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Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Within the 2023 Insomniac Games ransomware leak, a PC developer build of the game was found to include several unused Symbiote bosses, including Riot, Lasher, Agony, and Phage. These characters were intended to appear as a team alongside the main antagonist, Venom. However, during development, the game’s story likely underwent changes and the focus shifted to other characters, such as Kraven and Venom. As a result, the Symbiotes besides Venom, Scream, and Anti-Venom were abandoned.
person ProtoSnake calendar_month February 16, 2024
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Leak Reveals Cut Content, Including Riot And Other Symbiotes:

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Leaks Reveal Symbiote Bosses That Didn’t Make the Final Cut Along With Some Scrapped Story Elements:
Epic Mickey
Attachment In 2021, a 15-second clip of early animation tests for the game dating back to 2006-2007 was discovered on the website of animator Michael Daubert, who worked on animations for an early iteration of the game, but went uncredited in the final release as everything in the test footage was scrapped. These tests showcase a completely different art style from the final game and unused gameplay elements, with Mickey shooting ink out of his body to quickly surf around, and jumping and slamming the ground to summon a tidal wave of ink to attack large Blotling enemies. This tidal wave attack also causes Mickey to lose all of his colors, turn white and become exhausted, suggesting that the known early idea of ink/paint/thinner usage changing his physical appearance was going to involve a stamina meter tied to his attacks. Mickey's early design was more stylized compared to his traditional appearance in the final game, featuring a prominently tall forehead, a lanky, stretched body, no visible mouth, and crooked oval ears. This early design would live on through an emblem used in promotional materials and as a recurring icon throughout the final game, with the inky black outline of the early design's head forming an "M".
person MehDeletingLater calendar_month February 15, 2024
Star Fox 64
Attachment Planet Zoness was originally a beautiful water planet similar to its twin planet, Aquas. It was famous for its resorts and was where Peppy Hare had taken his wife, Vivian, for their honeymoon. However, Andross' forces would invade and pollute its waters with their bioweapons, mutating the local wildlife to become larger and violent.

Early footage of Star Fox 64 circa 1996 actually show Zoness in its pure, unpolluted state, which seems to indicate that making it polluted was decided on later in development. There's actually appears to be dialogue remnants of this cleaner version in the developer's dub:

Peppy: Be careful of the wildlife on this planet.

Falco: Huge, these guys!

Slippy: I want to live in a sea like this, ribbit.

When finishing the stage:

Peppy: I didn't know this planet was under Andorf's power too.

Slippy: I will come back when there is peace.

But in the final polluted version, this exchange in the JP version goes:

Peppy: 何て事だ・・・これがあのゾネスか? (What the... is this Zoness?)

Slippy: 泳ぐ気にもならないよ (I don't even feel like swimming.)

Falco: お前 海でも泳ぐのか (Do you swim in the sea, too?)
person Dinoman96 calendar_month February 11, 2024
Resistance: Fall of Man
subdirectory_arrow_right Resistance (Franchise)
During the 2006 Game Developers Conference (GDC) where Sony Computer Entertainment showcased a new demo for Resistance, the game previously known as "I-8". The demo showed the game in a much more complete form than the simple FPS that was shown at E3 2005. The gameplay was shown with new weapons very much like the Ratchet & Clank series, only now with a more realistic slant. The demo also showed off effects such as smoke trails on grenades, tactical troop movements, and enemies that came from the ceilings as the lead character ran down a devastated corridor.
Silhouette Mirage
The Saturn release's demo, "Silhouette Mirage: Trial Version", normally ends after level two. However, hidden on the game's disc is an early pre-release build of the retail game, dated 1997-07-16, while the final game has a build date of 1997-07-30. The full game is inaccessible without modifying the data.
Color a Dinosaur
Attachment A prototype for Color a Dinosaur shows that the game was originally called Paint Me! and used black backgrounds instead of white. Despite the title not signifying that the game features dinosaurs, there is nothing to suggest that the game was ever going to feature any pages other than dinosaurs, as all the pages on the prototype are also dinosaurs.
Star Fox: Assault
Attachment The E3 2003 reveal trailer for what would become Star Fox: Assault showcased what appears to be a first-person perspective mode, which ended up being discarded in the final game. However, this scrapped first-person mode can still be accessed in all versions of the game through hacking. It is not fully complete, but has almost full functionality.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month January 22, 2024
E3 2003 Star Fox: Assault trailer, which showcases the first person mode at various points:

Unused First-Person Mode - Star Fox: Assault:
Star Fox Zero
subdirectory_arrow_right Star Fox Guard (Game)
Attachment When Star Fox Zero was originally scheduled to come out in the holidays of 2015, it didn't feature a map screen or branching paths, or even (by default) Smart Bombs, two core components of classic Star Fox titles such as the original Star Fox on the SNES or Star Fox 64.

Shigeru Miyamoto's original vision for Star Fox Zero, when it began development in 2014, was for it to be more like an episodic TV show (as in, a linear set of episodic, bite-sized missions), similar to his biggest inspiration for Star Fox, the 1965 TV series "Thunderbirds", as opposed to earlier games like Star Fox 64 that were designed more like an epic, longer movie. At E3 2014, he compared the tried-and-true Star Fox gameplay as the "primetime programming", while the quirkier, more experimental fare (referring to Star Fox Guard) as the "late-night programming". As explained by Miyamoto in early 2016, the initial decision to remove Smart Bombs as a core game mechanic was to streamline and simplify the gameplay, to force the player to focus more on using their own techniques and skills to get through the levels. Originally, Smart Bombs would have only been available through the special SNES Arwing mode only accessible through the Fox McCloud amiibo figure or alternatively, collecting all of the game's 70 medals.

However, after Star Fox Zero's initial poor showing at E3 2015, particularity from die-hard Star Fox 64 fans, it was decided to delay the game and attempt to make it more like a long-form movie in the similar vein of SF64, by including an arcade mode (that is unlocked by playing through the story mode, a single linear list of missions like what Miyamoto had intended) with additional branching pathways and also the re-inclusion of Smart Bombs as a universal gameplay mechanic.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month January 21, 2024
Star Fox Adventures
subdirectory_arrow_right Dinosaur Planet (Game)
Attachment The life bar icons for the SnowHorn and HighTop in Star Fox Adventures sport different, more cartoony designs from their respective in-game models. The reason for this is because they're clearly based upon their original N64 Dinosaur Planet models, which too are much more cartoonier than the final SFA models that go for a more semi-realistic look.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month January 19, 2024
Mega Man 5
According to a Japanese promotional tape, earlier versions of some of the special weapons function differently than they do in the final game:
• Star Crash was a single attack that homed in on enemies rather than being used as a shield.
• Gravity Hold stopped time instead of defeating all enemies on screen.
• Gyro Attack did not have a limit and it could be used in multiple directions at once.
Star Fox Adventures
subdirectory_arrow_right Dinosaur Planet (Game)
Attachment One of the enemies Sabre and Krystal would encounter in Dinosaur Planet were these robotic Scorpion-like automatons, typically found in Krazoa-build strongholds such as the Force Point Temples and Cape Claw. While removed in the final Star Fox Adventures, they could still be found hidden within the E3 2002 kiosk version via hacking.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 17, 2023
Dinosaur Planet - Robot scorpions in action:

Robot scorpions found within SFA E3 2002 demo:
Star Fox Adventures
Attachment Originally, going by some of the initial concept art as well as early gameplay footage for Star Fox Adventures, the tip of Krystal's staff was meant to transform whenever Fox performed one of its magic abilities. For example, when Fox performed the Ground Quake ability, it'd transform into a hammer. Curiously, one of the pieces of concept art mentions the staff transforming into a wing tip to give Fox the ability to glide, which goes unused in the final game. The models for these staff transformations were also found within the E3 2002 kiosk version of Star Fox Adventures. Ultimately, this went unused in the final game.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 16, 2023
SFA concept art:

SFA Space World 2001 trailer showing Krystal's staff tip transforming into a hammer when Fox performs the Ground Quake ability:

Unused Staff End Tips:
Star Fox Adventures
subdirectory_arrow_right Dinosaur Planet (Game)
Attachment Found within the files of the E3 2002 kiosk of Star Fox Adventures is a file called STORYBOARD.bin which reveals a set of storyboard images pertaining to a cut subplot in Dinosaur Planet's CloudRunner Fortress that would have dealt with Princess Kyte's traitorous uncle.

It seemed for two centuries, Kyte's uncle had been cast out by his tribe and now was seeking vengeance by allying himself with General Scales and the SharpClaw. It appears that Krystal and Kyte would combat and defeat this evil uncle, resulting in General Scales betraying him, and in retaliation, Kyte's uncle would attempt to perform a kamikaze attack on Scales and thus sacrifice himself.

While the storyboards otherwise are mostly similar to what is presented in the Dinosaur Planet condensed story and also leaked December 2000 build, there are some notable differences, just to name a few: as Krystal and Kyte enter CloudRunner Fortress, they witness a CloudRunner soldier get killed by one of the SharpClaw's spaceships (presumably provided to them by Drakor). The imprisoned SpellStone guardian, presented as a pachycephalosaurid type dinosaur from the BoneHead tribe in the leaked Dinosaur Planet build (who also appears in Star Fox Adventures with the name "Gradabug") is illustrated as more of a strange stegosaurid type of dinosaur here.

It's rather apparent that these storyboards were meant to pertain to a subarea within CloudRunner Fortress that had already been scrapped by the time of the condensed Dinosaur Planet story and also leaked build: the Trap Rooms, which would of featured an extra set of puzzles and challenges Krystal had to solve before acquiring the area's SpellStone. The storyboards show that the Trap Rooms were to be accessed through the underwater passage in the Fortress' main courtyard, which in the leaked build, instead leads to the jetbike race (in the final Star Fox Adventures, Fox accesses it through the CloudRunner's treasure rooms. Funny enough, Adventures' CloudRunner Fortress also has a scrapped area found beyond the Fortress' flooded courtyard pathway). It is worth pointing out that the March 1999 level list includes "CloudRunner - Treasure", "Dungeon", and "TrapRooms", but doesn't feature "CloudRunner - Race", which makes it all the more apparent the latter replaced the Trap Rooms in the December 2000 build, which would then carry over into Star Fox Adventures.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 14, 2023
Star Fox Adventures
subdirectory_arrow_right Dinosaur Planet (Game)
Attachment The original Dinosaur Planet storyline had Sauria, the namesake Dinosaur Planet, a part a group of eight planets dubbed the "Majestic Eight". Said to be the first planets created when the universe began, the seven other were, as described by the Krazoa:

Animus, the home world of Sabre, Krystal and Randorn
• Aleminach, the home world of the Krazoa
• Eridal, the home world of Drakor's race, the Kamerians
• Nibiru, the home world of the "Nephilim", and "a land of giants"
• Earth, the home world of the "newest universe members, a very evil race, the humans"
• Melqua, a planet of water with rings of gold
• Selaf, the home world of the "Anunnaki"

Interestingly, in place of Animus, the voice lines for the Krazoa in Warlock Mountain instead mention Corneria. Obviously, this was to accommodate the presence of Fox McCloud in the leaked December 2000 build of Dinosaur Planet, as it was beginning to transition into Star Fox Adventures.

Some of these reference actual myths and conspiracies, such as the Nibiru Cataclysm, a doomsday theory that states that Earth will catastrophically collide with another planet, typically believed to be an object known as "Planet X" or Nibiru. The "Annunaki" are a group of deities in ancient Sumerian myths that are theorized by some as aliens from a planet called Nibiru that came to Earth to harvest gold, and also were reptilian humanoids. The myths surrounding the "Nephilim" tend to vary: some say they were giants (as mentioned by the Krazoa in DP) while others say that they were fallen angels or the offspring of humans and angels.

Each of the eight spirits Sabre and Krystal were told to collect by the Krazoa during their adventures were meant to represent these eight planets. The ultimate endgame of the Krazoa in Dinosaur Planet's original narrative was to align these Majestic Eight worlds by reuniting the eight spirits of Quan Ata Lachu (a deity the Krazoa worship) at Warlock Mountain in order to revive their people and bring "peace" to the universe. In reality, as Drakor describes it, this will result in the most deadly weapon in the universe, as the alignment of the Majestic Eight gives the Quan Ata Lachu (described by Drakor as being "a rare lifeform of pure evil") the opportunity to utilize the immense powerful energy that this will produce, and it will be focused through Warlock Mountain, creating the ultimate weapon of destruction that will allow the Krazoa to remold the universe into their image/liking, spreading disease, terror and chaos as they please. This is why Drakor has come to Sauria to revive the Kamerian war dragon that fell in battle against the Krazoa at the beginning of the universe, to prevent this from happening and exact revenge against the Krazoa.

This plotline would be revised and ultimately dropped in the final Star Fox Adventures game, as Dinosaur Planet is said to just simply exist in the Lylat System, and Krystal's home planet was renamed to Cerinia and was said to be mysteriously destroyed, hence why she's searching the galaxy for the truth of the death of her family (though this was omitted in the Japanese version). The plotline of Fox collecting the Krazoa spirits in promise of something good (in this case, saving Krystal from the top of Krazoa Palace and ultimately putting Dinosaur Planet back together) would in someway remain, but would instead result in Andross reviving himself as the true final boss of Star Fox Adventures.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 11, 2023
Majestic 8 lore:

Dinosaur Planet condensed story:

Ask Uncle Tusk - July 7, 2000:

Dinosaur Planet - Quan Ata Lachu cutscenes:

Dinosaur Planet - Krazoa voice lines:

Dinosaur Planet - Krazoa Keeper/Guide of Krazoa Palace voice lines:

Dinosaur Planet - The Countdown of the Majestic fan reconstruction:

Dinosaur Planet - The Majestic Eight Alignment:

Star Fox Adventures - Moon Mountain Pass:

Star Fox Adventures - General Scales and Andross boss fights:
Star Fox Adventures
subdirectory_arrow_right Dinosaur Planet (Game)
Attachment Cape Claw is another area that was considerably larger and more complex in Dinosaur Planet than it was in the final Star Fox Adventures.

Both versions of the stage include the same starting point, a beach/cliff area with a giant Krazoa head structure, but unlike in Star Fox Adventures, the gas room puzzle in the cave was blocked by a BribeClaw (called "GuardClaw" in Adventures) that Krystal needed to bypass by giving him shiny nuggets, which allowed her to partake in the aforementioned Poison Chamber puzzle. This would actually unlock the way to a massive SharpClaw fortress area, featuring a wide cliffside and a mountable cannon, which was to be used to blast away the metal doors on the left and right of its placement, allowing Krystal to enter Cape Claw's courtyard. This is where Krystal would free Princess Kyte, who would then accompany her for the rest of her campaign. By having Kyte perch on a series of levers, the towers surrounding the Courtyard would reveal a pair of torches which would need to be lit by Kyte's Flame command, which would open the way back to the entry way, letting Krystal and Kyte leave Cape Claw only to have a run in with the LightFoot tribe in SwapStone Circle.

Krystal and Kyte would have to later revisit Cape Claw after acquiring an artifact of the Krazoa found in Discovery Falls (another of Krystal's areas that was removed in Star Fox Adventures), which would allow them to access even more areas, such as Cape Claw's Village section. They'd first need to collect three Fire Gems hidden around the area, one of which requires defeating a mini-boss encounter with the Sand Snake enemy. They would also encounter a pair of robot scorpion enemies hidden within a cave in the Village area, discovered by detonating explosive barrels, where they would be rewarded with another Krazoa tablet after defeating them. Afterwards, they would place the Fire Gems they've found inside their Lighthouse Beacon counterparts, and once they've been lit, or a Krazoa tablet has been placed, the Courtyard Well will reflect this change and unlock further areas of CapeClaw.

This was where Krystal would come across another Krazoa shrine, which housed the Test of Character, which would pit her against an apparition of Sabre (or Fox in the leaked December 2000 build of Dinosaur Planet), who taunted her by claiming he never trust her and that Randorn should have left her to die with her tribe when he found her, and that now he must finish her off, perhaps as a way to foreshadow the truth about Randorn and her parents, while hinting at Krystal's inner fears of abandonment or betrayal. Krystal would have to fight this illusion and then be given the choice to spare or finish him off, and the former was the only way to pass the test and acquire the spirit.

Krystal and Kyte would make their third and final visit to Cape Claw after Sabre acquired the sixth spirit, which would open the mouth of the giant Krazoa Head. Going by the condensed story, they were to discover hidden caves containing a Krazoa translator, which allows them to read the ancient texts that have seen throughout their adventures and help open the gate into the Krazoa Palace, Krystal's final SpellStone dungeon.

Pretty much all of this would be entirely removed in the final Star Fox Adventures. The initial beach/cliff area with the giant Krazoa head would remain, as would the gas room puzzle, but solving the latter would only free the Queen CloudRunner (filling in for Kyte) from her prison within a nearby cave, and the Krazoa head would now lead into the Ocean Force Point Temple. There also exists a sidequest involving a finding a HighTop's stack of gold.

Curiously, the Dinosaur Planet globe map made for Star Fox Adventures does actually include the SharpClaw fortress area, which possibly indicates that Rare had intended on bringing Cape Claw in its entirety over to SFA before heavily cutting it down.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 11, 2023
Dinosaur Planet condensed story:

Dinosaur Planet - Cape Claw:
First visit:
Second visit:

Dinosaur Planet - Test of Character:

Animated fan recreation of the Test of Character using unimplemented voice lines:

Dinosaur Planet wiki article on Cape Claw explaining the mechanics and levels:

Star Fox Adventures Dinosaur Planet map with Cape Claw fortress area:

Star Fox Adventures - Cape Claw:
Star Fox Adventures
subdirectory_arrow_right Dinosaur Planet (Game)
Attachment In the E3 2002 Kiosk version of Star Fox Adventures, CloudRunner Fortress contains a handful of elements from the Dinosaur Planet version that got scrapped in the final game, some of these being:

• The level is set on a stormy night in this version of the game, just like in Dinosaur Planet. The weather changes to daytime in the later areas of the fortress after Fox is captured.

• Certain sections of the stage use the "Sound Test 09" and "Sound Test 28" music tracks which go unused in the final version of Star Fox Adventures outside of the jukebox. Both music tracks were originally composed for Dinosaur Planet, and one of which is played while Krystal makes her approach into its version of CloudRunner Fortress.

• Interactive Krazoa-pattern-framed info screens appear throughout the fortress, which are also in the N64 version. In Dinosaur Planet, these info screens would provide advice and also occasional lore, one of which mentioning the Kamerian Dragon, which the CloudRunners thank for providing their wealth.

Curiously, the demo contains an unused map of the interior of General Scales' galleon separate from the one used during the intro. Its internal name is "insidegal"; Dinosaur Planet also has this map and it can be visited while the galleon is docked at the back of CloudRunner Frotress, so it's possible General Scales' galleon was at one point planned to appear here in Adventures, too. Hidden warp zone objects exist floating where the lower deck doors would be positioned if the ship was docked there, even in the retail version.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 10, 2023
Star Fox Adventures
subdirectory_arrow_right Dinosaur Planet (Game)
Attachment The Kamerian Heart was the original intended boss fight for Dragon Rock in Dinosaur Planet. It represented the Frankenstein remains of the last great Kamerian war dragon that fell in battle against the Krazoa over Dinosaur Planet's orbit, and became something of a god figure to the dinosaur inhabitants, who believed that they were spawned from it. One of the dragon's descendants, Drakor, becomes aware of its presence on Dinosaur Planet and seeks the assistance of General Scales and the SharpClaw to take over the planet and begin channeling all of its magical energies into the Kamerian Heart within Dragon Rock using the Force Point Temples, in order to revive it and thus allow Drakor to use its huge destructive powers to destroy the planet and seek vengeance against the Krazoa, as well as conquering the entire universe. Inside the Kamerian Heart was where the area's SpellStone resided, and thus Sabre had to defeat the heart in order to acquire it, and after an encounter with Drakor, would need to escape from within Dragon Rock before he is trapped there forever.

The Kamerian Heart is noticeably the only boss fight present in the leaked December 2000 build of Dinosaur Planet to be entirely absent in the final Star Fox Adventures. Drakor, whose role was repurposed as General Scales' mutant bioweapon, would take over its role as Dragon Rock's boss that Fox must defeat in order to obtain the SpellStone. In turn, Andross would take over Drakor's role as the final boss of Star Fox Adventures.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 10, 2023
Dinosaur Planet condensed story:

Dinosaur Planet - Kamerian Heart boss fight and Drakor cutscene:

Star Fox Adventures - Drakor boss fight:
Star Fox Adventures
subdirectory_arrow_right Dinosaur Planet (Game)
Attachment Every time Fox collects a Krazoa spirit from partaking in a Krazoa shrine test, he must use the WarpStone to return to an area called Krazoa Palace, where he can deposit the spirits. Krystal also visits this area in Star Fox Adventures' prologue where she partakes in the Test of Observation, the only time she's ever playable in the story (outside of hacking), as she's soon imprisoned within a crystal by an unknown force. Collecting all of the Krazoa spirits at the end frees her, but also inadvertently resurrects Andross, who had been manipulating Fox the entire time.

In Dinosaur Planet, this area was known as Warlock Mountain, and was the only location that both Sabre (or Fox, in the December 2000 build of Dinosaur Planet) and Krystal could visit in their otherwise two completely separate adventures, though it's worth noting that the characters that their own sides of the map that were separated by the main chamber room. Like in SFA, every time they completed a Krazoa trial, they'd have to return to the mountain by using their respective SwapStone to deposit the spirits they've collected. Each trek back to the mountain would result in another encounter with their father and mentor, Randorn, as well as other lore dumps such as the Quan Ata Lachu (the "god" of the Krazoa).

Surprisingly, Krazoa Palace also exists in Dinosaur Planet, but as a completely different location than the one that appears in SFA, in this case being Krystal's final SpellStone dungeon that she could access through the giant Krazoa head structure in Cape Claw, after depositing enough spirits. Unfortunately, just like BlackWater Canyon, there appears to be zero design work done in the leaked December 2000 build.

Going by the unused voice lines and also the Dinosaur Planet condensed story, it is here where Krystal and Kyte, with the help of a Krazoa guard who was awoken by Drakor's activities on Dinosaur Planet, would travel back in time to acquire the area's SpellStone. First, they'd head to the future to see that Drakor had succeeded in his plan in resurrecting the Kamerian Heart and thus has destroyed everything, including Sabre, and the now dying Krazoa would hand them the Mind Read spell page and encourage them to go to the past to prevent this from ever happening. From there, they'd time travel to the past, right when the Krazoa and Kamerians (Drakor's race) were having their universe spanning war, and see the Krazoa for who they really are, an extremely evil warmongering race that started the Great War against the Kamerians. They would retrieve the SpellStone from one of these evil Krazoa (who also seems to be a spy working for the Kamerians) and return to the present with questions for the Krazoa, who claims that they have changed since the Great War and promise to bring peace to the universe with the alignment of the Majestic Eight planets. Of course, the leaked voice clips for the last scenes in Warlock Mountain reveal this to be a lie, as the now revived Krazoa reveal they plan on using the power of Quan Ata Lachu to devastate the universe.

This stage was removed in the final Star Fox Adventures, and its name would be repurposed for the reworked Warlock Mountain. Interestingly, early design documents posted by Kevin Bayliss show that even early on SFA's development on GCN, they had still intended on it's version of Krazoa Palace still being called Warlock Mountain, even after its namesake warlock (Randorn) had been scrapped by this point. An early version of SFA's Dinosaur Planet map would even clearly have what is Warlock Mountain at the south pole, though of course this would be revised in the final map.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 9, 2023
Star Fox Adventures
subdirectory_arrow_right Dinosaur Planet (Game)
Attachment One of Star Fox Adventures' most infamous scenes is within the final Krazoa Shrine at Krazoa Palace where Fox McCloud is about to engage in combat with General Scales, seemingly the game's antagonist and final boss, only to be suddenly interrupted by Andross' spirit, who forces Scales to give the last Krazoa spirit to Fox, abruptly ending the fight. Per admitted by developers of Star Fox Adventures during a February 2008 edition of Rare's Scribes, Scales was meant to have a proper boss confrontation, but this was scrapped entirely due to the impending Microsoft buyout that was announced in September 2002, forcing the team to focus on only the Andross boss fight.

However, looking further into Dinosaur Planet and Star Fox Adventures' development cycle, one can see a more complex story going on in regards to the notion of General Scales having a boss fight. The Dinosaur Planet condensed story promises a true final confrontation between Krystal and General Scales within the Desert Force Point Temple, as she places her final SpellStone. After Scales' defeat, the King EarthWalker would barge in and tell Krystal to take his belt (that was provided by Drakor), but then it would turn into stone, resulting in the player into having to swap over to Sabre's story, who takes it to the mutant Shabunga in Willow Grove to help reactivate it, which allows him to enter Dragon Rock unharmed.

However, the leaked December 2000 build of Dinosaur Planet features no such boss fight for Krystal's final visit to the Desert Force Point, instead having a cutscene where Krystal, Scales and Kyte are teleported outside of the temple after the former places the final SpellStone. Krystal plummets into a nearby pond safely, but Scales falls onto a rock and breaks his back, completely incapacitating him. Instead of the King EarthWalker, it's the BoneHead SpellStone guardian who first appeared in CloudRunner Fortress that instructs Krystal to take the Kamerian belt to Sabre so he can have Shabunga revitalize it, as Scales whispers that he'll have his revenge as he passes out.

When Dinosaur Planet was being transitioned into Star Fox Adventures over on GameCube, unused voice clips and also hints found within the 2002 E3 kiosk indicate that Rare planned on revisiting Scales having a boss fight by essentially doing a rematch against his flying galleon like in the game's prologue, though instead of playing as Krystal flying on the CloudRunner, it'd likely would have been Fox in his Arwing. The voice lines reveal that Falco Lombardi would actually appear earlier than in the final game and assist Fox in taking out Scales and his galleon. After Scales' defeat, Fox would land in Krazoa Palace and partake in the Test of Sacrifice, which is where the General Scales "boss fight" occurs in the final game.

Curiously, the 2002 E3 kiosk shows that the dev team had later hoped to include a 1-on-1 fight on-foot against Scales. The fight is very incomplete and Scales is strangely smaller in size than usual, but he will actually attack the player in this version instead of simply walking towards Fox and assuming a fighting stance. He has a number of unique attack animations which aren't used in the final game, though these attacks don't connect with the player. He can be attacked without immediately activating his defeat cutscene here, and will block most of the player's attacks and recoil when an attack is successfully landed on him. His health doesn't seem to decrease, so there doesn't appear to be a way to end the fight.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 9, 2023
Dinosaur Planet condensed story:

Dinosaur Planet: Desert Force Point Temple Final Visit:

General Scales 1-on-1 fight in SFA E3 Kiosk with unused animations:

The Cutting Room Floor article:

Unused SFA voice clips:

Star Fox Adventures General Scales "boss fight":

February 13th 2008 Rare Scribes:
Star Fox Adventures
subdirectory_arrow_right Dinosaur Planet (Game)
Attachment The SpellStones and Force Point Temples served a difference purpose lore-wise in Dinosaur Planet than in Star Fox Adventures. After their huge intergalactic war with the Kamerians, the Krazoa, too weak to return to their home planet, settled on the world that would become known as Sauria (or Dinosaur Planet), which apparently housed the richest supply of magic in the universe. From there, they would create the Force Point Temples to concentrate this magical power, helping the Krazoa to sleep and heal as they would soon enter stasis for the next billions of years. The dinosaurs on Sauria would then use the Force Point Temples to power their world.

Right around the time the last great Kamerian war dragon fell onto Dinosaur Planet, a special group of dinosaurs known as the SpellStone guardians were formed. Each guardian were a given a SpellStone to protect, and this secret would be passed down from generation to generation. If the planet were in trouble, the Guardians were to take the SpellStones to the Force Point Temple and shut them down using their power, preventing any magic energy extraction.

A Kamerian, Drakor, was aware of the remains of his ancestor lying on Dinosaur Planet. He secretly invades and helps General Scales and his SharpClaw take over the planet by providing them powerful weapons and technology, which allows them to take over the Force Point Temples and begin extracting all of Sauria's magical energies and condensing it into the Kamerian heart within Dragon Rock, which would in turn revive the Kamerian warrior and let Drakor enact ultimate revenge against the Krazoa who dwelled there. Thus, Sabre and Krystal were to find and activate the six SpellStones to shut the Force Point Temples down and prevent Drakor from extracting any more magical energies from the planet.

Going by the condensed story and also leftover DP data found within Star Fox Adventure's files, the original idea was for there to be five SpellStone guardians:

• Garunda Te, the leader of the SnowHorn Tribe.
Shabunga, the Willow Grove mutant.
The leader of the ShadowHunter Tribe from BlackWater Canyon.

And two additional unknown guardians found with in the Walled City and CloudRunner Fortress.

However, by the time of the December 2000 build, it seems that this was already reduced to four guardians; Garunda Te and Shabunga retained their guardian status, but there were only two others: the King EarthWalker (or "Albada") and the BoneHead (or "Gradabug" as he's called in Star Fox Adventures) imprisoned within CloudRunner Fortress. Going by unused voice lines, the ShadowHunters were rewritten to be scavengers living in BlackWater Canyon who happen to come across the SpellStone and initially claim it as their own, and it would seem that Krystal and Kyte were to use the Tree of Souls to activate the area's SpellStone in place of a proper guardian. For Krystal's final SpellStone, the two head to Krazoa Palace to discover that it already has disappeared, due to several tears in time and space occuring because of the huge quantity of magic energy being extracted, and thus Krystal and Kyte have to visit both the past and future to acquire it before it disappears.

In Star Fox Adventures, this was also completely rewritten. The Krazoa were still said to have constructed the Force Point Temples and SpellStones, but their purpose was to now prevent the powerful dark magical energies within Dinosaur Planet from continually pushing the world apart. As General Scales had invaded the temples and took the SpellStones back to the sacred lands that they were originally forged in (DarkIce Mines, CloudRunner Fortress, Walled City, Dragon Rock), this undid the seal and broke away the four lands away from the world. In place of the SpellStone guardians were the SpellStone GateKeepers, who were meant to protect the aforementioned sacred lands. They were, respectively:

• Garunda Te, retaining his role from Dinosaur Planet.
• The Queen CloudRunner, taking over the BoneHead/Gradabug's intended role.
• The King EarthWalker, retaining his role from Dinosaur Planet.
• A generic quiet ThornTail, taking over Shabunga's intended role.

Fox was to find these GateKeepers, utilize their powers to open the way to the floating lands and retrieve their respective SpellStones and return them to the Force Point Temples to get the planet back together again. This was all very likely done as a way to justify there being Arwing stages in the established Dinosaur Planet gameplay framework, as otherwise Fox would just spent almost the entire game on-foot.
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Dinosaur Planet condensed story:

Dinosaur Planet (N64 Dec. 2000 Build) Princess Kyte Voice Lines:

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