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Star Fox
Attachment The hand-operated puppets utilized in Japanese promotional material for the first Star Fox game, as well as the cover of one of its guidebooks, were created by Takashi Yamazaki, a Japanese filmmaker and visual effects supervisor best known internationally for his 2023 film "Godzilla Minus One".
person Dinoman96 calendar_month May 15, 2024
Star Fox - Japanese promo store video featuring puppets:

Time Extenstion article:

Takashi Yamazaki interview featuring attached image (text in Japanese):

Star Fox - Japanese guidebook cover with puppets:
Tweenies Doodles' Bones
Tweenies: Doodles' Bones unusually credits the costume actors for the Tweenies TV series in the credits, despite no live-action footage or screenshots of them being present in the game.
During Palworld's development, Pocket Pair hired over forty additional employees on a budget of one billion yen. Some of the staff hired notably came about under varied circumstances. For example, the character animator (despite having no prior industry experience) was hired by Takuro Mizobe after seeing his works on YouTube, where he posted combat animation videos and fan content based on the game Girls' Frontline as a hobbyist animator. Likewise, the director applied for the role during a Twitter recruitment run despite already lining up for a position at NetEase at the time. Finally, the main character designer for the game's Pals was initially rejected during a separate recruitment drive dedicated to finding illustrators that occurred in October 2020, but was ultimately hired after reapplying in February 2021.
Don't Buy This
Race Ace is the only game in Don't Buy This to have been released as an individual cassette prior to the compilation's release, credited to Tony Rainbird, who helped create the Firebird label that Don't Buy This was published under, meaning its inclusion may have been an in-joke.
Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales
The developers of Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales got very agitated with having to listen to Bubsy's catchphrases on loop, and would repeat them to one another mockingly. For one of producer Faran Thomason's co-workers, Bubsy's catchphrase "What could possibly go wrong?" became a 20-year long in-joke with other developers of the game (in spite of said catchphrase not even being said in Fractured Furry Tales outside of the ending text scroll).
Poostall Royale
subdirectory_arrow_right Zaccaria Pinball (Game)
The Poostall Dude is voiced by a fan known as Christian Hunter, who also did uncredited voice work as the announcer for the Postal: Redux and Postal 2 DLCs of the game Zaccaria Pinball.
person Wingzzzzy calendar_month March 21, 2024
Poostall Royale credits:

Zaccaria Pinball Postal Redux/Postal 2 DLC announcer voice work (when you start up the DLC you hear his voice):
Alan Wake II
subdirectory_arrow_right Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (Game), Sweet Baby Inc. (Company)
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person chocolatejr9 calendar_month March 8, 2024
"Sweet Baby Inc detected" Steam Curator list:

Sweet Baby Inc. front page:

General info:

Article about the group (note the article is in German):,3409770.html

Accusation of "woke agenda":

Employee statement:

Steam follower number:

Kyle Rowley statement:

Kyle Rowley tweet:

Stacey Henley quote:

Curator statement about list purpose:

Employee complaints:

Zoë Quinn and Maya Felix Kramer DDoS tweets that were mentioned in the above article but not actually linked:

Steam Curator About page:

Chris Kindred account limit and archived reaction:

Curator Steam Support tweet:

Curator Steam Support community post:

Article about claims of Sweet Baby's extent of their involvement:

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League end credits with Sweet Baby section:

Alan Wake II Game Developer article:
Eternity's Child
subdirectory_arrow_right Eternity's Child (Game)
Eternity's Child features the first video game credit for DidYouKnowGaming creator and VGFacts co-founder Shane Gill, who contributed art and animation to the game.
Duckman: The Graphic Adventures of a Private Dick
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The Callisto Protocol
subdirectory_arrow_right Striking Distance Studios (Company)
On January 9, 2023, a report was released by revealing that over 20 developers who worked on The Callisto Protocol were not included in the game's end credits, including multiple full-time developers and other key contributors. The decision to leave out these developers was described as "egregious" by one unnamed employee, while another accused the game’s developer, Striking Distance, of "playing favorites" and only crediting those that "they liked or had some sort of relationship with". The report also highlighted the intense work culture at Striking Distance with a controversy involving the studio's director Glen Schofield in September 2022, where he made a tweet about his employees working "six-seven days a week" for "12-15 hour days". At the time before the report's release, this tweet about the crunch culture at the studio was roundly criticized; it was later deleted and Schofield issued an apology, stating that the studio valued "passion and creativity, not long hours." In June 2023, an update was released for the game that added the names of over 50 previously uncredited developers to the credits, a notably higher head count than the numbers in the original report. These credits were added to the "Miscellaneous" group, which originally had only 18 names, and was also now renamed to "Additional Development".
person ProtoSnake calendar_month January 13, 2024
Callisto Protocol developers left out of credits:

Glen Schofield back pedals Callisto Protocol crunch comments:

The Callisto Protocol Reportedly Left Around 20 Devs Out Of The Credits:

Developers left out of The Callisto Protocol credits accuse Striking Distance of "playing favourites":

Callisto Protocol update restores omitted developers to credits:
Disney Magic Kingdoms
This game marks the final appearance of R. Lee Ermey as the voice of Sarge from the "Toy Story" franchise, as he passed away in 2018.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month January 10, 2024
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl
Attachment Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl has an unused file of the logo of Nickelodeon's parent company, ViacomCBS (now known as Paramount Global). In the final game, ViacomCBS is only mentioned by name in the credits instead of with a logo, and the opening of the game shows a Nickelodeon logo instead of a ViacomCBS logo.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month January 9, 2024
Halo 2600
The unofficial demake Halo 2600 was developed by Ed Fries, who previously worked at Microsoft from 1986 up until 2004 and played a large role in the development of the Xbox and the acquisition of Bungie.
Super Mario World
subdirectory_arrow_right Tagin' Dragon (Game)
Attachment The credits theme to the Hummer Team bootleg version of Super Mario World on the Famicom is not taken from its SNES source material, but is rather a rearranged version of the title theme of Tagin' Dragon. The latter game is believed to be one of composer and Hummer Team founder Hummer Cheng's first projects, if not his first.
Dan Slott, a comic book writer best known for his work on Marvel Comics such as "The Amazing Spider-Man", "Fantastic Four", and "Silver Surfer", wrote for two issues of Archie's "Sonic Super Special" series as part of its "Zone Wars" storyline. Despite these being his only works for the comic, he did make one notable contribution: Zonic the Zone Cop, an alternate reality version of Sonic who monitored all realities in order to maintain balance across the various Zones, though allowing other people to appear in other Zones when they are needed. In November 2022, in response to various fan questions about Zonic, Slott noted that he was willing to collaborate with Sega to bring him back, and had no protective hang-ups over the character unlike an unspecified Sonic creator who was "super protective of all the characters he's created over the years to the point where SEGA doesn't want to use ANY of them in other media" (likely referring to legal issues surrounding former writer Ken Penders).
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month December 22, 2023
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
While the game's Project Giana Kickstarter campaign was active, voice actress Cristina Vee went to Black Forest Games' forums and offered to voice Giana for the game. While her offer was considered, voice actress Katie Leigh got the role instead.
person GianaSistersFan64 calendar_month December 18, 2023
The Finals
The Finals has been criticized for using an A.I. text-to-speech program created by ElevenLabs to artificially generate the character's voices, rather than using traditional voice actors. In response, developer Embark Studios claimed that the generated voicework is based on a mix of professional voice actors and temporary voices from Embark employees.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month December 17, 2023
Batman: Arkham Asylum
subdirectory_arrow_right Batman: Arkham Trilogy (Game)
The Nintendo Switch version of Batman: Arkham Trilogy pays tribute to Kevin Conroy, a long-time voice actor of Batman including the Arkham Trilogy, who passed away in November 2022. Once the credits roll on the first game in the trilogy, Batman: Arkham Asylum, a black and white drawing of Gotham City appears with the text: “In memory of Kevin Conroy”.
person ProtoSnake calendar_month December 17, 2023
Batman: Arkham Trilogy on Switch pays tribute to Kevin Conroy:

Batman: Arkham Trilogy on Nintendo Switch Includes Tribute to Voice Actor Kevin Conroy:

Batman: Arkham Trilogy on Nintendo Switch Includes Tribute to Voice Actor Kevin Conroy:
Attachment Lanolin the Sheep, a character introduced in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog comics, was created by artist Adam Bryce Thomas as a background character in Issue #2. He would continue drawing Lanolin in subsequent issues he illustrated for, often with a new look. Comic writer Ian Flynn would eventually confirm her name on Twitter. She even appeared in an early draft of Issue #30's A cover (drawn by Thomas), but was edited out in the final version. Starting with Issue #57, Lanolin began to have a supporting role in story arcs: according to Ian, this is due to how her appearances had evolved to the point of gaining a role in the story, and her increase in prominence lead to a more developed personality. By her own admission in Issue #58, she is "bossy and inexperienced", being rather new to her role as a leader. Despite this, some fans have criticized the character for having a tendency to act as if she is just as experienced as her peers (i.e. critiquing Silver in Issue #63 despite having no experience with psychokinesis, and her interactions with Tangle in Issue #62 giving the impression that she had a genuine problem with her, despite the scene's comedic nature). This has resulted in comparisons to Sally Acorn, a character from the 1993 "Sonic the Hedgehog" cartoon who was a main character throughout the Archie Sonic comics, due to their status as no-nonsense leaders able to keep even Sonic in line. These similarities also lead some fans (particularly those who don't like Flynn's writing) to accuse that Lanolin was an attempt to replace her despite having gone on record stating that he wanted to incorporate Sally and the Freedom Fighters into the IDW comics.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month December 4, 2023
subdirectory_arrow_right Yakuza 2 (Game)
The first Yakuza game features a recording of the Christian hymn "Amazing Grace", and Yakuza 2 features the Christmas carol "Silent Night, Holy Night". Each song is played during their respective game's end credits. Both games were set around December which is probably why the songs were chosen.
person Kirby Inhales Jotaro calendar_month November 30, 2023
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