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MultiVersus lead writer Eric Stirpē has stated that he writes each fighter as a "Multiversus version" by picking a point in a franchise's history for them to be chosen from by Reindog, in an effort to keep their dialogue in line with the source material. Some fighters from a single franchise are chosen from different time periods within it, but the points when they are chosen are not canon to the source material or the game's plot. It's unknown how every fighter fits into this writing guide, but it creates some inconsistencies with their designs in the game:

• Stripe and Gizmo were chosen just before Stripe's death in the first Gremlins film.
• Finn and Jake were chosen during the events of Adventure Time: Islands, though the lack of Finn's prosthetic arm is not explained, and Fern was chosen before he became a villain in Season 9 of Adventure Time.
• Steven and Garnet were chosen during Season 2 of Steven Universe.
• Bugs Bunny was not chosen, but rather emerged from hiding since the 1940s through a hole in his animation cel or film reel, with him being referred to as a "timeline hopper".
• Taz is from the 1990s (presumably tying him in to Taz-Mania).
• Marvin was chosen during the events of Space Jam: A New Legacy, and LeBron James was chosen two days after the end of the film.
• Tom and Jerry are from the 1960s, but are portrayed with a modern art style that does not resemble either the Gene Deitch or Chuck Jones runs of theatrical shorts from that time.
• Shaggy was chosen one year after the end of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?, while Velma was chosen from an unspecified "cancelled 2000s reboot".
• The Iron Giant was chosen while returning to America after he re-assembles himself at the end of the film.
• Arya Stark was chosen during either Season 6 or 7 of the Game of Thrones TV series.
• Stirpē considers the DC Comics heroes and villains to all be original interpretations of the characters created for Multiversus.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month May 16, 2024
Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name
There is seemingly an error in the descriptions of the Daidoji Grapple Strike/Grip Breaker moves in both fighting styles. The moves are simple counters for if Kiryu is grabbed, and act as a way for Kiryu to throw the opponent off of him. However, the descriptions for the moves read "When surrounded by enemies", implying a different function for the move.
Monument Valley
Attachment At the very beginning of Appendix v. The Lost Falls, after Ida presses the first switch in the level to raise the pillar the Totem is on up to where she is, a set of symbols carved into two sides of the pillar are revealed. These symbols are part of the ancient Zuish language from the game Fez, but they are used incorrectly in order to fit the message on the pillar (i.e. vertical spelling, no use of spaces, line breaks in the middle of words). When translated, it spells out this message:



This not only acts as a reference to the popular quote at the start of The Legend of Zelda to show Ida receiving help, but also acts as foreshadowing to the end of the level where Spoiler:the Totem is destroyed by a crushing stone pillar while helping Ida get past it, forcing her to go through the rest of the Forgotten Shores levels on her own.
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Star Fox Adventures
Attachment When Fox frees Krystal from her crystal prison at the top of Krazoa Palace in Star Fox Adventures, she immediately grabs her staff back from him and begins firing at the newly resurrected Andross as Fox runs off to his Arwing to confront the latter in Dinosaur Planet's orbit. Strangely enough, in the ending cutscene after Andross' defeat, Fox once again has Krystal's staff in his backpack. When asked about this in a January 10th, 2003 issue of Rare's scribes, the development team responded with:

"It was late. We were tired. Just leave it. Okay? Could you honestly not think of a better question than this?"
person Dinoman96 calendar_month April 29, 2024
Star Fox Adventures - General Scales and Andross final boss:

Rare Scribes - January 10th, 2003:
Stellar Blade
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Sexualization complaints:

South Korean rating:

Design choice quote:

Day 1 patch censorship:

Compilation of outfits in base game before Day 1 patch (uncensored versions of Cybernetic Bondage at 2:30, and Holiday Rabbit at 4:52):

Compilation of outfits after Day 1 patch (censored versions of Cybernetic Bondage at 1:03, Holiday Rabbit at 2:19, and Moutan Peony at 3:02):

Nano Suit tutorial pop-up montage with uncensored Moutan Peony costume (this is the only footage I could find of anyone sitting through this video start to finish):

Stellar Blade uncensored claim tweet:

Video of Hyung-Tae Kim defending update changes:

GameAbout interview with Kim (article in Korean):

IGN interview with Yoko Taro and Kim:
Mega Man X4
When fighting the final boss Spoiler:Sigma, the music that plays in the fight, Spoiler:"Sigma 1st" (where the cloaked and uncloaked form fight occurs) & Spoiler:"Sigma 2nd" (where the final form fight occurs) is oddly swapped in the PC version of the game. This is due to mislabelled filenames, and can be easily fixed by manually swapping the filenames within the data for the PC version.
person SonicNicholas1995 calendar_month April 27, 2024
PC version footage of music swap:

PlayStation version footage with correct music order:

The Cutting Room Floor article:
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Goemon's Great Adventure
Attachment The title card for the Underworld stage contains a typo as the word "Summoning" is instead spelled as "Summning". This typo is only present in the USA and PAL versions.
Fallout: New Vegas
subdirectory_arrow_right Fallout (Franchise)
During an interview with Variety Fair, Todd Howard revealed that the 2024 live-action "Fallout" TV series was considered canon to the games, having wanted to tell an original story within the game's world rather than adapt any of the previous games. However, when the show came out, this led to complaints from fans accusing the show of retconning the events of Fallout: New Vegas. Specifically, the sixth episode "The Trap" featured a shot of a blackboard seemingly depicting the fall of Shady Sands (the capital of the New California Republic) as taking place in the year 2277. Fallout: New Vegas takes place in the year 2281, yet Shady Sands is stated to still exist in the game without any mention of a fall (although the city cannot be visited in-game). Emil Pagliarulo, a design director for Bethesda, would try to assure fans on Twitter that Fallout: New Vegas is still considered canon, claiming to being overprotective of the series' lore and going as far as to post a timeline of the Fallout series. While the timeline not only featured both Fallout: New Vegas, the TV series, and also confirmed that Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel is considered canon to the series, it did not address the timeline inconsistency brought about by the blackboard scene in the show. This reportedly led some fans to accuse Bethesda of holding a grudge against Obsidian Entertainment for making what many fans consider to be the best Fallout game and using the show as a way to spite them. However, it's worth noting that there are three other possible explanations for the inconsistency:

• Whoever wrote "2277" was misinformed due to the post-apocalyptic setting forcing many to rely on guesswork for event dates.
• It could be a simple mistake in writing for a series with large amounts of lore to it.
• It could be a reference to the "Lonesome Road" DLC expansion for New Vegas, where the player is given the option to nuke the NCR, though there is no confirmation that this ending is canon.

Howard would later defend the TV series and insist the game is still canon in an interview with IGN, claiming he had an emotional reaction when the TV series writers brought up the idea of bombing Shady Sands (which he also clarified was not a nuclear bombing) and carefully talked through the decision with them. When asked specifically about the 2277/2281 inconsistency, his response was that they were "threading [the needle] tighter there" to make it land in the TV series, move the Fallout series forward, and insisted that the fall of Shady Sands took place just after the events of the game. He reiterated that Bethesda was careful about sticking to the series timeline, admitting that there "might be a little bit of confusion at some places" and claimed that what was most important to them was what was happening in the time period of the TV series.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month April 14, 2024
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
During the final battle in the Japanese version, Spoiler:a voiceover from Zelda states that the monstrous form that Calamity Ganon assumes is due to his obsession with maintaining his longevity. However, in the English localization, Spoiler:Zelda claims that this form is the result of him abandoning his ambitions for reincarnation and giving into his primal rage, which directly contrasts the Japanese script.

This also opens up a plot hole with Spoiler:Zelda's dialogue in the game's ending, where she says that "Ganon is gone for now" (emphasis added), implying that he will reincarnate anyway (as is the case in other entries, including the game's sequel, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom); in the Japanese version, she simply says that "the threat of calamity has passed."
Super Mario All-Stars
Due to a programming error, the player has a random chance of accessing debug mode in Super Mario Bros. 3 (specifically the one from the NES version of the game, which is carried over to the Super Mario All-Stars port). The debug mode only activates if a value of 80 is stored at the RAM address 7E0160, which can be manually edited by a devkit.

The NES version initializes the equivalent RAM address to 00 whenever the game is turned on, preventing the player from encountering debug mode during the normal course of play. However, due to an oversight, this does not occur in the SNES version, resulting in Super Mario All-Stars reading whatever value is generated by the console itself. Because this value is randomized during bootup, this means that the game has a small chance of activating debug mode in Super Mario Bros. 3 on a retail unit. While the theoretical probability of this occurring is 1/256, it can vary depending on the console's build and the power grid that it is connected to.
person VinchVolt calendar_month April 12, 2024
The Cutting Room Floor articles:

Supper Mario Broth video, the description of which includes an explanation for the oversight:
subdirectory_arrow_right Slider (Game), The Orion Conspiracy (Game), Llamatron: 2112 (Game), Psychosis (Game), Explosive Fighter Patton (Game)
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Dark Souls
The character most commonly known as Snuggly the Crow or Sparkly the Crow is not a crow at all. She is actually a hawk named Hawk Girl and the more common names were actually created and propagated by fans.
subdirectory_arrow_right Sound Voltex III: Gravity Wars (Game)
The song "Red and Blue" was originally composed by Silentroom, then known under the alias "Polycube" for Sound Voltex III: Gravity War's "The First VOLTEX Character Theme Song Contest" in 2014. However, the song was unable to be submitted due to missing the deadline. It was later added and repurposed for Arcaea in the 1.5.0 update.
person aa1205 calendar_month March 21, 2024
Video interview with Silentroom verifying this information:

Arcaea Fandom wiki page:
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
subdirectory_arrow_right Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 (Game)
During the second phase of the final boss fight in the SNES release, Baby Bowser has three fingers on each hand, contrasting with most official portrayals of Bowser, which show him with four. This error is fixed in the Game Boy Advance version, which redraws his sprites to give him the proper number of fingers.
person VinchVolt calendar_month March 21, 2024
YouTube video showcasing the final boss fight in the SNES version:

YouTube video showcasing the final boss fight in the GBA version:
Stellar Blade
On March 8, 2024, a demo for the game was mistakenly released on the PlayStation Store in the United States. It was taken down twenty-five minutes later and rendered unplayable on systems where it had been downloaded if they connected to the internet after the takedown. This was the first time Sony had ever done such an act, with many pointing out that they didn't even do it when P.T., the demo for the cancelled Silent Hills, was removed from the PlayStation Store by Konami.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month March 10, 2024
Dark Souls
There are eight Titanite Demons in Dark Souls, but the one on the bridge connecting the Demon Ruins to Lost Izalith is the only one that respawns due to a typo in that Titanite Demon's event ID. However, it's unknown if this was an accident or a deliberate typo to remove a limit from upgrading weapons.
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
While bottled Blue Fire is meant to be used to melt Red Ice in the Ice Cavern, it can also be used to destroy brown stone Weak Walls that normally need to be destroyed with Bombs. However, it can only be used to break this specific kind of bombable wall and this function is never actually mentioned in the game, suggesting that it may be a glitch.
Nicktoons MLB
Attachment Nicktoons MLB's loading screens include cameos from a variety of Nicktoons characters, including those from cartoons not featured on the playable roster. One of these characters is George Liquor from The Ren & Stimpy Show, a character that series creator John Kricfalusi retained the rights to after being fired from the series, and would use in a variety of cartoons up until his blacklisting from the animation industry in 2019. Since Kricfalusi is not credited in the game's copyright screen (though he is still listed in the special thanks credits alongside all other show creators), it seems that Liquor was included by mistake.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month February 13, 2024
Set of loading screen screenshots:

Copyright screen (game credits at the end of this video):
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
Attachment When the game's logo is shown in the intro of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, the word "BATTLE" has a shining effect, which is another video file overlaid over the 3D logo. There are two versions of this video, one with Japanese kanji and another with Latin script, however due to an oversight, the shining effect will only show Japanese kanji overlaid upon the English text. This would be fixed in the 2012 rerelease, but only for the English language, so other languages with an English logo still experience the error.
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