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Attachment In 2019, UK bargain store Aldi attempted a publicity stunt known as the "Teatime Takedown", where parents would send Aldi their childrens' usernames on gaming platforms (with the service being provided for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, and unusually the streaming platform Twitch) and the supermarket would send professional gamers to defeat the child in-game so they would eat their food, though Aldi claimed that the effectiveness of the program may vary. Despite a released commercial for the campaign showing children "rage quitting" FPS games, the hired eSports teams, originating from Veloce, specialized in racing games. This sparked massive backlash within the UK eSports community, to the point where Resolve eSports offered to send its players to help kids fight back against the bullies. Aldi would eventually cancel the campaign and send coupons to those who complained as a form of apology. Print adverts were made, but are not known to have been printed in any magazines or catalogues, and radio and till reciept ads were planned.
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Attachment On the Xbox One X circuit board, there is an etched engraving of Master Chief riding a scorpion.

Project Scorpio was the Xbox One X codename during development and in the Halo series, the tank Master Chief often drives is named The Scorpion.
"Xbox 720", a popular preliminary name given by fans and the press to the hypothetical Xbox 360 successor that would eventually become the Xbox One, was the official working title of the hardware according to a leaked Microsoft corporate slideshow from 2012, a year prior to the console's announcement.
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Attachment A rare Xbox One console featuring Mother of Pearl engravings was released by Microsoft, with only one known to have been produced. It was given away as a prize as part of a competition by Microsoft Korea in 2016, with the winner being YouTuber BDC. Microsoft Korea had said that making the designs on the console were difficult to pull of due to dealing with modern materials.
During the announcement livestream unveiling the console and introducing many of its features, constant use of the Xbox Kinect sensor's vocal recognition was used. However, some users tuning in to watch the stream using their Xbox 360 were interrupted whenever voice commands were used, as their Kinects would recognize the commands coming from their TV speakers.