If the player tries to cheat during a domino game by going into photo mode and examining the other players hand they will find that this won't work as the opposing dominoes are completely blank until they are placed on the table.
At any time before the story ends and when the entire map is unlocked, if the player tries to fly or boat out of bounds and away from the map they will trigger a secret ending. Spoiler:Specifically, when the player passes the boundary the screen will fade to black with "3 Months Later" displayed. The scene then cuts to one where Dani is lounging on a beach with a radio next to him where negative news involving the events on the island and around the world can be heard. The Radio then starts playing Congo by Gloria Estefan which continues into the game's credits. This is the only way to get the "Hidden in Plain Sight" achievement/trophy. However, all of this will not work if the player has beaten the main story.
Attachment In the mission 'The Seeds of Love', if the player interacts with the Moon Flower by sniffing it, it will cause the character to have hallucinations featuring a dancing woman in a white dress, who quotes several lines spoken by Joseph Seed and the Heralds, the antagonists of Far Cry 5. Back at the start of the mission near a jar of the Moon Flower seeds in question is a handwritten note signed by The Heralds, reading:

"Thank ya for ya business!

Contained in this simple packet is our heritage Moon Flower (Datura stramonium) seeds.
We have FAITH that when you plant these seeds in your little patch of earth you will become entwined with our family.

If ya ever find yourself in our part of Montana, come say "hello."

With love,
The Seed Family"
DLC starring Danny Trejo called Dani & Danny vs Everyone was accidentally released ahead of its December 2021 schedule, forcing Ubisoft to remove it in an update.

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