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April 21, 2016
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Attachment It would seem the entire overall story of Star Fox 64, and also its reimagining, Star Fox Zero, spans about 10 years.

Going by the manuals and guidebooks, the story begins with Andross being banished to Venom by General Pepper after he unleashed a deadly weapon of some kind upon Corneria. Five years later, the original Star Fox team are sent to investigate strange happenings on Venom only for its leader, James McCloud, to be betrayed and killed by Pigma Dengar, which was also meant to be Andross' declaration of war upon Corneria and the Lylat System, and he and his new army he build up over time would spend the next five years attacking them, leading to General Pepper calling upon the new Star Fox team, which leads directly into the events of Star Fox 64.

Curiously, most of SF64's ancillary material leave it vague on how long it's been between James' death and the events of Star Fox 64, typically only saying that "several years" have passed, all except for Pigma's biography in the official Japanese Star Fox 64 guidebook, which makes it more clear that it's been five years since he betrayed James and Peppy. Beta Star Fox 64 images, as well as the lost developer dub discovered in the Nintendo Gigaleak from 2020, show that Peppy was originally meant to have a line on Titania where he says "This reminds me of 10 years ago!”, obviously referring to when Andross nearly eradicated Corneria with his bioweapon, which is what led to his banishment to Venom in the first place.

Star Fox Zero, whose story and lore is almost completely identical to Star Fox 64, fully verifies that it's been indeed five years since James' death and also overall 10 years since Andross was banished to Venom, both through its opening prologue, the Star Fox Zero - The Battle Begins animated short that was created to commemorate its release, and also the official Japanese Star Fox Zero website.
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Attachment The go-to term for the initial conflict of the Star Fox series, as told in three different installments (Star Fox on SNES, Star Fox 64, and Star Fox Zero), is the "Lylat Wars". This name originates from the original PAL release of Star Fox 64, where it was renamed to Lylat Wars due to trademark issues (similarly to why the first Star Fox was renamed to "Starwing" there as well). In comparison, its 3DS remake, Star Fox 64 3D, would retain the Star Fox 64 moniker in all regions. Nintendo would later actually canonize the "Lylat Wars" moniker as the official name of the conflict against Andross' forces in the opening prologue to Star Fox Zero.
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Attachment When Star Fox Zero was originally scheduled to come out in the holidays of 2015, it didn't feature a map screen or branching paths, or even (by default) Smart Bombs, two core components of classic Star Fox titles such as the original Star Fox on the SNES or Star Fox 64.

Shigeru Miyamoto's original vision for Star Fox Zero, when it began development in 2014, was for it to be more like an episodic TV show (as in, a linear set of episodic, bite-sized missions), similar to his biggest inspiration for Star Fox, the 1965 TV series "Thunderbirds", as opposed to earlier games like Star Fox 64 that were designed more like an epic, longer movie. At E3 2014, he compared the tried-and-true Star Fox gameplay as the "primetime programming", while the quirkier, more experimental fare (referring to Star Fox Guard) as the "late-night programming". As explained by Miyamoto in early 2016, the initial decision to remove Smart Bombs as a core game mechanic was to streamline and simplify the gameplay, to force the player to focus more on using their own techniques and skills to get through the levels. Originally, Smart Bombs would have only been available through the special SNES Arwing mode only accessible through the Fox McCloud amiibo figure or alternatively, collecting all of the game's 70 medals.

However, after Star Fox Zero's initial poor showing at E3 2015, particularity from die-hard Star Fox 64 fans, it was decided to delay the game and attempt to make it more like a long-form movie in the similar vein of SF64, by including an arcade mode (that is unlocked by playing through the story mode, a single linear list of missions like what Miyamoto had intended) with additional branching pathways and also the re-inclusion of Smart Bombs as a universal gameplay mechanic.
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The reflections seen on the pause screen move as you tilt the Wii U Gamepad. This detail helps with recalibrating the motion controls to your liking, which can be done by holding in the Left Stick on the pause screen.
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Attachment Star Fox Zero has a side mission in that can be accessed in Titania after obtaining the Landmaster's Flight upgrade. In this mission, you play as Peppy Hare, facing off against the Salvadora alone. Notably, every time Peppy performs a barrel roll, he literally shouts "barrel roll!". This is obviously a reference to his iconic line from Star Fox 64, "Do a barrel roll!" that has become an infamous internet meme over the years.

It's worth pointing out that this only occurs in the Western version of Zero, as Peppy remains silent even when barrel rolling in the Japanese version. This is because "Do a barrel roll!" never really became a meme in Japan, as Peppy has a different, less iconic line in the Japanese version of Star Fox 64 when instructing Fox how to roll: ローリングで弾くんだ!, which seems to translate to something along the lines of "use a rolling technique!".
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Star Fox Zero - Salvadora (EN):

Star Fox Zero - Salvadora bonus mission guide (originally submitted by CuriousUserX90):

Star Fox Zero - Salvadora (JP):

Takaya Imamura tweet:
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Attachment Fichina, the ice planet that was introduced in Star Fox 64, is infamously erroneously called Fortuna in the English version of the game. Fortuna was previously the name of the jungle planet from Star Fox on SNES filled with monstrous and primordial creatures. It was also infamously dubbed "the Dinosaur Planet", years before the Star Fox series would incorporate another Dinosaur Planet with Star Fox Adventures.

However, looking through leaked SF64 files from the Gigaleak, there does seem to be evidence that Nintendo dubbed Fichina as Fortuna for most of SF64's development, only to change the name to Fichina at the tail end of it. Almost all of the source code refers to it as Fortuna, and the internal file system has “FO” appended to all of the stage’s assets. The image file Nintendo provided for the stage name to be translated is also labeled FO_E_FO. With the decision to rename it to Fichina seemingly being a last minute one, it's possible Nintendo of America were not brought up to speed by Nintendo's Japanese branch of this lore change when they were originally localizing SF64.

Nonetheless, Nintendo has since firmly established Fichina and Fortuna (as it was in the SNES game) as being their own distinct planets, with both appearing together in Star Fox: Assault and Star Fox Zero. Strangely, in the former game, Fortuna's Japanese name フォーチュナ (Fōchuna) was slightly modified to フォーチュナー (Fōchunā), which would translate into "Fortuner" in English.
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Attachment Star Fox 2 features gigantic battle cruisers deployed by Andross' army known as Cannon Betrayers that feature the "Planet Cannon", a massively powerful laser cannon that, hence its name, can easily destroy planets like Corneria. This ship or at least a ship of a similar design would also appear in Star Fox Zero, known as the Salvadora.

Interestingly, the official Japanese Star Fox 64 guidebook claims that both Gorgon, known in Japan as デス・ボール (Desu bōru), or Death Ball, and Bolse are also equipped with Planet Cannons, with the former using it in battle against the Star Fox team at the end of Area 6 in Star Fox 64.
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User's English translation of an official Japanese Star Fox 64 guidebook:

Star Fox Zero - Salvadora:

Star Fox 2 - Cannon Betrayers in Corneria stage:

Gorgon using its Planet Cannon in Star Fox 64:
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Attachment The Aparoids are unique in Star Fox's rogue gallery in that they're the only main enemy forces, at least within the official game canon (which includes "Farewell Beloved Falco", the manga interlude between Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Adventures) to have absolutely no connections or ties to Andross whatsoever:

• In Farewell Beloved Falco, Captain Shears, despite being affiliated with the Cornerian army, was revealed to be a turncoat seeking to revive Andross through cloning.

• In Star Fox Adventures, General Scales and the SharpClaw were revealed to be the unwilling pawns of Andross' ghost, who manipulated them as well as Fox to revive himself using the power of the Krazoa.

• In Star Fox Command, the Emperor Anglar and his Anglar Army are revealed to be bioweapons created by Andross in secret within Venom's acidic oceans.

In particular, the Aparoid Queen is the only final boss in all of the Star Fox series to either not just be Andross again (Star Fox, Star Fox 2, Star Fox 64/Star Fox 64 3D, Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox Zero), nor a creation of his (Star Fox Command).
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Star Fox "Farewell Beloved Falco" manga:

Evolution of Andross boss battles in Star Fox games:

Star Fox Adventures - General Scales boss fight:

Star Fox: Assault - Aparoid Queen boss fight:

Star Fox Command - Emperor Anglar boss fight:
Attachment The Landmaster's appearance as Fox, Falco and Wolf's Final Smashes in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U is a composite of its appearances from Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Assault, maintaining the sharp and futuristic appearance it had in the latter, but still retaining traditional tank treads as seen in the former.

This particular design would eventually be implemented into the Star Fox series proper, beginning with the Landmaster's appearance in Star Fox 64 3D, and would be used again in Star Fox Zero.
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As it currently stands, barring Star Fox 64 3D, Macbeth is the only planet from Star Fox SNES and Star Fox 64 to not have reappeared in future games.

•Corneria, Fichina, Katina, and Fortuna would reappear in Star Fox Assault. Titania and Zoness would appear in Star Fox Assault's multiplayer mode as well.

•Corneria, Fichina, Katina, Solar, Aquas, Titania and Venom would reappear once again in Star Fox Command.

•Corneria, Fortuna, Fichina, Zoness, Titania and Venom would also reappear in Star Fox Zero.
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Attachment According to the official Japanese Star Fox 64 guidebook, the main driving point for Wolf O'Donnell's rivalry with Fox McCloud is the fact that Wolf was previously rivals with his father, James. This is alluded to in-game with various voice clips from Wolf across Star Fox 64, Star Fox Assault and Star Fox Zero, and it's also reiterated in the timeline of events provided in Star Fox Command's official Japanese guidebook.
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User's English translation of official Japanese Star Fox 64 guidebook:

User's English translation of official Japanese Star Fox Command guidebook:

SF64 English quotes:

SF64 Japanese quotes for good measure:

SF Assault quotes:

SFZ quotes:
Attachment Androsa, the weaponized flying fortress that appears as Star Fox Zero's first boss, is modeled after the Rafflesia arnoldii, or corpse flower, the largest (and also smelliest) known flower in the world.

This reference becomes much more clear when you consider its Japanese name, サルレシア (Sarureshia), a mashup of サル (Saru) and ラフレシア (Rafureshia), the Japanese words for Monkey and Rafflesia respectively.
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Attachment Star Fox Adventures primarily takes place on a planet filled with dinosaurs known simply as "Dinosaur Planet". It would return or be referenced in future games like Star Fox Assault and Star Fox Command, as well as "Star Fox Zero - The Battle Begins", a promotional anime released to commemorate the release of Star Fox Zero, but it would instead be referred to with a different name: "Sauria".

It turns out Rare had always intended Dinosaur Planet's real name to be Sauria, as leaked voice clips from the implied climax of the original Nintendo 64 Dinosaur Planet feature the Krazoa name dropping it as they begin the alignment of the "Majestic Eight" planets to wreak havoc on the universe using the power of their god, the Quan Ata Lachu. An edition of "Ask Uncle Tusk" on Rare's old website revealed Dinosaur Planet's name to be Sauria as well.
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Attachment Prior to Star Fox Zero, there were two attempts in previous installments to revitalize the concept of the Walker from Star Fox 2, or at least the idea of the Arwing transforming into a robot form, those specifically being Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Command, games that both aimed at preserving ideas from the then-long-lost Star Fox 2.

• For Star Fox 64, according to Shigeru Miyamoto in an interview at the end of the Star Fox 64 Official Player's Guide, he wanted to have the Arwing transform into "a human-type craft". This was rejected by other staff members of the SF64 development team. In response, Miyamoto told his team to come up with better ideas, and from there they created the Landmaster and Blue Marine for additional vehicles.

• For Star Fox Command, according to Takaya Imamura in an interview in 2007, the dev team experimented with having the Arwing and other spacecraft transform into robots, but this was ultimately dropped.
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Star Fox 64 Nintendo Power Official Strategy Guide with Shigeru Miyamoto interview:

Nintendo of Europe Takaya Imamura interview:
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Attachment According to Takaya Imamura in a 2011 Nintendo Dream magazine interview, frogs in the Lylat System are born as tadpoles and remain as such until they're a month old. He even explains that Slippy and Amanda's baby seen in the "Slippy's Resolve" ending in Star Fox Command was one month old already, hence why it appears as a frog. Imamura would later illustrate this fact in comic form to commemorate the release of Star Fox Zero.
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Attachment The Arwing transforming into a Walker is a concept taken from the cancelled Super Nintendo game Star Fox 2.
Nintendo wanted to release for the game a special amiibo figure of an Arwing which could also transform into the walker, however it was tough to accomplish in standard amiibo size and it wouldn't have met product-safety standards.

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