Snoopy vs. The Red Baron
Snoopy vs. The Red Baron
October 24, 2006
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subdirectory_arrow_right Pac-Man World Rally (Game), Peanuts (Franchise)
Attachment Inside the prototype Xbox version of Pac-Man World Rally, files pertaining to Snoopy from Peanuts and a vehicle for him can be found. While the initial discovery of these files left a lot of mystery over whether they were leftovers from another project or a scrapped crossover, a concept image from World Rally would emerge shortly after revealing Snoopy was indeed planned as a crossover racer.

Smart Bomb Interactive, the developers of Pac-Man World Rally, worked on the game Snoopy vs. the Red Baron around the same time, and a few shared files from that game including placeholder cutscene dialogue can also be found in Pac-Man World Rally's data.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month October 12, 2023

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