Multiplayer was planned for the game, but had to be scrapped due to time constraints. There were four planned modes:
Liberty City Survivor: Standard death match similar to GTA 1 and 2.
City Circuit: Racing on pre-set routes round the three islands.
Car Jack Crazy: Players race to collect a list of vehicles and return them to their garage.
Special delivery: All players fight over a package which must be taken to their base.
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The game started out as a 2D reimagining of Grand Theft Auto III for the Gameboy Advance. The original developer, Destination Software, moved the project over to another developer, Crawfish. However, Crawfish announced they were closing down a week after this announcement. Former Crawfish developer Anders Granlund shared screenshots from the original build of the game.
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During development the Police Car was much more square and boxy, as seen in an early screenshot.
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