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Despite MultiVersus being positioned by the gaming press and certain players disappointed with the latter game's lack of content as being a "rival" for or having "killed" Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, the development teams behind both games are fans of one another's work.
Also Appears On: Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl (Game)
Contributed by Wario Wario Wario on September 29, 2023
Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon
In an interview with the game's producer Yasunori Ogura published on PlayStation.Blog on August 21, 2023, he was asked how the series was able to be revived after ten years since the previous installment in the Armored Core series, and when did the initial planning and development began? He responded:

"First, I would like to thank everyone for their continued support of the Armored Core series throughout the years, especially our fans, who have been waiting for ten years since the previous installment, Armored Core: Verdict Day.

As for the process leading up to the development of this title, our company’s President, Hidetaka Miyazaki, myself, the director, Yamamura, and many other members of the development team all really wanted to create a new Armored Core game. We also fostered a team of very talented people through our experience in developing other titles, so we basically had no reason not to go ahead with the development of a new Armored Core.

So, around 2018, in the early stages of development, Miyazaki and a few others established a small team of initial directors who went back and reevaluated the fundamentals of the Armored Core series and began development of a prototype that helped them determine the direction of the new entry. After the release of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in 2019, Yamamura joined the project and took over as director. Full-scale development kicked off around 2020.

Meanwhile, because we had several projects underway at the same time, we had to allocate internal resources for the development of other titles. Which in turn resulted in a long ten-year wait for this game."
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Attachment A promotional cookie was included in press kits for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes in 2004. It was a white, round cookie with the game's logo printed in the middle and covered with small black rocks, which are possibly crystallized sugar or another candy. Its flavor is unknown, as is who baked them. One of these cookies, still in its wrapper, was placed up for auction on eBay for $129.99 USD in 2011, although by that point it is reasonable to assume that this cookie was no longer edible, and no other such cookies have surfaced online.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater on September 29, 2023
Street Fighter 6
According to English voice actor Aleks Le in his YouTube video "LUKE SINGS TMNT THEME SONG (OFFICIAL) SF6", he stated that in February 2023, he had dinner with the game's director Takayuki Nakayama, who said that he and his team really loved Aleks' passion and watching at all the cool and funny things Aleks did with the character both in-game and online. Nakayama then asked Aleks if he could get Luke to sing a song, to which he replied: "Me? No, I don't know how to sing... But Luke? Even if he's bad..." Nakayama's idea was to recruit Aleks to sing the lyrics to a new arrangement of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song, arranged by CAP-JAMS to promote Street Fighter 6's TMNT DLC. Aleks commented that this performance was his first time trying to sing and that his vocal coach for the recording sessions was Jason Miller, who provided vocals for the song "Rules of Nature" from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.
Contributed by ProtoSnake on September 28, 2023
The 3rd Birthday
Hajime Tabata worked on The 3rd Birthday and Final Fantasy Type-0 at the same time, both games having originally been intended for mobile devices, but were later changed to PlayStation Portable games. Square Enix requested Tabata to focus on The 3rd Birthday, which almost lead to Final Fantasy Type-0 being cancelled.
Also Appears On: Final Fantasy Type-0 (Game)
Contributed by chocolatejr9 on September 28, 2023
Super Mario 64
Attachment A 2017 study conducted by a team of Canadian neuropsychologists found that playing Super Mario 64 increased grey matter in the brains of older adults, potentially helping to combat dementia and other neurological disorders. According to the study:

"The video game experimental group engaged in a 3D-platform video game training over a period of 6 months. [...] After training, a within-subject increase in grey matter within the hippocampus was significant only in the [video game] training group, replicating results observed in younger adults."
Contributed by DidYouKnowGaming on September 28, 2023
Street Fighter 6
According to Luke's English voice actor Aleks Le, Luke was originally supposed to say "Yes! I won!" for one of his victory poses. However, Aleks Le was against this since he found the line to be generic and instead suggested "Woo! Let's go", taking inspiration from the Street Fighter competitive scene, where the phrase "let's go" is often heard. Voice director Jonathan Klein was against it since he didn't understand it, but after hearing Aleks Le performance he accepted the change.
Contributed by ZpaceJ0ck0 on September 28, 2023
Super Mario Maker
When asked about why Super Mario Maker would be releasing on September 11, Nintendo representative Julie Gagnon responded:

“Nintendo is really respectful of this date, but the thing is that when we launched Super Mario Bros back in 1985, it was September 13th. And, as we have worked with retailers on Friday as a launch day, the date worked out as Friday, September 11th for this year.”

Due to this awkward release timing, promotional materials for the game would word the release date as the "11th of September", even in countries that use an MM/DD format.
Contributed by Wario Wario Wario on September 28, 2023
ClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut
Attachment ClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut on Nintendo 64 is considered to be in such a high demand by collectors that in 2023, a preserved Blockbuster purchase receipt for the game managed to sell for a Canadian $510.00 on eBay ($370 USD).
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
In an interview with the game's creative director/artist Tetsuya Nomura published on Dengeki Online on September 21, 2023, he revealed that the late voice actor Keiji Fujiwara would still be the voice of Reno for the Japanese dub of the game. Fujiwara passed away from cancer on April 12, 2020, at the age of 55, just two days after the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake. The news of his death came shortly before the recording sessions for FFVII Rebirth commenced, leaving the developers unable to replace him immediately. Because of this, Nomura asked the scenario team to let him use past recordings of Fujiwara’s voice for Reno in Rebirth, and "they made the necessary adjustments.” As a result of this, Reno's screentime in the game had been reduced to account for his death, and after apologizing to fans both domestic and international, Nomura revealed that the third part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake series will introduce a new Japanese voice actor for the role of Reno and that the character's presence will increase.
Contributed by ProtoSnake on September 28, 2023
My Time at Sandrock
Attachment On December 22, 2020, Palthea announced a "Steam Wishlist campaign" for My Time at Sandrock. In exchange for more people adding the game to their Steam Wishlists, more features would be added to the game prior to the Early Access release, such as the ability to wear makeup and expanded furniture customization. Most notably, the 250,000 wishlists goal added the ability for children to grow up to at least primary school age - one of the most highly rated features of the game's predecessor, My Time at Portia, and was previously listed as a stretch goal in My Time at Sandrock's Kickstarter campaign, though said goal was not reached there. The wishlist goal was reached in June 2021.
Contributed by chocolatejr9 on September 27, 2023
Alfred Chicken
Attachment In 1993, Alfred Chicken publisher Mindscape attempted a publicity stunt by having Alfred Chicken run for a seat in the UK Parliament in the 1993 Christchurch, Dorset by-election, having an actor in an Alfred Chicken costume appear at the British House of Commons constituency of Christchurch as votes were read out. The Alfred Chicken Party received 18 votes, exceeding the Rainbow Alliance (a party intent on abolishing Parliament) by 2 votes. The Alfred Chicken Party was cited - alongside the "Buy the Daily Sport Party" - years later by the Liberal Democrats as a reason for increasing the number of signatures required for a party to get on a ballot.
Sneak King
Attachment As of 2021, professional wrestler Leroy Patterson (stage name "The Human Tackboard" or "The Ring Crew Guy") owns 2,706 copies of Sneak King. According to him, he collected that many copies because: "If they are worth something someday, we are rich! If they are worth nothing, it’s a funny story and journey!… It had an unusual release through a fast food chain, it’s a funny game, and it makes me laugh!"
Contributed by Wario Wario Wario on September 27, 2023
When Tsuyoshi Tozak, director of Bubble Bobble 4 Friends, was asked about if Bub and Bob would appear in the Super Smash Bros. franchise, they simply responded "let's skip that question". The interviewer theorized that they may have been under a non-disclosure agreement, citing a similar response when asking the developers of Cuphead about if they wanted to make a TV cartoon, which would eventually happen, but come the end of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's DLC cycle, Bubble Bobble content did not appear in any form, meaning that Tozak was likely indifferent on Smash rather than under NDA.
Also Appears On: Bubble Bobble (Franchise)
Neopets: The Darkest Faerie
A PlayStation version of the game was being developed by The Code Monkeys, but was cancelled in favor of a PlayStation 2 version. When asked why, the Neopets team revealed that they "felt that it couldn't achieve everything we wanted it to on the PS1", but also noted that "the graphics will be much better."
Contributed by chocolatejr9 on September 27, 2023
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
In an interview with the game's music supervisor Keiji Kawamori published on the PlayStation.Blog on September 14, 2023, he was asked what he could reveal about the soundtrack and music for the game. He responded that because the game's world is much larger than Final Fantasy VII Remake, the team made a variety of new music to go alongside it and also expanded the variety of musical genres used, so he thought there would be a lot to enjoy. They also made many re-arrangements of classic tracks from the original Final Fantasy VII, and Kawamori hoped fans would enjoy comparing both iterations of the same song to see what's the difference. He cited the Release Date Announcement trailer's music being a re-arrangement of the Final Fantasy VII main theme as a battle music track as an example of this to give players a taste of the direction the team chose to take in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.
Mortal Kombat 1
Ed Boon revealed that he had hoped to include John Wick from the franchise of the same name as a guest character in Mortal Kombat 1, but that said plans didn't work out. While the exact reason why is unknown, it's worth noting that John Wick's actor Keanu Reeves had said in 2021 that he did not think the character was a good fit for the Mortal Kombat series.
WarioWare: Touched!
Nintendo Treehouse did not expect for WarioWare to receive more installments after Touched!, and believed that Ashley would not make any further appearances in the Wario franchise as a whole, and cast a random localisation employee to play Ashley in the English version of the game instead of a professional voice actress. This would become problematic as the WarioWare series proved its longevity, with the actress being forced to abandon projects to record Ashley's lines. Ashley would eventually be recast - alongside the entire WarioWare cast sans Wario - in WarioWare Gold
Also Appears On: WarioWare (Collection)
Pop'n Music: Usagi to Neko to Shounen no Yume
The Pop'n Music songs "Dance to Blue (Respect Style)" and "Mychronicle", along with the Sound Voltex song "GERBERA" were all initially credited to "BEMANI Sound Team" (Or "伊藤賢治 Remixed by BEMANI Sound Team" in the case of "Dance to Blue (Respect Style)").
These songs marked the first usages of such a moniker in BEMANI games.
It wouldn't be until December 2017 that these songs received the altered credits "伊藤賢治 Remixed by BEMANI Sound Team 'PON'", "BEMANI Sound Team 'positive MAD-crew'", and "BEMANI Sound Team 'TAG'" respectively.
Since then, all in-house BEMANI songs have been credited as BEMANI Sound Team "Artist Name".
Though no official breakdown for the BEMANI Sound Team moniker has been given, some theorize the change was either to distinguish in-house composers from commissioned artists (i.e. kors k and Ryu☆), or due to policies from a pachinko company merger with Konami, mandating reduced visibility of staff.
Also Appears On: Sound Voltex IV: Heavenly Haven (Game), Bemani (Franchise), Konami (Company)
Contributed by aa1205 on September 26, 2023
RemyWiki page on BEMANI Sound Team:

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Dance Dance Revolution Supernova 2
Boss Rush (Ver. SN2) is widely considered one of the hardest Challenge Courses in the Dance Dance Revolution series, if not the hardest overall.
As of September 25th, 2023, there are only two recorded instances of people beating this song on original arcade hardware: first by Kaze.573 on February 14th, 2017, and second by FEFEMZ on September 28th, 2018.
Contributed by aa1205 on September 26, 2023
Video detailing the course and its history:

Video of Kaze.573's clear of the course:

Video of FEFEMZ's clear of the course:
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