Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Super Mario Bros. Wonder
October 20, 2023
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Super Mario Bros. Wonder marks the first game to not feature performances from long-time voice actor Charles Martinet, who voiced Mario and Luigi (and Wario and Waluigi in other games in the series) since 1990.

Nintendo announced that Martinet would retire from portraying the Mario Bros. permanently and become a "Mario Ambassador", nearly two months before the game's release.
In an interview with IGN, the game's director Shiro Mouri said that Mario's creator Shigeru Miyamoto was, at first, not a fan of Elephant Mario as he believed it "did not look like a Mario character." Miyamoto also believed the physics for the power-up wasn't realistic to an actual elephant.

The popularity with fans after its reveal was what eventually changed Miyamoto's mind.
This game marks the first time that Princess Daisy is playable in a mainline Mario game on a Nintendo console after her first playable appearance in the mobile game Super Mario Run. According to Super Mario Bros. Wonder's director Shiro Mouri in a 2023 interview with Eurogamer, Daisy's inclusion was spurred from a personal family anecdote:

"...I have two daughters myself and when they played previous Mario titles, they would always fight over who gets to play Peach. Including Daisy will help resolve fights within my own household, and also I thought that having Daisy would be something that a lot of Mario fans would be happy with!"
Attachment In the game's Japanese reveal trailer, Wonder Seed was spelled as "Wonderseed".
The idea for the Wonder Flower came from an effort to introduce surprising elements that would challenge the player. Originally, the idea was to introduce items that would warp players to a new area, but the game's producer Takashi Tezuka didn't find it interesting, saying: "If you're still just going to warp to a different area, it's still the same. Why don’t you just change where you are right now?"
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