Disney's Tigger's Honey Hunt
Disney's Tigger's Honey Hunt
September 29, 2000
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The Nintendo 64 and PlayStation versions of Tigger's Honey Hunt have an unusal cheat list in their data, seemingly related to another unknown game.

Hero Unlimited Live : On
Hero Unlimited Live : Off
Enemy Unlimited Live : On
Enemy Unlimited Live : Off
Unlimited Power Up : On
Unlimited Power Up : Off
Display Hero Live : On
Display Hero Live : Off
Unlimited Continue : On
Unlimited Continue : Off
End RTC : On
End RTC : Off
Test Fatality : On
Test Fatality : Off
Kill Enemy : On
Kill Enemy : Off
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The Cutting Room Floor articles:
In 2002, the PlayStation version of Tigger's Honey Hunt was rereleased under a new US publisher, Take-Two Interactive. However, the only difference is that the game's voice acting was removed, making it match its Nintendo 64 version which originally released without voice acting.

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