur species outside of the 25 present in the final game, although curiously, this species is not mentioned within the game's "Constant.ini" file, which mentions dozens of other unused dinosaur species.
Paper Mario: Color Splash
subdirectory_arrow_right Mario (Franchise)
Attachment Concept art for Paper Mario: Color Splash shows that the captain of the Violet Passage was at one point going to have a dark skin tone. This would've marked the first instance of a Toad with a distinct skin color (not counting usually-pale Toads under a transformation) in a Mario game, but not the first instance of a non-pale Toad in the Mario franchise as a whole. The Super Mario Bros. Super Show featured a one-off Native American Toad named Pronto, a parody of Tonto from The Lone Ranger, in the episode "The Provolone Ranger".
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month March 18, 2024
Pokémon Gold Version
subdirectory_arrow_right Pokémon Silver Version (Game)
Attachment Early builds of Pokémon Gold and Silver indicate that Celebi was originally designed after Kokopelli, a trickster figure, mythical flautist, and fertility deity worshiped by certain indigenous tribes in the American southwest (most prominently the Hopi and Anasazi). This is most apparent in a leaked build from May 6, 1998, in which Celebi's sprite is nearly identical to modern depictions of Kokopelli, with the only major deviation being the addition of eyes. A later design is present in the data for the Spaceworld 1999 demo, bearing a closer resemblance to Celebi's finalized sprite but retaining the Kokopelli motif.
person VinchVolt calendar_month March 16, 2024
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The Cutting Room Floor article:

KnowYourMeme article about Dickbutt:
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
Attachment When he was first released as DLC, General Winter's All-Star move effects had communist motifs. However, following complaints from the Russian populace about the portrayal of the USSR military as under-equipped in his source game Company of Heroes 2, and a voluntary recall of said game from Sega in that region, an update in 2013 would replace the hammer & sickle with a generic red star in all regions.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month February 19, 2024
Barkley: Shut Up and Jam 2
Attachment A prototype for Barkley: Shut Up & Jam 2 shows that, instead of the photo used in the final game, the title screen was going to show a cartoon illustration of Charles Barkley.
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
Attachment When the game's logo is shown in the intro of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, the word "BATTLE" has a shining effect, which is another video file overlaid over the 3D logo. There are two versions of this video, one with Japanese kanji and another with Latin script, however due to an oversight, the shining effect will only show Japanese kanji overlaid upon the English text. This would be fixed in the 2012 rerelease, but only for the English language, so other languages with an English logo still experience the error.
Hi-Fi Rush
Attachment The January 2024 update celebrating Hi-Fi Rush's one year anniversary includes new t-shirts that players can wear in-game. Some of these t-shirts are exclusive to their own platform (Xbox, Steam, and Epic Game Store):

• Xbox owners get a green shirt saying “shadow dropped”, a reference to the game’s surprise release.
• Epic Games Store owners get a shirt saying “this is simply unreal epic”, obviously a reference to Epic Games and the Unreal engine and series.
• Steam owners get a shirt saying “Be Positive (Overwhelmingly)”, an obvious reference to Steam’s user review system.

However, two more additional exclusive shirts have recently been discovered through datamining that seem to curiously pertain to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5, two competitor platforms to Xbox.

• The red shirt seemingly for Switch says "rock out anywhere", obviously referencing the Switch's portable nature.
• The blue shirt seemingly for PS5 says "I'm here baby", possibly a reference to the game finally arriving on PS5 after a year of being exclusive to Xbox platforms.

In early 2024, Hi-Fi Rush was the subject of various rumors claiming that Microsoft planned on porting it and possibly other first party Xbox titles to its competitor platforms, those specifically being PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. In response to these rumors, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer announced in an Xbox Business Update on February 16, 2024 that four of their previously Xbox exclusive titles were being brought over to rival platforms. On February 21, 2024, it was announced that Hi-Fi Rush, along with Rare's Sea of Thieves and Obsidian's Grounded and Pentiment, were all being released on PlayStation 5 (and Nintendo Switch as well as PlayStation 4 for the latter two games), fully confirming the rumors.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month February 4, 2024
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