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According to the British magazine Nintendo Magazine System, before settling on Yoshi's Island characters for Tetris Attack, Nintendo reportedly asked Rare to replace Panel de Pon's fairies with characters from the Killer Instinct series.
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Tetris Attack plays very differently from other Tetris games, because it started as a different game called Panel de Pon. The name and characters were changed to Tetris and the Yoshi series to be more recognizable to North Americans. Henk Rogers, the CEO of The Tetris Company, says that he regrets granting permission to Nintendo to use the Tetris name on a game that has nothing to do with Tetris.
Attachment Yoshi's dialog in Tetris Attack was not rewritten from Lip's dialog in Panel de Pon to account for the dinosaur's more laid back, cheerful personality, resulting in him saying rather stoic fantasy hero lines such as "Together we own our world" or "We can't just be strong, we must be strongest".

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