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Hi-Fi Rush
Attachment The January 2024 update celebrating Hi-Fi Rush's one year anniversary includes new t-shirts that players can wear in-game. Some of these t-shirts are exclusive to their own platform (Xbox, Steam, and Epic Game Store):

• Xbox owners get a green shirt saying “shadow dropped”, a reference to the game’s surprise release.
• Epic Games Store owners get a shirt saying “this is simply unreal epic”, obviously a reference to Epic Games and the Unreal engine and series.
• Steam owners get a shirt saying “Be Positive (Overwhelmingly)”, an obvious reference to Steam’s user review system.

However, two more additional exclusive shirts have recently been discovered through datamining that seem to curiously pertain to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5, two competitor platforms to Xbox.

• The red shirt seemingly for Switch says "rock out anywhere", obviously referencing the Switch's portable nature.
• The blue shirt seemingly for PS5 says "I'm here baby", possibly a reference to the game finally arriving on PS5 after a year of being exclusive to Xbox platforms.

In early 2024, Hi-Fi Rush was the subject of various rumors claiming that Microsoft planned on porting it and possibly other first party Xbox titles to its competitor platforms, those specifically being PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. In response to these rumors, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer announced in an Xbox Business Update on February 16, 2024 that four of their previously Xbox exclusive titles were being brought over to rival platforms. On February 21, 2024, it was announced that Hi-Fi Rush, along with Rare's Sea of Thieves and Obsidian's Grounded and Pentiment, were all being released on PlayStation 5 (and Nintendo Switch as well as PlayStation 4 for the latter two games), fully confirming the rumors.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month February 4, 2024
In an IGN article published on February 1, 2024, the game’s director Carrie Patel confirmed that players can only create human or elf characters in the game. This is unlike previous installments in the Pillars of Eternity series, which let the player choose from a number of different character races. Patel explained that this limitation is due to both story and development reasons. From a story perspective, the player in Avowed is a representative from the Aedyr Empire, which is predominantly made up of humans and elves. On the development side, Patel explained that the variation in sizes of different species in the series' universe is easier to account for in an isometric game than in a first-person game like Avowed.
Super Smash Bros.
Falco Lombardi, Slippy Toad and Peppy Hare were at one point considered for Fox's alternate costumes, before being scrapped in favor of generic recolours. Falco would eventually appear as a unique character in Super Smash Bros. Melee, and while Slippy and Peppy to date still have not appeared, alternate costumes that change a character outright would become a Smash feature starting in the 3DS and Wii U games, with Alph for Olimar and the Koopalings for Bowser Jr.
Dark Souls
The decision to add pigtails as a selectable female hairstyle in Dark Souls was the last request by a female graphic artist in the development team who had to leave due to an illness.
person Kirby Inhales Jotaro calendar_month January 25, 2024
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2
Attachment In Garfield's alternate costume texture, there is a portion devoted to Garfello, Garfield's Ninja Turtle alter ego from the Garfield Meets the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles short comic published in the 1992 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Magazine.
Kingdom Hearts III
subdirectory_arrow_right Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] (Game), Kingdom Hearts (Franchise)
Attachment In 2013, a Kingdom Hearts online mobile game was in development that never saw the light of day. It was to be called "Kingdom Hearts: Fragmented Keys". The game was rumored to feature customizable avatar characters (like Union Cross). It would also have been in 3D instead of Union cross' 2D art style. Most interesting and exciting of all though (gathered from concept art no less) was the Disney world list as the game would feature returning worlds like: Agrabah, Wonderland, a Lilo & Stitch Hawaii world, Space Paranoids/The Grid, London/Neverland, and Dwarf Woodlands. It also included worlds that didn't appear in the series yet but would appear in later games like Union Cross and Kingdom Hearts III, such as: Arendell (Frozen), Kingdom of Corona (Tangled), and Niceland/Game Central Station (Wreck-It Ralph). Finally, and most shockingly, a world based on the Star Wars franchise, although this world's chronology is unknown as concept art show different conflicting eras, such as an image of characters Anakin, Obi-wan, Padme, and Master Yoda in their exact looks from Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie and series in a separatist gunship's hanger as well as a planet that looks similar to Tatooine and an anachronistic Death Star power station room. It is unknown why this game was cancelled.
person PirateGoofy calendar_month November 28, 2023
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl
Attachment A Twitter post made on the Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Twitter upon the release of the Garfield DLC shows that his bib alternate costume was originally supposed to be plain white with stains of lasagna tomato sauce instead of clean with red checkers.
Sonic R
Since Sonic R was one of the first non-music video games to feature vocal tracks during gameplay, the music toggle was defaulted to instrumental during development due to fears of how players would respond to the soundtrack. Game designer and programmer Jon Burton ultimately decided to make the vocal versions of the songs the default as he grew to enjoy TJ Davis' vocal performance during the game's development.
Microsoft Minesweeper
subdirectory_arrow_right Microsoft Minesweeper (Game), Microsoft Minesweeper (Game)
Attachment The "Flower Garden" mode of Minesweeper was created to be more sensitive towards users in countries, such as Italy, where landmines are a common cause of death rather than seen as a war movie trope. It was originally only available to Italian players, but became a customization option in 2007's remake of Minesweeper, with Flower Garden being the only option for Italian players. in 2012's Microsoft Minesweeper, the Flower Garden mode would also be the only aesthetic option on Siberian and Chinese players.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month October 30, 2023
Battlefield 4
On the map Dragon Valley 2015 which is included in the Legacy Operations expansion, at the Temple (the H flag in a Conquest Large game), a small Phantom Program skull can be found imprinted on a pillar. If you stay near this pillar for long enough, a lantern adjacent to it will start flickering a message in Morse code. Deciphering the code will reveal a message written in Belarusian, which translated to English reads:


JJJU is the signature of Julian Manolov, an engineer at DICE Los Angeles who is responsible for several cryptic and elaborate Easter eggs in Battlefield 4's expansions and maps. This message's placement in a lantern was another clue. If you're playing on an unranked server, two or three randomized lanterns at the base of the temple will be lit every time the round starts. To turn on and off these lanterns, there are seven well-hidden interactive buttons scattered around the map, but which button controls which lanterns also changes every time the round starts. This is a pattern-based logic puzzle (similar to Parker Brothers' Merlin game "Magic Square" or Tiger Electronics' "Lights Out") that requires time and coordination to ensure that you turn on the correct switches to light all the lanterns without leaving any of them off. The solution included in the source of this trivia most likely will not work, as every time the round restarts, a different solution will be generated. Once you finally light all the lanterns, go back to the original pillar, and head to the adjacent pillar facing towards a tree. Within the side of the pillar facing the tree branches, a transparent digital keypad can be found. Pushing any button on this keypad will cause the lantern to start flashing an even longer Morse code message that reads:


This message directs players to the nighttime variant of the Zavod 311 map introduced in the Night Operations expansion, called Zavod: Graveyard Shift, where there is an old factory in the woods to the north of the map. In this area, you should eventually find a large rock where if you crouch and wait, a low-pitched, slowed down audio message will play that when sped up reveals a recording from the animated webseries "Battlefield Friends" of main character Neebs singing "I Got Little Birdy Legs", which he does whenever he captures an objective. Continuing with the instructions, the longest word in "I Got Little Birdy Legs" is "Little" and the word right after it is "Birdy". Simply multiplying the number of letters in each word together (6 x 5) only gives 30 which is not the correct code. Instead, the solution is to multiply each letter as its numerical value in the alphabet, which will look like this:

(L I T T L E) x (B I R D Y) = ?
(12 x 9 x 20 x 20 x 12 x 5) x (2 x 9 x 18 x 4 x 25) = 83980800000

Inputting the above code back at the keypad pillar in Dragon Valley 2015 will cause the same Morse code lantern to beep twice indicating you entered the correct code, and then starts flashing a third Morse code message at a faster speed than the previous two:

[the remainder of this message is a one-time use code individually generated for each player, the code featured in the source of this trivia also most likely will not work]..."

Following these instructions at the water tower in Dragon Valley 2015 will cause another small button to appear, which will spawn another keypad on the water tower pillar. Entering the final code will trigger another clip of Neebs from Battlefield Friends screaming that he got "PROMOTED!" After the round ends, go to the Equipment and Customization menu and check your character's Camouflage. At the very bottom of the available camos is a new skin, the DICE LA camo. This is a unique, standout camouflague that was previously only available to employees at DICE LA until this Easter egg was implemented.
Drill Dozer
Attachment The US version of Drill Dozer modifies some of the unlockable generic costumes to reference (or further emphasize existing references to) different Game Freak and Nintendo games - a schoolgirl outfit being swapped for an outfit of Leaf from Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, a nurse outfit being given extra details to reference Click Medic, a futuristic outfit being replaced with a Pulseman outfit, and costumes already based on Mario and Mendel Palace being given extra details from their source material.

Despite references to Click Medic and Pulseman being added in the US version, those games had not received US releases at that point.

These changes were reverted for the European version of the game
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl contains multiple unused announcer lines - including multitudes of character names (including characters from Rocko's Modern Life and Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, which were not represented in the base version of the game), item announcement calls which (despite the narrator having used voice clips relating to the items) did not end up being used, all of the stage names (notably including alternate names for the Slime Time stage in the form of "Double Dare", "Double Dare Stage", and "Double Dare Extreme") and, perhaps most interestingly, lines relating to a shop feature where the player could buy outfits, characters, moves, and stages. The reveal press release for All-Star Brawl references the ability to "unlock advanced moves", which may be referring to this scrapped feature.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month September 23, 2023
Upon its initial release, Pooplers was, despite its young target audience, given an M rating by the ESRB for "blood", likely because one of the selectable poop colors in the game is red. Despite this M rating being featured in the game's trailer, the game would eventually be re-evaluated to an E10+ rating for merely "mild blood".
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month September 16, 2023
Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back
Attachment In Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back, there is a "Verbosity" slider on the audio options menu that controls how frequently Bubsy will say his one-liners. While most percentages have nicknames such as "Occasional one-liners" or "Silent bobcat", the maximum level is simply called "Bubsy", owing in a self-deprecating manner to Bubsy's reputation as a talkative character, particularly in Bubsy 3D and the 1993 cartoon pilot.
Attachment Inside the files of Pepsiman is a functional, if buggy, level editor.
Attachment When the Street Fighter skin set was released for Fortnite, a back bling of an arcade machine was released that would show attract mode footage from Street Fighter II. Coinciding with this, a texture was found in the data, under the name "FrenchFry" showing animation from Family Guy in a similar format. While many believed this confirmed that Peter Griffin was planned to be featured in the game alongside a back bling that would show Family Guy clips, it was later stated by a reputable Fortnite leaker named FNBRUnreleased that the Family Guy content could've only been added for one of two reasons: to annoy dataminers, or to internally test the Street Fighter graphics in a humorous way.

Griffin would eventually be added to Fortnite in Chapter 5. To coincide with his addition, a video titled "Peter Griffin Seeks Fitness Advice From Meowscles" was released: animated in the same style as "Family Guy", it features Griffin getting a fitness exam from Fortnite character Meowscles, ending with him drinking an expired bottle of Slurp Juice in order to become "swole", explaining his design in the game. The expiration date on the Slurp Juice is a reference to the date when the leak originally happened, and the trailer also used the leaked back bling. Despite appearing to be animated by Family Guy's animation department, the video noticeably does not feature any spoken dialogue, or voice acting by Family Guy creator and Griffin's voice actor Seth MacFarlane.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month September 6, 2023
Sonic Forces
While the final game only uses seven different species for the Avatar, several were considered during development, such as raccoons, dogs, squirrels, rats, pigs, lizards and more. The last species to be added was narrowed down to three options: a monkey, a dragon, and a bear. The bear ultimately won out, due to being usable as a power-type character.

Eastern and Western preferences were also taken into account when deciding certain details for the Avatar. For example, eye shapes that were deemed too cute/juvenile were altered to appeal more to a Western audience. This is part of the reason why the dragon was ultimately rejected, as the devs felt it was too Eastern-centric, and wanted to prioritize more neutral animal choices.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month September 6, 2023
Peppa Pig: World Adventures
Peppa Pig: World Adventures' character creator allows players to make same-sex parents and families comprised of multiple animal species, developer David Moral has claimed that it would've been significantly easier during development to simply have a default player family instead of a character creator, but that it was not an option to anyone on the development team and striving for representation was "super worth it".
Bubsy 3D
Attachment In the opening title card to the game's penultimate level "Escape from WooL.A.", Bubsy appears dressed as Snake Plissken, the protagonist of the action movies "Escape from New York" and "Escape from L.A.", the latter film of which the level is named after. Beyond that, inputting the password "XURASNAKER" on the Load/Save menu will allow you to play as Bubsy while wearing the costume in any level.