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In Version 0.04, Dense Woods A contained two jellyfish instead of just one, with the second being located by a lamppost near the center of the map; interacting with it only causes it to ring, without any additional results. In all recovered later builds, this jellyfish is moved out of bounds, well out of the camera's view; however, it can still be interacted with if the player uses cheats or glitches to access it. In Version 0.10, interacting with this jellyfish crashes the game due to its associated files being renamed: the jellyfish is programmed to call a file called イベント5, which was renamed to イベント_005 in Version 0.10.

Additionally, Dense Woods A's layout was redesigned in Version 0.07 to remove a gate that originally led to Mural World. Instead, the upper path is expanded to loop over to the western portion of the main road in Dense Woods A, and the remaining gate leading to Puddle World was redesigned.
person VinchVolt calendar_month June 17, 2024
The Cutting Room Floor article:

YouTube video showing the use of a noclip glitch to access the offscreen jellyfish in Version 0.10:

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