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Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind
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Also Appears On: Bubsy (Collection)
Contributed by Rocko & Heffer on November 30, 2023
Beelzebubsy's posts:

Example of SqrlyJack's infamy within the Bubsy fandom, not the subject of the fact, but moreso just backing up that she is a controversial figure to Bubsy fans:

Xindictive's claim in the comment section of a Slope's Game Room video on Bubsy that presents the fake concept art as real:

Tweet from Xindictive about the forgery, a reply shows a magazine scan that one of the forged images was traced from:

Advertisement for the now-closed Discord server claming that Berlyn was on it:

Examples of Ken Macklin's real signature:
Attachment On March 17, 2019, in response to a post on the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account celebrating St. Patrick's Day, YouTuber Jacksepticeye jokingly asked if he could voice "Irish the Hedgehog", to which the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account responded:


(We just need to create him first.)"

A year later, they made good on this promise, releasing a video titled "Irish the Hedgehog" on the official Sonic the Hedgehog Youtube channel. According to Sega, the character was designed by artist Mark Hughes, and the video included a "folksy" remix of the song "Escape from the City" from Sonic Adventure 2 made by Hyper Potions and Jun Senoue.

A few years afterwards, Jacksepticeye would return to the Sonic franchise to voice another character: the appropriately-named Jack from the "Sonic Prime" episode "It Takes One to No Place".
Contributed by chocolatejr9 on November 27, 2023
TimeSplitters Rewind
Partly in response to a petition for the release of an HD version of the original TimeSplitters trilogy, a group of fans were given permission by Crytek to develop a TimeSplitters mod using CryEngine 3. Project lead Michael Hubicka stated that while TimeSplitters 4 was their ultimate goal, they first had to convince Crytek that there was "sufficient demand for the series through [an] HD Collection." The game (titled TimeSplitters Rewind) would combine "greatest hits" elements from across the series, and that although the engine would give the game a modern look they "didn't plan on fixing something that isn't broken.", featuring both story and multiplayer modes and being free of charge on PC. Additionally, there were originally plans to develop the game in Unreal Engine 4, but these were dropped due to concerns that the Unreal version would be unable to use the TimeSplitters IP and would "likely have to rebrand".
Contributed by chocolatejr9 on November 26, 2023
Sonic's Edusoft
The existence of Sonic's Edusoft was first exposed to the public not with a prototype release or old magazines, as most cancelled games come to be known through, but rather a mysterious, unsourced Wikipedia article with a single screenshot. The combination of the article's lack of quality and the sheer quality of the game's graphics for a Master System title made many believe it was an elaborate hoax, as was common on Wikipedia at the time, up until an anonymous programmer for the game visited the Sega Master System fan forum SMS Power! and provided further information and screenshots, before privately giving Sonic fan wiki Sonic Retro access to the ROM, confirming the game to be real.
On August 24, 2017, a video was uploaded by gaming news outlet VentureBeat where lead writer Dean Takahashi, who specializes in general industry articles, strategy games and first/third person shooters and normally does not cover platformers or sidescrolling action games because by the outlet's own admission he was extremely bad at them, recorded a gameplay demonstration of him playing the Gamescom 2017 demo for Cuphead due to him being the only one on staff at Gamescom. This footage is notorious for the first two and a half minutes where he struggles to complete the game's tutorial, before struggling to play for another 23 minutes under conditions that were made intentionally easier for the game's demo such as increased health and instant access to some stronger unlockable charms like Spread. VentureBeat knew the footage was bad, but uploaded it anyways and drew attention to Takahashi's poor gameplay in the video title, calling it "shameful". However, VentureBeat initially did not explain the full context of the footage in the video description, and due to Gamescom being held one month prior to Cuphead's release, the clip was passed around out of context leading people to believe he was doing a full review of the game and trying to make a point of it being too difficult. In reality, the video was posted alongside an article about the demo by Takahashi to VentureBeat that regularly acknowledges his poor skill at the game; he also called Cuphead a fun game that showed "why making hard games that depend on skill is like a lost art". Regardless, the footage still drew extreme negative backlash and harassment towards him and claims that he was unfit to be a game journalist. Takahashi's response to the controversy spurred more controversy after he accused people attacking the footage of being connected to the 2014 #Gamergate movement, when one week prior to responding, he published an article promoting the idea of a "leisure economy" that stems from game journalists among others being paid to play games, and promoting the fact that he had been reviewing games for 21 years up to that point.
Contributed by Kirby Inhales Jotaro on November 23, 2023
Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!
Attachment When Pokémon Sword and Shield were announced, they inspired a slew of memes from British internet users who found humor in the influences their culture provided towards the games. One meme, made by Twitter user Callum O'Dwyer, depicts a PokéMart from Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! edited to show the logo of Greggs, a UK bakery chain. After the tweet proved viral, O'Dwyer reached out to Greggs to ask if the tweet was "worth a couple of [steak] bakes" as compensation for the free advertising. In response, Greggs gave him a £10 coupon and told him to "have a steak bake or three on us".
Also Appears On: Pokémon Shield (Game), Pokémon Sword (Game)
Contributed by Rocko & Heffer on November 21, 2023
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
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Contributed by Rocko & Heffer on November 19, 2023
Elf Bowling 1 & 2
The Elf Bowling series has been the subject of multiple bizarre and unprofessional Wikipedia edits by individuals involved with the franchise, something considered poor conduct on the website.

Elf Bowling co-creator Dan "Ferg" Ferguson created a Wikipedia article under the name "Itzaferg" and inserted self-aggrandizing information about his history with the franchise to its page, as well as adding articles that were soon deleted for his company Blockdot and its lesser known, non-Elf Bowling works.

After this, Matthew Lichtenwalter, who bought the rights to Elf Bowling in 2001, attempted to claim that the portable compilation, Elf Bowling 1 & 2 was "unauthorized" using Wikipedia as a platform, writing a signed quote from himself on the Wikipedia mainpage for Elf Bowling, as well as saying that he "created the series [after]" he bought it out.

"The DS and GBA versions were not approved or authorized by NStorm and were extremely poor copies of the code and art by original creators Ferguson and Bielinski. Myself, along with millions of fans all over the world loved the original artwork of Ferguson in all its pixelized glory and this unauthorized release caused sever [sic] harm to the brand that took several years to recover from." ~ Matthew Lichtenwalter, Commotion Interactive

It seems highly unlikely that the Elf Bowling ports were actually unauthorized, as no legal action was taken, nor did any of the developers or publishers of the release attempt to hide their work on it at any point.
Also Appears On: NStorm, Inc. (Company), Blockdot (Company), Elf Bowling (Collection)
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Contributed by chocolatejr9 on November 17, 2023
Spyro Reignited Trilogy
Attachment The four paintings in Spyro: Year of the Dragon's Midday Gardens are signed with the signature "Parvinder". This was the name of the deceased mother of Redditor TheChronoShadow, who was a Spyro fan, and was added in response to a campaign from Shadow asking for Activision to provide an early copy of the game to play with his mother before she passed away.
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
Attachment As a reward for contributing a $100+ donation to the game's Kickstarter campaign, backers could choose to join a clan of their choice to appear under in the game's credits. Six "Sword or Whip" Clans (connected to a vote on if Miriam's personal weapon should be a sword or a whip) were dedicated to voting on which Sword or Whip weapon would become the most powerful weapon in the game (the winner being Clan Katana with the Grand Izayoi sword), while the remaining eighteen clans were Community or YouTube Partner Clans, who would receive a code for a clan-specific item.

The Community Clans were represented by two Castlevania fan communities: the Dungeon clan (The Castlevania Dungeon forums), and the Operation Akumajo clan (a Castlevania Facebook group spun off from The Castlevania Dungeon dedicated to promoting the series following its 25th anniversary in 2011). The YouTubers and other companies who participated in the last clan group were associated with Fangamer, a video game merchandising company who managed the Kickstarter campaign for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. To unlock one of the Community/YouTube Partner Clan items, you must enter its respective code as the name for your save file, and as such only one clan item can be unlocked per save file. The participating clans and their codes include:

Community Clans:
•The Castlevania Dungeon: DUNGEONITE - unlocks the Dungeonite sword
•Operation Akumajo: Akuma - unlocks the Dominus sword

YouTube Partner Clans:
•ProtonJon: EGGFARM - unlocks the Guardian Egg Helm (a reference to a line spoken by Albert Wesker in Resident Evil 5)
•chuggaaconroy: chuggaconroy - unlocks the Space Helmet (a reference to the helmet worn by Olimar from the Pikmin series)
•NintendoCapriSun: INTHEBATHROOM - unlocks the Dumping Helmet (a bathroom-themed in-joke from his content)
•JoshJepson: JEPSON - unlocks the Clockwork Blade (origin unknown)
•StephenPlays: STEPHENPLAYS - unlocks the Sicilian Slicer (a pizza-themed sword, Pizza both being the name of his dog and a recurring subject of vlogs)
•SwimmingBird941: swimmingbird - unlocks the Plague Doctor Face (possibly a reference to the anime "Cowboy Bebop", as series protagonist Spike Spiegel is referred to as "Swimming Bird" by a Native American medicine man named Laughing Bull)
•Far From Subtle: AWESOMEVIDEOGAMES - unlocks the Big Mustache (an in-joke from their series VideoGames AWESOME!)
•The Speed Gamers: TheSpeedGamers - unlocks the Final Hour sword (a speedrunning-themed sword)
•Egoraptor: Egoraptor - unlocks Hey I'm Grump (a helmet of Arin Hanson's stylized head from Game Grumps' intro)
•Game Grumps: Grumps - unlocks I'm Not So Grump (a helmet of Dan Avidan's stylized head from Game Grumps' intro)
•Mega64: Jarvis Meower - unlocks the Mega64 Helmet (a collage of various recurring in-jokes throughout Mega64's run)
•Kinda Funny Games: TEAMFAT - unlocks A Kinda Funny Mask (the company's logo, the code being a reference to the #TeamFat in-joke from one of their series)
•The Zaibatsu Clan (Super Best Friends Play): BULLFIGHTER - unlocks The-Baz Mask (a mask based on an original character created by Super Best Friends Play who has made cameo appearances in various indie games)
•AlphaOmegaSin: ALPHAOMEGASIN - unlocks the Darkness Descends sword (possibly a reference to the studio album of the same name by American thrash metal band Dark Angel, which AlphaOmegaSin has described as "one of my go-to albums")
•Game Sack: 8MEGAPOWER - unlocks the Game Sack Strip sword (a reference to an in-joke regarding various novelty power strips)
•Vinesauce: SPONGYVINE - unlocks the Vine Sword (a sword themed around Vinesauce game glitch/corruption content with a green mushroom [Vinesauce's logo, the "Vineshroom"] as the sword's helm). The name of the code is derived from Sponge, a character from the streams who is depicted as the depressed third Mario brother.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater on November 15, 2023
Bonus codes video:

Gallery of all Credits Clan items:

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Kickstarter page:

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night weapons vote results:

ProtonJon Let's Play of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow with intro about being selected to contribute to Bloodstained:

Operation Akumajo sources:

AlphaOmegaSin tweet:
SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom
Inside the files of SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom, you can find a video from Scooby-Doo! Night of 100 Frights, an earlier game by the same studio, Heavy Iron. It is unknown if this is a leftover from building Bikini Bottom off of 100 Frights' engine, or a cross-promotion that was veto'd by either Warner Bros. or Nickelodeon.

What some may find more interesting, however, is a now-deleted YouTube upload of the unused cutscene colloquially known as the "Cursed YouTube Video" which was based on a corrupted video file and as such featured disorientating, lagging sound; an inaccurate timer for video length; visuals that cut out; and a buffer that would begin at an exact point and continually play regardless of the viewer's internet speed.
Also Appears On: Scooby-Doo! Night of 100 Frights (Game)
Contributed by Rocko & Heffer on November 13, 2023
Article on the "cursed" upload:

Replica video, albeit with multiple glitches fixed:
Poppy Playtime
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Contributed by chocolatejr9 on November 10, 2023
Kao the Kangaroo
Development started shortly after Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2 was re-released on Steam in 2019 following a "#BringBackKao" campaign on social media. Tate Multimedia was surprised by the game's sales on the platform, which lead to them deciding to create a new installment. Many ideas were considered (such as a remake of the third game, Kao the Kangaroo: Mystery of the Volcano, and a combat-focused title starring a much older Kao), but the team eventually decided to make the new game a reboot, with publishing head Kaja Borówko saying it was "a completely different take on the story and on the character."
Contributed by chocolatejr9 on November 8, 2023
The Police Mystery
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Contributed by chocolatejr9 on November 6, 2023
Upon release, many streamers criticized the game for giving the option for the player to choose their pronouns in the creation menu. Similarly, a player on Twitter criticized the game for allowing a male NPC, Sam Coe, to flirt with a male player character. In response, Elias Toufexis, the voice actor for Coe, clarified that the character was played as bisexual.
Contributed by chocolatejr9 on November 6, 2023
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Also Appears On: Sonic The Hedgehog (Franchise)
Contributed by chocolatejr9 on November 5, 2023
Metroid Prime: Federation Force
At E3 2015, Nintendo unveiled a new game as an event played during the Nintendo World Championships competition entitled "Blast Ball", with many in attendance noting the game's resemblance to Metroid Prime Hunters. Days later, during the 2015 Nintendo Digital Event, Blast Ball was announced to be part of a full-fledged Metroid Prime spin-off game entitled "Metroid Prime: Federation Force". The game received heavy critical and fan backlash upon its reveal, with common complaints including the choice to reveal a Metroid Prime spin-off title almost ten years after the last traditional Metroid Prime game and after a six-year gap from the similarly polarizing Metroid: Other M, the utilization of a chibi art style, and a seeming lack of Samus Aran or a single-player mode (Samus would later be revealed to be in the game as a side-character and single-player functionality was later confirmed during E3). The reveal trailer received a heavy dislike-to-like ratio, currently having at least 87,000 dislikes and only 10,000 likes. Furthermore, a Change.org petition to cancel the game received 7,500 signatures 24 hours after its creation, and received 24,108 signatures prior to its closure.

Nintendo acknowledged the negative pre-release reception of the game several times, but still defended the game overall, with Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Amie giving similar statements about trying to propel the Metroid series by challenging the traditional gameplay formats that came before it and made up the essence of the franchise. Fils-Amie also compared the fan reaction to the game's reveal to that of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, which also received heavy criticism for its art style and gameplay compared to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The game's co-producer and Metroid Prime series producer Kensuke Tanabe on the other hand had much more conflicting reactions, initially stating that he had expected the negative reception, but later remarking that he was quite surprised by the negative reception and criticized the heavy criticism against the game's graphics, but in both cases he still asked players to reserve their judgements until they played the game.

During the March 3, 2016 Nintendo Direct five months prior to the game's release, an entire segment of the Direct dedicated to the game was hosted by Tanabe, where he addressed fan criticism, explained the development history of the game, showed a more in-depth view of the story mode, and offered a glimpse of Samus' role in the game. Some people believed this segment of the Direct showed that Nintendo was doing "damage control" for the game after the criticism it received at its reveal. Fan reception did not improve, as shortly after the release of the Direct and a subsequent trailer, it started to receive thousands of dislikes like the reveal trailer, prompting Nintendo to disable the like/dislike ratio. Metroid Prime: Federation Force was noticeably absent during E3 2016, but would receive more coverage and trailers from Nintendo in the immediate weeks leading up to its release, where it ultimately received a mixed to average reception from critics and fans.
Contributed by aa1205 on November 4, 2023
Final Fantasy XIV Online
Attachment In July 1999, the industrial metal band Powerman 5000 wrote and released the single "When Worlds Collide", which would become one of their signature songs.

On February 23, 2016, patch version 3.2 of the "Heavensward" expansion for Final Fantasy XIV Online would be released, entitled "The Gears of Change". During the Containment Bay S1T7 trial, there is a boss fight against Sephirot, the Fiend, in two phases. The first phase's music is a rearranged version of "Battle to the Death", a boss theme originating from Final Fantasy VI where the Fiend first appeared, while the second phase's music was an original song entitled "Fiend", composed and arranged by Masayoshi Soken with lyrics written by Michael-Christopher Koji Fox. The same day, a thread was made on Square Enix's forums noting the similarities between "Fiend" and "When Worlds Collide".

Presumably, Powerman 5000 were informed of this and took to Facebook on February 24 to accuse the game's developers of ripping off "When Worlds Collide" while writing "Fiend", commenting:

"Really? Got to say that the level of unimaginative theft that was used in creating this music for #finalfantasyXIV is mind blowing! I mean, this is When Worlds Collide! Using something as inspiration is one thing but a straight up rip off is another! Did they really think no one would notice? […] To clarify, this is music from the game. If it was a song made by a fan, we wouldn't care."

After the story gained traction and several mixed responses were put against Square Enix and Powerman 5000, the band's frontman Spider One made another Facebook post on February 25 revealing that the band would not be taking legal action against Square Enix, while emphasizing that their original post was "Just an observation" about "a piece of music that was way too similar to be coincidence" and there was "no cry for attention or publicity", before briefly advertising their upcoming tour dates in March and April.

In response to the controversy, the game's producer/director Naoki Yoshida released a statement in the original forum thread that spurred the controversy explaining how they created "Fiend":

"Building upon the motif of Sephirot as a representation of the World Tree, to create this FINAL FANTASY XIV original track, we further incorporated story-driven themes of death and a warped obsession with life, all while utilizing a musical genre─industrial rock─which we believed would provide substantial emphasis to the message.

Industrial rock is a popular genre that can be further divided into numerous sub-genres. Countless songs from these genres have been released worldwide, and I have been made aware of an allegation regarding similarities between an existing track and the track created for the 2nd phase of Containment Bay S1T7. However, track composer Masayoshi Soken, has also stated to me that he was unaware of the track in question while working on this FINAL FANTASY track."
Contributed by MehDeletingLater on October 29, 2023
Powerman 5000 - When Worlds Collide (1999):

Final Fantasy XIV Online - Fiend (2016):

Final Fantasy XIV Online - Battle to the Death Rearrangement:

Final Fantasy XIV Online - The Gears of Change announcement trailer:

First Powerman 5000 Facebook post (February 24):

Second Powerman 5000 Facebook post (February 25):

Naoki Yoshida Square Enix forum response (original thread post noting song similarities can be found by going to page 1 in this thread):

News coverage of the controversy:
Cool Spot
Attachment In the game's manual, a promotional campaign was advertised where players could win a "Cool Prize" if they beat the game under certain circumstances. If you beat the game on any difficulty under Hard, use any of the six "UNCOLA" letters as a free continue, or fail to collect any of the letters at all, you will be greeted with a screen featuring a pair of Spots crying because you did not meet the requirements to win the contest. However, if you beat the game on Hard and have all six "UNCOLA" letters, then you will instead be greeted with a screen of a Spot holding a camera instructing the player to take a picture of the screen and mail it to the address in the game's manual, the headquarters of Virgin Games. This contest ended on December 31, 1993, roughly 8 months after the original Genesis version was released, and not even 4 months after the SNES version was released. According to a TV Tropes entry, the prize was allegedly a cheap plastic Spot toy, although there has been no official confirmation on what prizes were awarded to winners, if any.

One known "winner" of the contest years after the fact was YouTuber Jirard Khalil "The Completionist", who reviewed the game and instead of sending his screen to the now-defunct Virgin Games, he decided to tweet it out to 7 Up's official Twitter account in 2014. This caught their attention for being "crazy, old school and incredible", resulting in them direct-messaging him and asking for his address to send him a prize. The following week, a bizarre PR stunt took place where two "7 Up Women" arrived at The Completionist's offices, bringing with them a pallet of assorted 7 Up, Diet 7 Up, Cherry 7 Up, Sunkist and Snapple drinks, as well as free sunglasses and loudspeakers. Khalil described the event: "They had no idea why they were there, I didn't know why they were there, it was an overall weird experience to say the least."
Also Appears On: 7 Up (Franchise)
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