Crazy Kong
Crazy Kong
December 31, 1981
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Attachment Crazy Kong's sound effects were plagarised from Crazy Climber, another game about scaling a building that featured gorillas as enemies, and predated Donkey Kong

If one is to count Crazy Kong as an official Nintendo release, it would technically be the first instance of Mario speaking, predating Donkey Kong Goes Home by two years, as he says "Hi-yah!" whenever he jumps over a barrel, using a slowed-down voice clip from the Crazy Climber gorilla.
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Mario speaks in Crazy Kong:

Crazy Climber - timestamped to the gorilla's appearance:
When they saw the opening cutscene of Crazy Kong, where Crazy Kong escapes from a cage, the development team of Donkey Kong felt that they had been outdone.
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Crazy Kong was an officially licensed clone of Donkey Kong released by Falcon Inc. to compensate for Nintendo's inability to make enough Donkey Kong machines as there was demand for. However, Crazy Kong was only allowed to be distributed in Japan, but Falcon released the game abroad anyway with Elcron Industries, leading to a lawsuit where Nintendo won.

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