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When putting The Joker against Black Adam, the former will mockingly ask "Weren't you supposed to be 'rearranging the hierarchy' or something?". This is a jab at the 2022 film "Black Adam" starring Dwayne Johnson in the titular role. In the lead-up to the film's release, Johnson released a series of real life promos in which he declared that Black Adam would "change the hierarchy of power in the DC Universe". This quickly became an internet meme, and was poked at even further after the film bombed at the box office (the film had grossed $390 million, but needed to reach $600 million in order to break even).
Skylanders: Ring of Heroes
Attachment Prior to the game's shutdown, several villains from across the Skylanders franchise were intended to be added to the game as enemies. These include:

• Evil Glumshanks from Skylanders: Swap Force
• Super Kaos from Skylanders: Imaginators
• A version of Kaos wearing his Emperor outfit from Skylanders: SuperChargers
• Bobbin Rood, Olaf Crushersson, and Runys Pointyboots from the Nintendo 3DS version of Skylanders: Trap Team
• A Goliath Drow, likely meant to be Brock from Skylanders: Giants
• Malefor, the main antagonist of the The Legend of Spyro games

Had these plans gone through, it would have marked Malefor's first physical appearance in a Skylanders game, with his previous appearances being in the IDW comics, the spinoff TV series "Skylanders Academy", and as a Skystone in Skylanders: SuperChargers.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month June 8, 2024
Unused enemies:

Skylanders Issue 7 (Malefor's IDW debut):

Skylanders Academy - "Return to Cynder" (Malefor's TV series debut):

Skylanders: SuperChargers - Malefor Skystone:
Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.
Attachment One of the Sleep Mode screens, which depicts Mario and Luigi having a picnic in World 4-3, is based on a piece of concept art originally drawn for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and was included in this Game & Watch over two years before the film's 2023 release. The original image is showcased in one of the bonus features on the film's home media release, "Meet the Cast: Charlie Day as Luigi". Among other differences, the concept art features Mario & Luigi sitting on mushrooms instead of blocks and wearing their modern outfits instead of ones matching their in-game sprites.
Street Combat
subdirectory_arrow_right Ranma ½: Chounai Gekitou-hen (Game)
Attachment Street Combat was originally released in Japan as Ranma ½: Chounai Gekitou Hen, a tie-in with the anime adaptation of Rumiko Takahashi's 1987 manga Ranma ½. The American release stripped out all references to the source material due to its obscurity in the United States at the time, though the in-game sprites for Street Combat's cast are visibly traced over their Ranma ½ counterparts. Additionally, Happosai and Cologne are merged into a single character, Happy, in Street Combat.
person VinchVolt calendar_month May 31, 2024
The Cutting Room Floor article:

Hardcore Gaming 101 article:

YouTube video comparing the Japanese and US versions:
Iron Lung
On February 16, 2023, the game's creator David Szymanski jokingly announced on Twitter that a film based on Iron Lung was in development, starring YouTubers Markiplier (real name Mark Fischbach) as "John Iron Lung" and Jacksepticeye (Seán McLoughlin) as "The Fish", with a soundtrack by Andrew Hulshult. On March 8, Fischbach revealed that he would be directing, writing, and acting in a film, but did not specify what it was. On April 21, it was revealed to be film adaptation of Iron Lung, with Hulshult doing the film's music. Finally, on May 7, McLoughlin revealed on Twitter that he would appear in the film as well, bringing the original joke tweet full circle.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month May 28, 2024
The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog
subdirectory_arrow_right Sonic The Hedgehog (Franchise)
Attachment In The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog, when Sonic is found presumed dead on the ground, the pose he is laying in is a reference to a meme within animation circles known as the "Family Guy Death Pose". This pose is frequently used throughout the animated series of the same name created by Seth MacFarlane, which became criticized in later years for utilizing cheaper animation. This is not the first time this pose was referenced in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise; the first time being in Issue #3 of the IDW comic book miniseries "Sonic the Hedgehog: Imposter Syndrome", where the character Surge collapses into the pose at one point.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month May 7, 2024
Trailer for the game:

Sonic the Hedgehog: Imposter Syndrome Issue #3 (Page 9; info and source provided by chocolatejr9):

Know Your Meme article:
Final Fantasy X
subdirectory_arrow_right Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (Game), Final Fantasy X-2 (Game), Final Fantasy (Franchise)
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Unofficial Japanese to French to English translation of Final Fantasy X-2.5 ~Eien no Daishō~ (3 page forum thread):

Final Fantasy -Will- (links include Japanese audio, English subtitles, and English audio):

Amazon link to the novella with mixed user reviews:永遠の代償~-ノベルズ/dp/4757541570

Article about novella criticism:

Satirical article criticizing the novella:

Videos covering X-2.5 and Will:

Blog posts discussing the plots of X-2.5 and Will:
Fallout: New Vegas
subdirectory_arrow_right Fallout (Franchise)
During an interview with Variety Fair, Todd Howard revealed that the 2024 live-action "Fallout" TV series was considered canon to the games, having wanted to tell an original story within the game's world rather than adapt any of the previous games. However, when the show came out, this led to complaints from fans accusing the show of retconning the events of Fallout: New Vegas. Specifically, the sixth episode "The Trap" featured a shot of a blackboard seemingly depicting the fall of Shady Sands (the capital of the New California Republic) as taking place in the year 2277. Fallout: New Vegas takes place in the year 2281, yet Shady Sands is stated to still exist in the game without any mention of a fall (although the city cannot be visited in-game). Emil Pagliarulo, a design director for Bethesda, would try to assure fans on Twitter that Fallout: New Vegas is still considered canon, claiming to being overprotective of the series' lore and going as far as to post a timeline of the Fallout series. While the timeline not only featured both Fallout: New Vegas, the TV series, and also confirmed that Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel is considered canon to the series, it did not address the timeline inconsistency brought about by the blackboard scene in the show. This reportedly led some fans to accuse Bethesda of holding a grudge against Obsidian Entertainment for making what many fans consider to be the best Fallout game and using the show as a way to spite them. However, it's worth noting that there are three other possible explanations for the inconsistency:

• Whoever wrote "2277" was misinformed due to the post-apocalyptic setting forcing many to rely on guesswork for event dates.
• It could be a simple mistake in writing for a series with large amounts of lore to it.
• It could be a reference to the "Lonesome Road" DLC expansion for New Vegas, where the player is given the option to nuke the NCR, though there is no confirmation that this ending is canon.

Howard would later defend the TV series and insist the game is still canon in an interview with IGN, claiming he had an emotional reaction when the TV series writers brought up the idea of bombing Shady Sands (which he also clarified was not a nuclear bombing) and carefully talked through the decision with them. When asked specifically about the 2277/2281 inconsistency, his response was that they were "threading [the needle] tighter there" to make it land in the TV series, move the Fallout series forward, and insisted that the fall of Shady Sands took place just after the events of the game. He reiterated that Bethesda was careful about sticking to the series timeline, admitting that there "might be a little bit of confusion at some places" and claimed that what was most important to them was what was happening in the time period of the TV series.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month April 14, 2024
Company: Sega
subdirectory_arrow_right Nintendo (Company)
Attachment The first official crossover between a Nintendo property and a Sega property is often assumed to be either Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games or Super Smash Bros. Brawl. While these are indeed the first Nintendo-Sega crossovers within the gaming medium, there have been instances prior of crossovers in supplementary marketing material:

• A 1994 advert made by DIC for animation industry insiders showing their global reach through the Panda Club and Dragon Club TV blocks in China shows Sonic the Hedgehog waving through a TV screen while Mario pats him on the back, joined by Madeline from the Madeline book series and Billy Lee as seen in the cartoon adaptation of Double Dragon.
• The infamous Fight for the FoxBox promotional film made by 4Kids Entertainment in 2003, which utilizes existing anime and cartoon clips to make a new crossover story, shows Dr. Eggman and King Dedede as allies alongside Dial-bolic from Ultimate MUSCLE, Dr. K from Cubix: Robots for Everyone, and Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles working for Wayne from The Cramp Twins in an attempt to shut down the titular television channel. Although the villains do interact in this half-hour film, the heroes mostly do not, with Kirby and Sonic never sharing screen time in particular.

This is, of course, discounting instances of unauthorised parodies and mockery at the height of the console wars.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month April 8, 2024
Print ad cel:

Full advert found on eBay, and attached as a file.

Fight for the FoxBox:
Attachment Ben Hurst, one of the writers for the 1993 "Sonic the Hedgehog" animated series, attempted to pitch a continuation of the show to Sega in 2002 as either a third season or a movie. He consulted DiC Entertainment, who produced the show (as well as two other Sonic cartoons, "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Sonic Underground"), and was given the name of a Sega executive who wanted to talk with him more about the idea. Hurst then received a call from Ken Penders, at the time the head writer for Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comics, who had been made aware of Hurst's interest in making a movie based on the series. Hurst offered to include Penders in the project, and told him his strategy for the pitch was to develop a satisfying storyline to conclude the show, and simultaneously giving Sega ideas for new games. This resulted in a long-standing controversy where Hurst claimed that Penders sabotaged his plan by telling Sega that he was trying to co-opt the franchise, resulting in Hurst's dismissal from the project. Over 13 years after Hurst's death, Penders would give his side of the story in a 2023 blog post, claiming that Hurst's joint proposal between the two would involve asking Sega to pay them to produce the series, and doubted that Sega would even schedule a meeting to let them pitch it if Sega funding the pitch was the premise, stating that "the owner of any IP is looking for a payday when it comes to using the rights for their properties."

In September 2003, Penders pitched his own concept for a Sonic the Hedgehog movie, titled "Sonic Armageddon". Four pieces of concept art were produced, and even a homemade pitch video was made to show to Sega executives. From what is known about the pitch (which seemed to borrow elements from both the 1993 series and the Archie comics), it would have involved the planet Mobius being destroyed and changed the depiction of the roboticization procedure to something much more gruesome than what had been previously seen. Notably, several major characters (such as the Freedom Fighters sans Sonic, Tails and Sally) are not shown in either the pitch video or the concept art, and the characters that are shown are given major redesigns. A common belief is that DreamWorks Animation was Penders' choice to produce the film, but Penders would later state in 2019 that he had pitched the idea to Sega only, and that DreamWorks had no involvement. The film never materialized; Penders would later claim on separate occasions that the idea was dropped because of "massive corporate upheaval", as well as the development of the animated series "Sonic X" affecting talks regarding the film.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month April 6, 2024
Onimusha: Warlords
subdirectory_arrow_right Onimusha (Franchise)
Akio Otsuka voiced the series main antagonist, Nobunaga Oda, in the Japanese dub of Onimusha: Warlords, and would reprise the role for three more games in the series until 2004. He would also later go on to voice and lend his likeness to Miyamoto Musashi, the protagonist of the 2024 "Onimusha" ONA series.
person Kirby Inhales Jotaro calendar_month April 3, 2024
Fruit Ninja
subdirectory_arrow_right Fruit Ninja (Collection)
According to Fruit Ninja creator Luke Muscat in a comment on a YouTube video comparing the 1993 and 2023 Super Mario Bros. movies, there was a massive push following Fruit Ninja's success to have it be adapted for TV or cinema, something he attributed to other members of the studio feeling that the other 2 mediums were more "legitimate" in the face of an era where games were not taken as seriously. All of the characters and stories added to Fruit Ninja were made for the purpose of facilitating these unmade adaptations, something Muscat described as "divisive" and compared to having to try and adapt a film that does not exist into a game rather than the other way around.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month April 2, 2024
Video comment:;lc=UgxhZPo859-w_okK-3B4AaABAg

Comment archived in case it gets deleted (YouTube link contains a comment hyperlink tag):
"Great video Patrick and team. I was the designer / creator of Fruit Ninja, which obviously had absolutely ZERO story or character development. After the huge success of the game, (and as I was leaving the project), a push started to get film and TV adaptions made. For some at the studio, getting an adaptation made the whole thing more legitimate, like the property had "made it". Games were still struggling to be taken seriously despite being such a huge global business, but film and TV didn't have that problem.
But given how narratively thin the source material was, new characters and story started getting added into the game specifically to support those future jumps to film and TV (and merch I guess). This was very... divisive. It was like having to adapt a film into an existing game... except the film didn't exist yet. It was a time."
Lock's Quest
To promote the release of Lock's Quest, THQ released a promotional mini comic set in the game's universe called "Lock's Quest: A Source of Hope" during San Diego Comic-Con 2008. The art for the comic was done by Edison Yan, the art director for Lock's Quest.
On April 8th, 2022 (the American release date for the film "Sonic the Hedgehog 2"), former Archie Comics writer Ken Penders revealed that he was contacting his legal team in regards to the Echidnas and their backstory featured in the film. According to Penders, both Knuckles' unnamed father and the workings of the film's depiction of the Master Emerald were derivitive of two of his characters, Locke and Enerjak. Despite the fact that the powers of the game version of the Master Emerald had been established back in 1994 with the release of Sonic & Knuckles, Penders has claimed to have legal ownership over the ideas he created in 1996. However, as of March 2024, no lawsuit has materialized.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month March 25, 2024
Franchise: Angry Birds
During development of "The Angry Birds Movie 2", it was decided to break away from the original source material by having the birds and the pigs end their conflict and team up against a greater threat. This was done both in an effort to surprise audiences with a new experience involving the same characters, and as part of an attempt to outdo what was done in the first film thanks to the unprecedented level of freedom that the change made available to them. According to actor Josh Gad, the production team went forward with it not only because they thought the idea was "ingenious", but also because it would be most appropriate given the increasingly polarized political climate at the time, stating:

"The movie has some amazing messaging in it, not the least of which is overcoming differences with people you disagree with in order to find a common ground, which I think speaks to a lot of issues we’re dealing with right now."

While not explicitly stated, it's speculated that this change in the story may have also been made in response to theories that its preceding film, "The Angry Birds Movie", contained thinly-veiled political and anti-immigration undertones as an allegory on the European refugee crisis, most notably with the portrayal of the pigs being unintentionally similar to Arab and Muslim terrorist stereotypes. However, it is not likely this was intended by the film's producers as the pigs were actually inspired by the 2009 swine flu epidemic during the original game's development, on top of there being antagonistic, invasive, and explosives-based elements in the pigs and their weaponry dating back to the first game that are crucial to the series' gameplay and story concept, albeit in a less developed state than they are shown in the film.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month March 16, 2024
Franchise: Ace Attorney
From 2009 to 2013, Capcom Japan collaborated with the all-female musical theater company Takarazuka Revue to produce three musicals based on the Ace Attorney series, the first time Takarazuka had ever collaborated with a game company. The first production, "Gyakuten Saiban: The Truth Reborn", sold out all tickets on its first day, and with the second musical ("Gyakuten Saiban 2: The Truth Reborn, Again...") drew a combined total attendance of over 50,000 people. According to series creator Shu Takumi, the musical's director Suzuki Kei cleared the first four Ace Attorney games seven times each before sitting down to write the script. Additionally, while he was not involved in the first musical's production, Takumi did contribute feedback midway through the second musical's production. The musicals were successful enough that it prompted the Revue to partner with Capcom again to produce a musical based on the Sengoku Basara series, and once more to produce "Dai Gyakuten Saiban: New Truth Reborn", a musical based on the The Great Ace Attorney spinoff games.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month March 2, 2024
Franchise: Ace Attorney
In the English dub of the Ace Attorney anime, the character Furio Tigre is voiced by Sam Riegel, the English voice of series protagonist Phoenix Wright starting with his appearance in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (with the exception of Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, where Phoenix was instead voiced by Trevor White). Based on a tweet from Kyle Phillips, the voice director for the dub, this appears to be intentional, as the case Tigre was involved in, "Recipe for Turnabout", involved him Spoiler:posing as Phoenix in a plot to frame Maggey Byrde for murder.
In August 2016, Scott Fulop, a former editor and writer for Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comics (whose notable contributions include the characters Mammoth Mogul and the Fearsome Foursome), began pursuing legal action against Archie Comics for the unauthorized use of his characters and reprinted stories. He was inspired to do so by fellow former writer Ken Penders, who had also infamously sued Archie for similar reasons. However, on September 5, 2017, Fulop ultimately lost his lawsuit.
Attachment Ever since the first game in 2014, fans have debated about the color of Bonnie the Rabbit and Withered Bonnie, as they looked blue in some shots and purple in others. In some games, they were blue, others purple, and sometimes even one of them was blue and the other purple. The merchandise for the rabbits also strengthened the belief in him being purple, with very few pieces of merch being blue. 9 years later, the November 2023 issue of SFX magazine released with a segment about Blumhouse's "Five Nights at Freddy's" film with an interview with lead designer Robert Bennett about making the animatronics. When talking about Bonnie, he confirmed once and for all that he is blue, stating:

"Same as Chica, we had to figure out what the textures and the colors were. Bonnie's interesting, because in all of the media that I was looking at when I was researching it, he's purple. When I did the original designs, I made Bonnie purple. Well, I didn't realize that Bonnie is blue. It had something to do with the lighting in the first game. When you look at the plushies, and all the toys, Bonnie's usually purple. But Scott [Cawthon] was the one that was like, "No, he's blue." So that was a lot of back and forth to get that nailed down correctly."
Franchise: Hello Neighbor
subdirectory_arrow_right tinyBuild (Company)
Attachment When the first episode of the Hello Neighbor animated series debuted on YouTube, series publisher tinyBuild unprofessionally and unsuccessfully attempted to encourage MatPat of The Game Theorists and The Film Theorists YouTube channels to make a video on it by sending him public messages on Twitter such as "I believe @MatPatGT will enjoy dissecting this frame by frame" and "Yes @MatPatGT you should totally reply to our DM". These tweets have since been deleted, and have become a minor meme of sorts. tinyBuild CEO Alex Nichiporchik would later claim on The Game Theorists' subreddit that he felt the tweets were "the cringiest moment of [his] career".

In 2024, shortly before MatPat's retirement from YouTube, he would analyse the cartoon frame-by-frame to pay tribute to the meme.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month January 22, 2024
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