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On January 22, 2018, twelve days after its initial release, the English-language Steam version received an update that "Fixed parts of the text translation," focusing on the effects menu. Most of the adjustments were minor, such as altering word choice (e.g. "Change into a faceless ghost" to "Materialize as a faceless ghost."), changing the capitalization of certain words (e.g. "Grow Long Hair." to "Grow long hair."), and changing the tone of the text (e.g. "Change into a witch." to "Become a witch incarnate."). However, more substantial changes were made to five options, changing not only the descriptions, but also the effect names:

• Get Fat was renamed Fatten, and its description was changed from "You get fat." to "Balloon in size."
• Whistle was renamed Flute, and its description was changed from "Hold the whistle." to "Brandish a flute."
• Talking Head was renamed Severed Head, and its description was changed from "Change into a talking head." to "Be reduced to a severed head."
• Devil was renamed Oni, and its description was changed from "Change into a devil girl." to "Reconstitute as an oni."
• Game Info was renamed Tutorial, and its description was changed from "See the game explanation once more." to "Review the game's tutorial."

Despite these changes, the text boxes that appear when picking up a dropped effect in the Nexus and the completed FC World version of the effects menu still contain the old names. The latter additionally misspells the Midget effect's name as "Miget." Curiously, the incomplete FC World effects menu only contains the old names for the Tutorial option and the Fatten effect; the Midget effect's name is also spelled correctly there.
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