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Marvel's Spider-Man
In a 2018 Syfy Wire interview with writers Christos Gage and Jon Paquette, they revealed that Silver Sable and Sable International were included in the game because they felt that there needed to be a presence or force in the overworld that added more stakes and tension to the game once the story events "became dire".
Samurai Deeper Kyo
While Samurai Deeper Kyo received a formal release in Japan in 2002, it was never actually released in stores on its own in North America, instead being included as a bonus in the source material's complete series DVD box set in 2008. This made the North American version of the game the last officially licensed game released for the Game Boy Advance.
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Disney's Lilo & Stitch
The game was heavily inspired by SNK's Metal Slug series, a favorite of the Digital Eclipse team. According to their president Mike Mika, Disney Interactive were initially fine with the prospect of a shooting game based on the movie, but when they were prepared to present the game to then Disney CEO Michael Eisner, cautions began to arise about the violence in the game, which was higher than expected. Due to a lack of time, the game had to be shown to Eisner as it was. Unexpectedly, he adored the game and lamented that the other licensed games based on Lilo & Stitch weren't adopting the same gameplay formula:

"[...] we got this whole panic call from Disney and they are like, 'This is going to get cancelled'. And the next day, they called us back after the meeting and they were like, 'He LOVES it! He thinks it's the best product we're doing for Lilo & Stitch and he's really mad the other games aren't doing this.' It was really great and everyone was relieved."

The Lilo & Stitch movie directors sent a signed poster to Digital Eclipse thanking them for the game.
Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law
The only member of the voice cast of "Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law" to not reprise their role in the game is Stephen Colbert, who voiced Phil Ken Sebben and Myron Reducto. These roles are respectively replaced by Stephen Stanton and Crispin Freeman.
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VeggieTales: The Mystery of Veggie Island
The television in the Observatory plays black and white clips of various "Silly Songs With Larry" segments from the VeggieTales TV show, specifically "The Hairbrush Song", "Love My Lips", "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything", and "The Water Buffalo Song".
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Observatory area:

VeggieTales - "The Hairbrush Song":

VeggieTales - "Love My Lips":

VeggieTales - "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything":

VeggieTales - "The Water Buffalo Song":
Hogwarts Legacy
The plot of Hogwarts Legacy was purposefully set in a time period where many pre-established characters from the Harry Potter franchise (such as Newton Scamander or Harry Potter himself) are not around. According to lead writer Moira Squier, this was done in order to provide the player with a unique world. As part of this, the writing team focused on creating a diverse collection of characters for players to potentially identify with:

"All the writing team got together and would pitch ideas. We wanted a diverse collection of professors, students, vendors in the shop, etc. People called upon their own experiences. Hopefully you play the game and see a character and go "That's like my sister", or an uncle, or anything like that. And we really wanted to tie it to the familiar world – so you'll hear there's a Weasley, a Rookwood… Professor Black is a known character as a portrait in the books, so fleshing him out, we really loved."

However, while main characters from across the franchise are not present, selected minor characters (such as Nearly Headless Nick and Peeves the Poltergeist) are still present in the game.
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Risk: Factions
The character Commandant SixFour is named in reference to the Commodore 64, the console where the first video game based on Risk was released on. This is alluded to in the game's Campaign Mode, where it's shown that Commandant SixFour uses outdated visual technology reminiscent of the Commodore 64's graphics, which leads to him Spoiler:betraying General McGutterpants shortly after activating, as he cannot tell the difference between the Humans and the Cats, thus declaring war on both.
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Wallace and Gromit in Project Zoo
Wallace and Gromit in Project Zoo was one of two game ideas pitched to franchise creator Nick Park. The other unrealized game idea which Park also approved of took place on Mars, and would have been titled Red Leicester.
Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy is notable for introducing the first transgender character in the Harry Potter franchise in the form of Sirona Ryan, the owner of the Three Broomsticks pub who outright tells the player that it took her classmates "a second to realize I was actually a witch, not a wizard". This drew attention as the creator of the Harry Potter franchise, J.K. Rowling, has generated controversy over the years by making comments that many have criticized as transphobic. It is worth noting that while she would receive profits from the game's sales leading many fans to boycott the game, she had no involvement in its development. In regards to the inclusion, the developers stated:

"The team felt that it was very important to create a game that is representative of the rich and diverse world of Harry Potter as well as the groups of people who play games, which includes the LGBTQIA+ community. We have a diverse cast of characters that players will encounter throughout the game.”

However, after the character was revealed, several fans further complained that the name Sirona Ryan rendered the inclusion of a transgender character tone deaf and continued promoting the boycott. The name "Sirona" originates from the Celtic goddess of healing and rebirth and is symbolized with imagery of snakes (animals that shed their skin) and eggs (where many birds, fish and reptiles among other animals emerge from after incubating). Despite being a feminine name, they claimed to perceive it as a male-presenting name due to that variant of the name containing and potentially being shortened to "Sir", while also pointing out that the surname "Ryan" was a masculine name and an anglicized form that was used instead of the less common authentic Gaelic name "Riain". This set up the name to appear as an unintentional pun: "Sir Ryan". Despite these complaints, the boycott turned out to be a failure as Hogwarts Legacy became commercially successful, selling over 12 million copies in its first two weeks of release and going on to sell double that amount by the end of 2023.
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Assassin's Creed Shadows
One of the game's dual protagonists Yasuke, an African samurai, is the first main character in the series to be based on a real historical figure, but his real-life identity and status serving under Japanese daimyo Oda Nobunaga has been the subject of a contentious debate among historians. There are few scholarly/historical resources available describing him and his life, and no known resources from when he was alive that refer to him as a samurai, with the most common belief being his title was a retainer.

His reveal as a main character in the game on May 15, 2024 caused polarizing reactions worldwide on social media. Fans critical of the decision claimed Ubisoft were going against the series' penchant for accurate historical backgrounds and misrepresented Japan, which the series had never covered in-depth, by inflating Yasuke's role in history and not having both protagonists be Japanese (the other protagonist, Naoe, is Japanese), claiming he was not actually a samurai. Fans in support of his role claiming he was actually a samurai called these objections racist and based on narrow-minded arguments and inferences, with some going so far as to claim that Asian samurai protagonists in media were oversaturated and that critics' complaints would be the same if the game was set in Africa and starred an African protagonist. This intense fighting led to an edit war on Yasuke's English Wikipedia article, with administrators publicly calling its Talk page "a complete dumpster fire". As of July 3, the consensus that the Talk page reached appears to be that the available historical resources are inconclusive as to if he was or was not a samurai, but that scholars consistently describe Yasuke as a samurai without any sources found where scholars do not describe him as one.

This lack of clarity allows popular media to take creative liberties in adapting him, often depicting him as a high-ranking samurai, and Ubisoft took a similar direction from the outset. A press release at the game's announcement stated:

"Ubisoft Quebec wanted to include a Samurai, and Yasuke's story was open-ended enough to allow for creativity; there are still plenty of questions and speculation surrounding him. The fascinating facts, though, were undisputable: of African origin, he arrived in Japan enslaved by the Portuguese; he impressed with size, strength, and wits; he served under the Japanese daimyo Oda Nobunaga. There must have been something exceptional about Yasuke to succeed in the service of a personality like Nobunaga's, [...] and the goal has been to expound on this in [the game] through his curiosity, openness, respect for values and tradition, valor, warmth, and charisma."

While the quote's header is named "Yasuke: A Real-Life Samurai", the quote itself is carefully worded to stop short of directly calling him a samurai, with more advertising describing him as a "samurai of historical legend". Game director Charles Benoit later acknowledged his life "is surrounded by mysteries" and that "[Yasuke] told us to tell" his story seen in the game, which was also described by associate narrative director Brooke Davies as historical fiction.

Creative director Jonathan Dumont elaborated in a set of interviews with Famitsu on May 15 that they chose Yasuke to fit with the story of a foreigner who fights off oppressing forces like the Portuguese slave trade's effects on Japan, while exploring a country unknown to him alongside the player, stating that they were "first looking for "our samurai," someone who could be our non-Japanese eyes". The following day, the interviews were edited to remove this quote, and to change quotes either directly or contextually referring to Yasuke as an "outsider" to being a "foreign-born samurai".
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Game website with "samurai of historical legend" quote:

Ubisoft press release:

Ubisoft Forward - June 10, 2024:

IGN Japan interview with Brooke Davies:

Ubisoft article with several videos explaining historical backgrounds behind previous Assassin's Creed games:

IGN articles:

TheGamer article:

Time article:

Forbes article mentioning Wikipedia edit war and international reactions:

Yasuke English Wikipedia article (Note: while much of this controversy occurred on English language Wikipedia, bear in mind that Wikipedia articles by themselves are not reliable sources for historical research, and the English article is not a uniform representation of the information on Yasuke across the different language versions of Wikipedia that have this article. There are varying primary, secondary, historical and pop culture sources suggested for and used in all of these articles either backing up verified information about him, or making different claims that may not be accurate.):

Wikipedia administrator discussion:'_noticeboard/Incidents#Talk:Yasuke_is_a_complete_dumpster_fire

Earliest archive of original Famitsu interview (in Japanese; English machine translations for all archives of this article compared between Google Translate and DeepL prior to publishing this submission. Deleted quote in Japanese is "まず“私たちの侍”、つまり日本人ではない私たちの目になれる人物を探していましたが、これは") (May 15):

Archived edited interview (May 16):

Latest archived edit (May 18):
Attachment Concept art for the 2001 build of the cancelled Foodfight! game developed by Midway Games West was released on artist Jason Leong's website, showing a set of character concepts and game scenarios with various fictional and real-life product mascots. The character concepts shown include:

• The red, yellow, and blue M&M's carrying vitamin supplement boxes with muscular hammer-wielding arms coming out of them.
• The Keebler Elves firing bows and arrows with flaming Tootsie Pops.
• A team-up of the Green Giant, a muscular version of Poppin' Fresh the Pillsbury Doughboy, and a jacket-wearing Kool-Aid Man.
• Mr. Clean commanding an army of Scrubbing Bubbles.
• Cap'n Crunch shooting a bazooka made out of a Pringles can.
• Hawaiian Punch's mascot Punchy punching a soup can made by Brand X, a fictional brand from the movie.

The game scenarios seem to feature various mini-games among main game missions, including:

• An early human version of Dex Dogtective swinging with a grappling hook, finding shortcuts between products, being launched from Hamburger Helper's mascot Lefty in platforming sections.
• What appears to be a mini-game where Dex and a Brand X mascot would bump into one another on shopping trolleys.
• A mission where fictional mascot Daredevil Dan flies above the supermarket in his plane.
• The Green Giant rolling over tiny Brand X bots with either a barrel or a mango bowling ball. This mini-game has two pieces of concept art, one that presents it as akin to the game Tempest and another that shows the Green Giant stepping on robots.
• Dex commanding the M&M's in a shooting mini-game.
• A platforming mini-game with Cap'n Crunch jumping off of barrels.
• A mini-game where fictional mascot Polar Penguin must destroy pillars on the ice.
• A cow-herding mini-game featuring Twinkie the Kid.
• A food-fighting mini-game, like the climax of the movie, specifically themed around Chef Boyardee.
• A mini-game where Dex throws Lucky Charms at Brand X drones.

Of the licensed characters featured in this concept art, only Mr. Clean, Punchy, Chef Boyardee, and Twinkie the Kid would appear in the film when it eventually released in 2012.
Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero
This is the first game in the Dragon Ball: Budokai Tenkaichi series to be released under its original Japanese name (Dragon Ball: Sparking!) in the overseas version of the game.
Platform: DVD Player
Bubble, a failed DVD game console that exclusively had licensed games based on preschool TV properties, had 6 cancelled games:
Angelina Ballerina
Bob the Builder
Dora the Explorer
The Koala Brothers
Postman Pat
Tweenies Doodles' Bones
Tweenies: Doodles' Bones unusually credits the costume actors for the Tweenies TV series in the credits, despite no live-action footage or screenshots of them being present in the game.
subdirectory_arrow_right Battle for Dream Island (Collection)
BFDIA 5b marks the second time in the Battle for Dream Island series where a copyrighted character is used in a way beyond simply being a recommended character (fan characters that are submitted to the production team by fans of the series to potentially appear in official content). Specifically, the 31st level in the game "Encounter" features Lego Brick, who first appeared as a recommended character in the Battle for Dream Island episode "Vomitaco" and is a reference to the LEGO toy brand. The first instance was in the episode "Reveal Novum", where Dora (a stick figure based on the titular character from the animated series "Dora the Explorer" who also first appeared in the episode "Vomitaco") was one of the recommended characters who had a chance to join the competition, but failed due to only having nine votes: she would, however, compete in the show's second season "Battle for Dream Island Again". Additionally, a copyrighted character appearing in a major role would not happen again until years after BFDIA 5b's release, with the release of the spinoff series "BFDI Mini Replicas". In that series, one of the contestants is Ender Rocky, a variant of the main series contestant Rocky who first appeared as a recommended character in the season one finale "Return of the Hang Glider" and is based on the Endermen from Minecraft.
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BFDIA 5b Level 31:

Battle for Dream Island - "Vomitaco" (first appearance of Dora and Lego Brick):

Battle for Dream Island - "Reveal Novum" (first major appearance of Dora):

Battle for Dream Island - "Return of the Hang Glider" (first appearance of Ender Rocky):

BFDI Mini Replicas - "Cross the Gorge" (first major appearance of Ender Rocky):
Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter
subdirectory_arrow_right UDraw: Dood's Big Adventure (Game), THQ (Company)
Attachment The uDraw was conceived after THQ employees noticed how difficult drawing was with the Wii Remote in the Wii version of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, and was originally called the Drawn to Life Pal. Multiple pitches for other licensed Drawn to Life titles in the same vein as Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants Edition were made, with Marvel Comics, Pixar, Star Wars, and Conan the Barbarian being pitched as examples. However, no Drawn to Life game with uDraw compatibility would ever release, though one uDraw launch title, Dood's Big Adventure, bears a fair resemblance to the series. No reason has been given for the series' absence or why a new IP was made with Dood's Big Adventure instead of using the brand recognition of Drawn to Life, but it may be connected to the controversial ending of the DS version of The Next Chapter and its finality for the core Drawn to Life Raposa universe.
Kingdom Hearts III
Tasha Sounart, Pixar's creative director for the Disney Parks and the consultant for Toy Story elements in Kingdom Hearts III, has claimed that she believes the models for the toys in the game were the best they have ever looked in a licensed product that wasn't made in-house at Pixar:

"Really over all, this is probably the best that our characters have looked outside of our movies, because their attention to detail is really, really great."
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
Prior to release, Arc System Works announced that the game would feature twenty characters as paid DLC for the game's first season, meaning that the game would launch with only half of its planned roster. This prompted backlash from fans, who pointed out that the game reused assets from past fighting games and that half of Team RWBY would be sold separately while the other half was in the base game. In response, Toshimichi Mori announced that the remaining Team RWBY members (Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long) would be free of charge, and that the costs for the characters would not exceed that of the game's base retail cost.
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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode
On July 26, 2023, developer PerBlue released a poll requesting input on various franchises that were in consideration for inclusion in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. As of March 2024, the only franchises from the poll to still not be part of the game are "Encanto", "Gravity Falls", "Miraculous Ladybug", "Inspector Gadget", "Amphibia", and "Fantasia". Notably, "Miraculous Ladybug" and "Inspector Gadget" are not actually owned by Disney, but appear to have been considered due to the company having ties to each of them. With "Miraculous Ladybug", Disney finances the show through its French division, giving them broadcasting rights in places such as the United States and select European regions. As for "Inspector Gadget", Disney was involved in the production of the 1999 live-action film based on the series due to owning DIC Entertainment at the time from merging with Capital Cities/ABC.
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BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
During an interview with Forbes in 2016, producer Toshimichi Mori revealed that he had an interest in the Rooster Teeth webseries RWBY, and even expressed interest in making a game based on it, saying:

"If I were to make a game based on something that wasn't a complete original, which is what I have done in the past, it would be based on the intellectual property of RWBY. So each girl has their own kind of color, theme that they are associated with and the original creator has sadly passed away. If we were to ever make a fighting game of this, I would want to really spearhead that if possible."

Prior to EVO 2017, Rooster Teeth teased the possibility of a RWBY fighting game being announced there on their Twitter account. This game would end up being BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, which was announced after the BlazBlue: Central Fiction championships, where series protagonist Ruby Rose was one of the first four characters announced for the game.
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