December 31, 1983
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Attachment In March 2021, shortly after the game's source code was released for free under a software license from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the game's creator David S. Maynard was interviewed by Kay Savetz, a collections manager at the Internet Archive. Following the interview, Maynard sent Savetz a large binder containing printed copies of the Worms? development documentation and source code, which he promptly scanned and archived on their database. Savetz noticed an interesting detail in the printed source code, that there was evidence of an Apple II port of the game in development that was never released. Upon being asked about it, Maynard told Savetz:

"It just couldn't be done properly on the Apple II, sorry Apple II fans. ... That's why I loved the Atari. Worms? used almost all of the special hardware for graphics and sounds that the Atari offered."

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