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Franchise: Ace Attorney
In the English dub of the Ace Attorney anime, the character Furio Tigre is voiced by Sam Riegel, the English voice of series protagonist Phoenix Wright starting with his appearance in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (with the exception of Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, where Phoenix was instead voiced by Trevor White). Based on a tweet from Kyle Phillips, the voice director for the dub, this appears to be intentional, as the case Tigre was involved in, "Recipe for Turnabout", involved him Spoiler:posing as Phoenix in a plot to frame Maggey Byrde for murder.
In August 2016, Scott Fulop, a former editor and writer for Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comics (whose notable contributions include the characters Mammoth Mogul and the Fearsome Foursome), began pursuing legal action against Archie Comics for the unauthorized use of his characters and reprinted stories. He was inspired to do so by fellow former writer Ken Penders, who had also infamously sued Archie for similar reasons. However, on September 5, 2017, Fulop ultimately lost his lawsuit.
Attachment Ever since the first game in 2014, fans have debated about the color of Bonnie the Rabbit and Withered Bonnie, as they looked blue in some shots and purple in others. In some games, they were blue, others purple, and sometimes even one of them was blue and the other purple. The merchandise for the rabbits also strengthened the belief in him being purple, with very few pieces of merch being blue. 9 years later, the November 2023 issue of SFX magazine released with a segment about Blumhouse's "Five Nights at Freddy's" film with an interview with lead designer Robert Bennett about making the animatronics. When talking about Bonnie, he confirmed once and for all that he is blue, stating:

"Same as Chica, we had to figure out what the textures and the colors were. Bonnie's interesting, because in all of the media that I was looking at when I was researching it, he's purple. When I did the original designs, I made Bonnie purple. Well, I didn't realize that Bonnie is blue. It had something to do with the lighting in the first game. When you look at the plushies, and all the toys, Bonnie's usually purple. But Scott [Cawthon] was the one that was like, "No, he's blue." So that was a lot of back and forth to get that nailed down correctly."
Franchise: Hello Neighbor
subdirectory_arrow_right tinyBuild (Company)
Attachment When the first episode of the Hello Neighbor animated series debuted on YouTube, series publisher tinyBuild unprofessionally and unsuccessfully attempted to encourage MatPat of The Game Theorists and The Film Theorists YouTube channels to make a video on it by sending him public messages on Twitter such as "I believe @MatPatGT will enjoy dissecting this frame by frame" and "Yes @MatPatGT you should totally reply to our DM". These tweets have since been deleted, and have become a minor meme of sorts. tinyBuild CEO Alex Nichiporchik would later claim on The Game Theorists' subreddit that he felt the tweets were "the cringiest moment of [his] career".

In 2024, shortly before MatPat's retirement from YouTube, he would analyse the cartoon frame-by-frame to pay tribute to the meme.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month January 22, 2024
Club Penguin
Several characters originating from books based on Club Penguin (such as the "Pick Your Path" books) were given names with less than four characters, such as "Liz", "Kip", "Deb", and "Roy". According to former artist Chris Hendricks, this was done to prevent the writers from potentially copying a real player's penguin name, which were a minimum of four characters long.
On September 21, 2020, as part of his podcast BumbleKast, writer Ian Flynn expressed interest in adapting Cosmo and the Metarex from the animated series "Sonic X" into IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog comics, which would effectively incorporate them into the mainline Sonic canon. A year later, he would reveal that said arc would not happen anytime soon, as fellow writer Evan Stanley had more stories that needed to be finished. In January 2024, however, Flynn revealed that most content that comes from the show is off the table, including characters such as Cosmo, the Metarex, Topaz, Mr. Tanaka, and Ella.

However, there may be an exception to this in the form of the "Next Show", a fictional children's show featuring a purple mascot character named Next that Cream and Cheese are shown to be fans of during Sonic X. The show was first referenced in Cream's Sonic Channel profile, where it was listed as one of her likes. Later, 2023 would feature two seperate instances of the show being referenced: first during the "Otherworld Comedy" series of wallpapers posted on Sonic Channel, where it was mentioned in the story for the May 2023 wallpaper ("Story Act 5: My Vector Man"), then later as part of the official Christmas 2023 picture, where a toy based on Next appears amongst the pile of gifts.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month January 16, 2024
Star Fox Adventures
Attachment Star Fox Adventures' Japanese localization marks the first and only instance of the Star Fox team's robotic operator, ROB 64, actually being referred to as such in-game (at least through the Japanese subtitles) by his teammates (ロブ), as opposed to by his usual Japanese name, NUS (ナウス). This also occurs in Farewell Beloved Falco, the Japan-only manga prologue to Star Fox Adventures.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month January 16, 2024
Star Fox Adventures Japanese playthrough:

Scan of SFA Japanese guidebook:

Last panal of Japanese Farewell Beloved Falco, notice how Fox refers to ROB as ロブ (Rob) instead of ナウス (NUS):
Star Fox Adventures
Attachment The Farewell Beloved Falco manga introduces a new member of FREE AS A BIRD, a blue feline character named Kool. The climax seems to imply that Kool and Katt Monroe have romantic feelings for one another, with Falco Lombardi looking on in approval.

Kool wouldn't appear again after this, and Katt would go back to following Falco in certain story routes in Star Fox Command. When asked about Kool's whereabouts by Nintendo Dream staff in 2011, Takaya Imamura responded with:

"I wonder what happened to him. I would like to know too (laughs)."
person Dinoman96 calendar_month January 14, 2024
Franchise: Crash Bandicoot
Attachment In 2021, information leaked on a cartoon adaptation of the Crash Bandicoot franchise being developed by Eek! the Cat co-creator Bill Kopp for Amazon. The show would have been titled Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Cartoon Show (a name with a similar formatting to that of one of Kopp's previous cartoons, The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show), and would be an episodic slapstick cartoon rather than having an overarching plot. Supposedly, Activision wanted the show to lean more into adult innuendo, while Amazon wanted something more clean, and the straw that broke the camel's back for the series would be a single unspecified joke in an episode about Dr. Cortex transforming into a baby, like in the end of Crash Bandicoot: Warped. According to Kopp, Activision were the ones who aborted the project and not Amazon, though he had no clue what in particular caused the cancellation, but that the experience inspired him to work independently on his next series, Dumb Bunny and Jackass.

Allegedly, Activision also wanted to license Super Mario out for a cameo in a Crash Team Racing-themed episode, something the team found ridiculous and made them believe Activision was not taking the project seriously. The series would have also featured the Land Shark from the cancelled 2010 Crash Team Racing pitch.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month January 11, 2024
During the reboot of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comics, several characters and aspects adapted into the comic from the 1993 Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon (commonly referred to as "Sonic SatAM") were noticeably altered for a variety of factors:

• Ixis Naugus (referred to simply as Naugus in the show) was changed to "Walter Naugus". His species (which was never actually stated in the show, though the pre-reboot comics depicted him as a rhino-bat-lobster hybrid) was changed to that of a troll, with a tail being added to his design to help make him look as such, alongside his attire being updated to more resemble a warlock. Additionally, despite what was initially believed, the term "Ixis" was originally applied to Naugus' cartoon production materials, and was not invented by former writer Ken Penders. This meant it was still usable in the comics, and was later given to the deity worshipped by the troll species.
• Muttski was changed to "Ben "Mutt" Muttski", and was changed from a non-anthropomorphic dog to an anthropomorphic one. Notably, his new name was given in honor of Ben Hurst, the main writer of "Sonic SatAM" who sadly passed away in 2010.
• Snively Robotnik (referred to simply as Snively in the show) was changed to "Doctor Julian Snively", with his first name being a nod to "Sonic SatAM", as Dr. Robotnik's original name in the show was Julian. According to Ian Flynn, he is no longer related to Dr. Eggman in the reboot due to Sega's mandates not allowing other media to invent family members for the main "SegaSonic" cast. Ironically, while his half-sister Hope Kintobor was removed from the reboot, Snively inherited her position as G.U.N.'s R&D Specialist.
• Maximillian Acorn (referred to simply as "The King" in the show) was changed to "King Nigel Acorn". His name was most likely changed due to being coined by former writer Ken Penders. Notably, his new name, speech pattern and mannerisms are shared with Nigel Thornberry from the animated series "The Wild Thornberrys": Nigel was voiced by British actor Tim Curry, who also voiced the King in "Sonic SatAM".
• Nicole the Holo-Lynx's new backstory in the reboot has her being created by Dr. Ellidy in an attempt to digitize the consciousness of his dying daughter Nikki. This may have been loosely inspired by Ben Hurst's plans for the cancelled third season of "Sonic SatAM", where it would have been revealed that Nicole was originally a normal girl until she was tricked by Dr. Robotnik into having her entire personality transferred into a computer satellite.
• Although the Wolf Pack originated from "Sonic SatAM", the only member of the group who was not created by Ken Penders was their leader Lupe the Wolf, who also originated from the show. As such, when the comic was rebooted, she was the only member of the group to be carried over.
• Aside from King Acorn, the only parent of a "Sonic SatAM" character to make it into the reboot was Sabina, the mother of Dulcy the Dragon and herself a character from the show. However, while Ian Flynn did confirm that she was still Dulcy's mother in the reboot, she never actually appeared in the comic prior to its cancellation. Additionally, given that Dulcy refers to her with present tense, it's likely that Sabina is still alive in the reboot, whereas she had died in the original continuity.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month January 7, 2024
Franchise: Castlevania
Attachment In the 2018 episode "For Love" of Castlevania's Netflix animated series, there is an Easter egg referencing the infamous "wall chicken" that the games are known for as health replenishment. It can be seen inside a wall that was appropriately broken by Dracula and Alucard during a duel.
Attachment Due to the cancellation of the animated series "Sonic Underground", its storyline was left unresolved. However, staff members involved in Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comics had considered finishing the storyline: writer Ian Flynn had thought about writing a new story that could serve to wrap up where the original series left off, but felt it would be "stepping on the original creatives' toes," and that even if he was allowed to do it the story likely wouldn't see the light of day for at least two years. Originally, "Sonic Universe" issue 50 was intended to be the official epilogue for the show, with a preview cover being released. However, the epilogue was cancelled, and the issue instead featured a story centered around Metal Sonic.

In early 2013, Ian Flynn revealed that material from "Sonic Underground" was off-limits: this was the reason why the epilogue was put on hold. He also stated plans to include the epilogue as part of "Lost Hedgehog Tales", a written document featuring Sonic comic material that will no longer be used, suggesting that the epilogue was no longer possible. In June 2017, any chance of a "Sonic Underground" epilogue by Archie was precluded when Sega announced that the comics produced by them had been cancelled.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month December 31, 2023
Dan Slott, a comic book writer best known for his work on Marvel Comics such as "The Amazing Spider-Man", "Fantastic Four", and "Silver Surfer", wrote for two issues of Archie's "Sonic Super Special" series as part of its "Zone Wars" storyline. Despite these being his only works for the comic, he did make one notable contribution: Zonic the Zone Cop, an alternate reality version of Sonic who monitored all realities in order to maintain balance across the various Zones, though allowing other people to appear in other Zones when they are needed. In November 2022, in response to various fan questions about Zonic, Slott noted that he was willing to collaborate with Sega to bring him back, and had no protective hang-ups over the character unlike an unspecified Sonic creator who was "super protective of all the characters he's created over the years to the point where SEGA doesn't want to use ANY of them in other media" (likely referring to legal issues surrounding former writer Ken Penders).
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month December 22, 2023
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
subdirectory_arrow_right Mario (Franchise)
Attachment There is a cactus prop at Universal Studios' Super Nintendo World that does not originate from an official Mario game, but rather the fanmade mod Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. At the time of the park's opening, a Google search for "new super mario bros wii cactus" would show images of Newer's desert levels alongside New Super Mario Bros. Wii, meaning that the cacti was likely added by accident, being mistaken for official Nintendo material.
Sonic & Knuckles
subdirectory_arrow_right Sonic The Hedgehog (Franchise)
Attachment Thrash the Tasmanian Devil, a character introduced in Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comics, is based on a purple sprite that is created for several milliseconds on the game's title screen if the player quickly switches between Sonic and Knuckles' sprites. Notably, Ian Flynn stated in the graphic novel "Sonic Universe 3: Knuckles Returns" that Thrash was meant to be another rogue of Knuckles who could "throw down with Knuckles and have it mean something", which did not line up with his role in his debut during "Sonic Universe" Issue #11. However, this would later be conveyed during the "Endangered Species" story arc of the main comic, where it's revealed that he has a strong hatred towards the Echidna species due to their actions against his ancestors. When asked about the possibility of bringing Thrash back in the comic's reboot, Ian Flynn said he would love to bring him back, but "it comes with all that baggage... We can't really bring him back without people going 'Oh boy! And here we go!'"
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month December 17, 2023
The PaRappa the Rapper anime had a highly troubled production. The series was aimed at a younger audience than the games' developers wanted due to teenagers not buying toys and the characters were aged down as a result, series character designer Rodney Greenblatt was given very little input on the series' stories or art, despite having to make new character designs every week (noting that characters often appeared off-model), and the series failed to garner an audience due to being aired at an awkward time slot where it would often be delayed for baseball games. Greenblatt speculated that the drama over the anime's production led to the PaRappa franchise being put on its currently-ongoing hiatus.
In a post titled "SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: One Year Later...", Karl Bollers (a former writer for Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comics) revealed numerous plans that he had intended to include in the comics following Issue #134 that were never used, such as:

• Sonic and Amy becoming a couple after being stranded at sea together, keeping it a secret from Sally.
• Tails reuniting with his parents by traveling into space on a modified Tornado.
• Amy's origins being explored in a fuller adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog CD.
• Knuckles departing Angel Island after learning that his presence exposes the location of the Master Emerald, going on a global pilgrimage to learn martial arts and battling a Dr. Eggman controlled-Monkey Khan while himself under the control of the Iron Queen before discovering the Master Geode.
• Sally being a pawn in a villainous plot by the corrupted Source of All and Ixis Naugus to prevent the future first previewed in "Sonic In Your Face!".
• Bunnie and Antoine breaking up due to a change in Antoine's personality, with Bunnie's origins later being explored and her true name being revealed as "Scarlette O'Hare" (which may have served as the inspiration for Scarlette Rabbot from Sonic Universe's "Fractured Mirror" story arc, and Bunnie's codename when she was in the Metropolis Egg Army in Issue #255).
• Antoine gaining his scar due to an accident with a knife and becoming a villain after allowing himself to be possessed by a corrupted Source of All in hopes of winning Bunnie back.
• Rotor retiring from field duty in order to pursue a role analogous to that played by "Q" from the James Bond franchise.
• The Source of All surviving Robotropolis' destruction and reconstituting itself in a remote mountain range, where it began to exert control over King Max, brainwashing the Arachne Clan and another group of Spiders known as the Strand, and possessing Antoine while under the control of Ixis Naugus.
• Locke and Lara-Le putting aside their previous disputes to help raise Kneecaps after his father Wynmacher ends up in the Egg Grape Chamber.
• Dr. Robotnik kidnapping Hope Kintobor under the pretense that he is the only correct choice to be her legal guardian, while using her as bait to lure in Shadow.
• Ixis Naugus attempting to return by transforming Max's body into a duplicate of his own, only to be thwarted by the destruction of the Crown of Acorns.
• Mammoth Mogul beginning to age rapidly due to his original Chaos Emerald running out of energy, forcing him to seek out alternative sources through illicit archaeological expeditions and hiring mercenaries like Nack the Weasel. The Master Geode, a powerful gemstone that would fulfill Mogul's needs, would be contested by him, the Iron Queen, Robotnik, and Rouge the Bat.
• Nate Morgan surviving the destruction of Robotropolis and being de-Roboticized by the Bem, returning as Coconuts' amnesia-addled ally, who creates a new Metal Sonic, Metal Amy, Metal Knuckles, and Tails Doll that are mistaken for Robian versions of the heroes.
• Snively taking up a fifteen foot-tall mechanical battle suit and the alias "Skarkus" in pursuit of revenge against Robotnik for leaving him alone against the Xorda, leading to an alliance between him and Shadow.
• A.D.A.M. and Nicole becoming romantically involved, leading to A.D.A.M. seizing control of the Shadowbot army and leading them from New Megaopolis to Knothole.
• A new Dingo Regime leader named Colonel Mange being introduced, with Croctobot, Jack Rabbit, and Gala-Na being reintroduced as Robotnik Sub-Bosses over Downunda, the Great Desert, and Albion. This would have led to the disappearance of the Downunda Freedom Fighters and a confrontation involving the Mercian Freedom Fighters.
• Evil Sonic coming to enjoy impersonating Sonic and enjoying the love of his parents and adulation of his people, leading him to plan to eliminate Sonic and permanently take his place.

Additionally, in the aftermath of Ken Penders' lawsuit against Archie Comics, Bollers has confirmed that he now owns the rights to all the characters he created for the comics, such as Mina Mongoose, Ash Mongoose, and Hope Kintobor.
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Attachment Lanolin the Sheep, a character introduced in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog comics, was created by artist Adam Bryce Thomas as a background character in Issue #2. He would continue drawing Lanolin in subsequent issues he illustrated for, often with a new look. Comic writer Ian Flynn would eventually confirm her name on Twitter. She even appeared in an early draft of Issue #30's A cover (drawn by Thomas), but was edited out in the final version. Starting with Issue #57, Lanolin began to have a supporting role in story arcs: according to Ian, this is due to how her appearances had evolved to the point of gaining a role in the story, and her increase in prominence lead to a more developed personality. By her own admission in Issue #58, she is "bossy and inexperienced", being rather new to her role as a leader. Despite this, some fans have criticized the character for having a tendency to act as if she is just as experienced as her peers (i.e. critiquing Silver in Issue #63 despite having no experience with psychokinesis, and her interactions with Tangle in Issue #62 giving the impression that she had a genuine problem with her, despite the scene's comedic nature). This has resulted in comparisons to Sally Acorn, a character from the 1993 "Sonic the Hedgehog" cartoon who was a main character throughout the Archie Sonic comics, due to their status as no-nonsense leaders able to keep even Sonic in line. These similarities also lead some fans (particularly those who don't like Flynn's writing) to accuse that Lanolin was an attempt to replace her despite having gone on record stating that he wanted to incorporate Sally and the Freedom Fighters into the IDW comics.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month December 4, 2023
In the aftermath of Ken Penders' lawsuit against Archie Comics that lead to their Sonic the Hedgehog comics getting rebooted, a common misconception among fans is that one of the characters he acquired the rights to as a result was Fiona Fox. This is not actually true: while Penders did help "recreate" the character, the initial character (an Auto-Automaton dubbed "Auto-Fiona"), was created by another former writer, Michael Gallagher. While it's uncertain if that he means he owns the character, Penders has stated that he did not want to claim a character that he did not create.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month December 3, 2023
Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #28 where Michael Gallagher created the character:

Knuckles the Echidna Issue #26 where Ken Penders redesigned the character:

Ken Penders tweet:
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Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #46 (kissing scene on page 8; Sally's age revealed in fan letter response on the last page):

Knuckles the Echidna Issue #20 (Geoffrey calls Elias "kid" on page 6; flashback showing a younger Geoffrey and Elias on page 13):

Ken Penders tweet confirming Geoffrey was 21 during Issue #46, the same issue where Sally is revealed to be 15:

Ken Penders tweet regarding planned Sally and Geoffrey sexual relationship:

Ken Penders tweet attempting to justify the relationship:
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