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Attachment In 2016, a post was uploaded to Tumblr responding to a post claiming that "there is nothing wrong with Yoshi" by jokingly accusing Yoshi of committing tax fraud, which would become a running gag within Nintendo fan circles, and eventually a meme in 2018 with the bait-and-switch YouTube account SiIvaGunner posting soundtracks from a fake Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud game.

It would be discovered after the meme's peak of popularity that in 2011's Fortune Street, Yoshi is the only character in the game who asks to be exempt from paying taxes when a tax office is built. This means that while Yoshi is not guilty of committing tax fraud, he does attempt to commit tax evasion.

In October 2019, the Nintendo Versus eSports account posted a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate highlight tournament featuring Yoshi, and titled it "This Yoshi is no fraud", seemingly in reference to the meme.

The meme of Yoshi evading his taxes would also inspire the Turnip Boy series of games.
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Attachment The concept of Mario riding a dinosaur was first concieved for Super Mario Bros., but was considered impossible from a technical standpoint. Eventually, this concept would be used in Super Mario World with Yoshi.
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Nintendo Player's Guide - Mario Mania 1991 - Page 32 (24 on the scan):
Attachment According to Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar, the inspiration for the show's background color palettes comes from the level aesthetics in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, due to its colorful atmosphere and also being one of her favorite video games at the time.
The sound effects Yoshi makes are noises made by Kasumi Totaka sped up.