Platform: Game Boy Advance

The Game Boy Advance Video "Shrek and Shark Tale" and "Shrek and Shrek 2" double packs, both containing two 1 hour 30 minute movies each, are the largest ROMs in the Game Boy Advance library at 64 megabytes, and achieved this by compressing the films to 240 pixels by 112 pixels, and using a special memory chip.
Also Appears On: Shark Tale (Franchise), Shrek (Franchise), DreamWorks Animation SKG (Collection)
The Japanese version of WarioWare: Twisted! features an exclusive start-up screen for the console where the Game Boy logo bounces up off-screen before landing again. Once the logo resumes as normal, a motorcycle heard in the background will stop, causing Wario to shout "Yeah!"
In September 2005, Nintendo re-released the Game Boy Advance SP with an improved backlit screen and a model number of AGS-101 (vs. the original frontlit version with model number AGS-001). The button that turned the light on and off on the original model instead switched the brightness between low and high and provided no ability to turn the light off on the new model. Even on low though, the brightness of the new model exceeded that of the original.
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