Prior to deciding upon featuring the Donkey Kong's Crash Course attraction, the developers considered having one based off Excitebike or 1080 Snowboarding.
Monita's voice was changed in the PAL release, giving her a British accent.
Attachment In Pikmin Adventure, in the level Out the Darkness, there is a castle at the beginning which looks like the castle from Super Mario Bros.
Development of Nintendo Land began at the same time as the Wii U, and it was originally a loose collection of the various prototype games they put together while experimenting with ideas for the hardware. The theme park presentation was chosen as a way to bring all these different games together and emphasize their personalities.
A second player with a Wii remote can assist a player in solo attractions. These include:
• Balloon Trip Breeze: Balloons and obstacles can be pushed around.
• Yoshi's Fruit Adventure: Each additional player can remove one piece of fruit.
• Octopus Dance: Lost hearts can be restored, in addition to banging objects in the background and shrinking the small octopus.
• Donkey Kong's Crash Course: Time bubbles can be created to slow down moving objects, including the player, allowing them to move more precisely.
• Takamaru's Ninja Castle: Ninjas can be held, preventing them from moving or attacking.
• Captain Falcon's Twister Race: Up to 50 obstacles can be removed from the course.

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