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The Game Boy Advance Video "Shrek and Shark Tale" and "Shrek and Shrek 2" double packs, both containing two 1 hour 30 minute movies each, are the largest ROMs in the Game Boy Advance library at 64 megabytes, and achieved this by compressing the films to 240 pixels by 112 pixels, and using a special memory chip.
The Japanese version of WarioWare: Twisted! features an exclusive start-up screen for the console where the Game Boy logo bounces up off-screen before landing again. Once the logo resumes as normal, a motorcycle heard in the background will stop, causing Wario to shout "Yeah!"
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Attachment In 2018, rapper Soulja Boy attempted to sell his own line of video game consoles, collectively called the SouljaGame line, sold for $149.99 for a console and $99.99 for a handheld. Advertising claimed that the consoles would be compatible with a variety of consoles' games, including modern platforms like the PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Switch. These, quite obviously, did not have such compatibility, but rather were a generic retro emulator console one could find on small business-oriented retail websites such as Wish and AliExpress loaded with pirated and modified games from the Neo Geo; NES; Game Boy Advance; Game Boy Color; Game Boy; Sega Genesis; SNES; Master System; Game Gear; and PlayStation libraries sold at a markup. The only difference from these pre-existing consoles being a photograph of Soulja printed onto the box. Soulja Boy would eventually stop selling SouljaGame consoles, with the website for the console redirecting to Nintendo's 3DS website.
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In September 2005, Nintendo re-released the Game Boy Advance SP with an improved backlit screen and a model number of AGS-101 (vs. the original frontlit version with model number AGS-001). The button that turned the light on and off on the original model instead switched the brightness between low and high and provided no ability to turn the light off on the new model. Even on low though, the brightness of the new model exceeded that of the original.