Pitting the Wrexham AFC against either the Liverpool or Stockport football clubs will trigger hidden commentary between actors Ryan Reynolds and Robb McElhenney, who in November 2020, bought the Wrexham football club for £2m ($2.5M) due to British comedian and writer Humphrey Ker explaining to the BBC how his lunch habits led to McElhenney having an interest in the sport:

"I'm laying claim to the fact (Rob's) interest in football derives from several years of teasing me for watching football during our lunch breaks at work. Until eventually, just by pure osmosis, I got him interested in the game to the degree that he decides to buy a football team. Where with a lot of people the journey would have ended with he and I exchanging text messages and me saying 'Ha ha, sounds great, I'd always said I'd do that if I won the lottery, but then within a month's time we had Ryan on board, we had found a football brokerage team in New York and we were in the process of trying to find a football club."

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