Mario Strikers Charged
Mario Strikers Charged
May 25, 2007
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Attachment The developers of Super Mario Strikers were concerned that one of Waluigi's goal celebration animations, referred to by fans as the "crotch chop", would not be approved. When developers from Nintendo saw the animation, they did not say anything about it at all, so the developers did not bring it up to Nintendo, fearing that drawing attention to it would result in their approval board changing its mind. The game's director, Mike Inglehart, described the reasoning behind Waluigi's crotch chopping:

"The inspiration for that came from quite frankly like the shape – even though it’s a ‘V’, we thought it was a representation of part of the ‘W’, so that’s sort of his way of connecting into his first initial. Waluigi, we kind of depicted him as being – yeah, he’s a bit, I don’t know, a bit edgier than Wario. Wario’s kind of on-the-nose in terms of a bad guy, and Waluigi, we just wanted to explore him a bit more. He’s actually kind of mean to his sidekicks too. They’re both mean to their sidekicks but Wario’s about self-loathing and Waluigi is about blame, and everybody else has done something wrong."

The animation was also used in the game's sequel Mario Strikers Charged.

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