Attachment Stranger was originally intended to have a type of live ammo from critters known as Surge Bugs, but they were dropped for unknown reasons.
In the opening cinematic, a hidden backmasked message can be heard. When the audio is played forward, a whispery male voice is heard stating the ominous message:

"A nation of fools.
The nation is under siege.
Don't trust the corporate media.
Religious right is insane."

Two likely possibilities for the nature of the message are:

•A possible Easter Egg foreshadowing Citizen Siege, a Hollywood project separate from the Oddworld universe that Lorne Lanning and Sherry McKenna were designing, but fell into hiatus upon the 2008 financial crisis and it's impact on the entertainment industry.

•Around the time of Stranger's Wrath's initial release, exclusively on the original Xbox, the United State's invasion of the Middle East was very recent, and this backmasked message may have been Oddworld Inhabitants protesting the political state of affairs within the United States at this time, keeping in line with the franchise's themes of opposition towards industrialization, corporatism, and political malevolence.
Attachment In the HD re-release, throughout West Mudos there are barrels of Mudoken Pops from Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee.
It is possible to obtain 20,000 Moolah before Stranger is ready for his surgery "to survive". However, this does not affect the game in anyway, still having to capture 4 Outlaws in each area.
Stranger's Wrath creator Lorne Lanning has said that EA sabotaged the game by not marketing it.

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