The Windows PC version is an exact port of the Xbox version of the game. Because of this, many of the bugs that exists on the Xbox version were carried over to the PC port. One of the bugs that would occur happens whenever a non-CG cutscene would play. All the character’s that appeared in these cutscenes would have their eyes stay fixed in a forward looking position instead of moving around. This bug does not appear in the PlayStation 2 or GameCube versions of the game.
Contributed by ShyanVixen
A version of Sonic Riders was also being developed for the Game Boy Advance, but ##SEGA## wanted to make the game "more 3D", resulting in the Game Boy Advance version being scrapped entirely.
Contributed by Boyobmas
During gameplay, Eggman's voices are Deem Bristow's voice recordings recycled from the earlier Sonic Adventure games and Sonic Heroes. In most other instances in the game he is voiced by Mike Pollock.