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person Yoshispacedragon calendar_month September 19, 2023

The source of Josef Fares voice clips (Strong Language Warning):
In Chapter 3 Section 1 'Rose's Room - Pillow Fort', players will come across a pillow alcove towards the left of the main path that features two action figures with interactive buttons. The action figures themselves are actually the two playable protagonists Leo & Vincent from Hazelight Studios' other project A Way Out. If both players stomp both buttons at the same time, a unique dialogue cutscene between Leo & Vincent will play. After the dialogue, an achievement/trophy 'Plastic Prison Breakers' is earned with the description, "They had no way out."
Attachment In Chapter 4 'Cuckoo Clock', during the level section 'Gates of Time' players can find a river boat. If players get in the boat and ride along the track, they will come across a house on a pier. If a player enters this house inside they will find numerous blue pots with white stripes & large crates. The pots can be broken and inside them are green Rupees. This room is a reference to the Guard House of Castle Town from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, a location infamously used to easily farm Rupees. An Achievement/Trophy is also unlocked: 'Force Triangulated', with the description, "Breathe some wind into your ocarina, my skyward princess".

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