Holocure: Save the Fans!
Holocure: Save the Fans!
June 24, 2022
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HoloCure Wiki Page on Bounce Ball:

HoloCure Wiki Page on Cutting Board:

Video of Rushia insisting she is "boing boing":
The "X-Potato" weapon is a reference to one of Inugami Korone's livestreams of Blasphemous, in which she accidentally mispronounces the name Exposito while looking up boss names up after beating the game. It is unlocked by surviving 10 minutes while playing as Korone in a run. Its available Collabs (fusions between two weapons) are also references to Korone:

• Rap Dog (combined with Idol Song): Alludes to Korone's ability to rap, most prominently shown off when she and Nekomata Okayu sang "if..." by DA PUMP.
• MiKorone (combined with Elite Lava Bucket): A portmanteau of Inugami Korone and Sakura Miko's names, a term for streams featuring the two collaborating together.
• I'm Die, Thank You Forever (combined with Holo Bomb): References a collaboration between her and Mori Calliope played Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes, each using their non-native language (English for Korone and Japanese for Calliope). During one attempt, Korone, realizing she couldn't diffuse the bomb in time, uttered "Ah, I'm die, thank you forever" before exploding.
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Korone Rapping:

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