In The PlayStation (JP) Magazine interview, the game's director Lorne Lanning was asked where the idea for the GameSpeak action system came from. He responded: "The GameSpeak interactions came from us trying to figure out what kind of actions or movements Abe could have that would be funny, humorous, or kind of suggest to players that he was this weird guy, in a light-hearted way. How could we make players feel more intimately connected with the world and characters? GameSpeak was our answer to that. When players see other characters talking with Abe and interacting with him, it provokes a feeling of cuteness and affection for those characters, and the player then empathizes more closely with what’s happening on-screen. It helps bring them to life as characters, you could say."
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There are unused animations present in the game under the names: ABERUB.BAN, ABESIZE.BAN, ABEYAWN.BAN.

They appear to be idle animations.
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While there is no place to ride an Elum in the Monsaic Lines, music still exists for such a scenario, and works if an Elum is hacked into the area.
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The Mudokon Pop was originally a severed Mudokon head on a stick. Due to an incident in Japan in which someone was murdered at a school and their head placed on a post in front of the school, the Mudokon Pop was changed to a regular ice cream shape, with cartoonish Mudokon eyes and stitches on it in the Japanese release of Abe's Oddysee, as well as Abe's Exodus in all regions, as the original appearance was deemed too similar in nature. This new logo design was also used in the "New 'N' Tasty" remake.
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According to an interview with director Lorne Lanning, Abe's stitched mouth was done because "When he was born, he was more of a crybaby...and it was something that was done to him to help the situation", and it was done before he developed consciousness, causing him to perceive the stitches as a part of him.
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Originally, the scene where Abe escapes Rupture Farms was suppose to show a meteor shower hitting the moon which would slowly create the hand print seen in-game, which hinted at the greater powers guiding Abe through his adventure. Due to budgeting problems, the scene was shortened.
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In Abe's Oddysee, the race of the Mudokons had 4 fingers, however, in the Japanese release of Abe's Oddysee, and all releases of Abe's Exodus, the Mudokons only have 3 fingers. This is because Japanese see four fingers as an insult to the "meat packing sub class" of the past and is similar to the Jews wearing gold stars during World War II. Oddworld Inhabitants saw it as extortion and removed the 4 fingered design in every subsequent release of the series.
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In an interview with Media Snobs, Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning admitted that Abe was intentionally made to "stand out from the crowd" with his cowardly and dim-witted nature.

"Now back in the 90"²s the day was filled with muscle bound prepubescent designs of "heroes" that justified shooting everything but didn't really stand for anything that had a modicum of conscious intelligence behind it. No offense to the creators, who I love and had fun with their games, but I'm just calling it how the rest of the world sees it. Or in the opposite gender direction, there was the quickly over saturated anorexic huge bosom sex bomb with a gun. So yeah, we didn't want our heroes to be in those categories, and those were the dominating categories. So we were definitely aiming for separation from the trends."
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