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Dino Crisis 2
Capcom offered a demo CD based upon a beta build of the game as a pre-release promo. The entire build was on the disk, with a "time trial" style of gameplay lasting 45 minutes before exiting the game. A code was eventually worked out, utilizing a GameShark cheat device in order to disable the time trial demo's timer, enabling complete access to this earlier version. A list of notable differences compared to the retail release have been noted as a result, and Capcom would never release a time trial demo disc again.
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
In an early demo build of the game from E3 2014, Luigi was able to perform a wall-jump (possibly as a leftover from Mario's moveset), but for unknown reasons, this was removed in the final version of the game.
Wii Sports
subdirectory_arrow_right Pilotwings Resort (Game), Wii Fit (Game)
Attachment Wuhu Island was originally created for Wii Sports before its debut appearance in Wii Fit. An early version of the island can be seen in a leaked development image for Wii Sports, and in footage of the unused Airplane sport in the E3 2006 demo for the game. The leaked image also indicates that the Airplane sport would have also given you the option to fly around the island with a Rocket Belt, an idea that would later be reused in Pilotwings Resort.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month April 1, 2024
The Cutting Room Floor article:

Wii Sports E3 2006 Airplane:
Princess Peach: Showtime!
subdirectory_arrow_right Good-Feel (Company)
Good-Feel being the development company behind Princess Peach: Showtime! was not officially revealed until the day before the game's release, where it was discovered via the game's credits. It was also revealed through the credits that the game had been directed by Good-Feel president Etsunobu Ebisu, who had not directed a game since Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon in 1997. Two weeks prior to this, however, Good-Feel's involvement was leaked via the code from the game's demo version. When asked who the development company was, Nintendo merely stated that it would be revealed in the game's credits.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month March 22, 2024
Stellar Blade
On March 8, 2024, a demo for the game was mistakenly released on the PlayStation Store in the United States. It was taken down twenty-five minutes later and rendered unplayable on systems where it had been downloaded if they connected to the internet after the takedown. This was the first time Sony had ever done such an act, with many pointing out that they didn't even do it when P.T., the demo for the cancelled Silent Hills, was removed from the PlayStation Store by Konami.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month March 10, 2024
In August 2015, location tests for DanceDanceRevolution (2014) were held in North America. This marked both the first time the series was location tested in North America since Dance Dance Revolution X2 and the first time eAMUSEMENT was officially supported in the region. The English translation was a more completed version of the one present in the Korean version. Furthermore, 47 songs were removed from this version due to copyright restrictions, mostly being licensed songs from previous entries and all the "U.M.UXBEMANI" songs.

In the end, DanceDanceRevolution (2014) was not released in North America, with the following game Dance Dance Revolution A becoming the first Arcade release in North America since Dance Dance Revolution X2.
person aa1205 calendar_month March 8, 2024
Advanced Lawnmower Simulator
Advanced Lawnmower Simulator was originally just a joke game reviewed in an April Fools edition of Your Sinclair Magazine, which received a 9 out of 10 and teased several other humorously mundane hygiene-based games by "Gardensoft" such as a launderette game. Over time, this game would be mentioned more beyond the April issue, with fake letters in the Letters section detailing a humorous fictional story about the game being stolen, until it culminated with the game's release on a cover disc in Issue 45, released a year and a half after the game was first mentioned.
Resistance: Fall of Man
subdirectory_arrow_right Resistance (Franchise)
During the 2006 Game Developers Conference (GDC) where Sony Computer Entertainment showcased a new demo for Resistance, the game previously known as "I-8". The demo showed the game in a much more complete form than the simple FPS that was shown at E3 2005. The gameplay was shown with new weapons very much like the Ratchet & Clank series, only now with a more realistic slant. The demo also showed off effects such as smoke trails on grenades, tactical troop movements, and enemies that came from the ceilings as the lead character ran down a devastated corridor.
The Getaway
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person ProtoSnake calendar_month January 24, 2024
Star Fox: Assault
Attachment The E3 2003 reveal trailer for what would become Star Fox: Assault showcased what appears to be a first-person perspective mode, which ended up being discarded in the final game. However, this scrapped first-person mode can still be accessed in all versions of the game through hacking. It is not fully complete, but has almost full functionality.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month January 22, 2024
E3 2003 Star Fox: Assault trailer, which showcases the first person mode at various points:

Unused First-Person Mode - Star Fox: Assault:
Star Fox Zero
subdirectory_arrow_right Star Fox Guard (Game)
Attachment When Star Fox Zero was originally scheduled to come out in the holidays of 2015, it didn't feature a map screen or branching paths, or even (by default) Smart Bombs, two core components of classic Star Fox titles such as the original Star Fox on the SNES or Star Fox 64.

Shigeru Miyamoto's original vision for Star Fox Zero, when it began development in 2014, was for it to be more like an episodic TV show (as in, a linear set of episodic, bite-sized missions), similar to his biggest inspiration for Star Fox, the 1965 TV series "Thunderbirds", as opposed to earlier games like Star Fox 64 that were designed more like an epic, longer movie. At E3 2014, he compared the tried-and-true Star Fox gameplay as the "primetime programming", while the quirkier, more experimental fare (referring to Star Fox Guard) as the "late-night programming". As explained by Miyamoto in early 2016, the initial decision to remove Smart Bombs as a core game mechanic was to streamline and simplify the gameplay, to force the player to focus more on using their own techniques and skills to get through the levels. Originally, Smart Bombs would have only been available through the special SNES Arwing mode only accessible through the Fox McCloud amiibo figure or alternatively, collecting all of the game's 70 medals.

However, after Star Fox Zero's initial poor showing at E3 2015, particularity from die-hard Star Fox 64 fans, it was decided to delay the game and attempt to make it more like a long-form movie in the similar vein of SF64, by including an arcade mode (that is unlocked by playing through the story mode, a single linear list of missions like what Miyamoto had intended) with additional branching pathways and also the re-inclusion of Smart Bombs as a universal gameplay mechanic.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month January 21, 2024
Pizza Tower
Pizza Tower shifted from a puzzle/exploration-based game to a fast-paced game during development in response to videos of people speedrunning the SAGE 2019 demo.
3D Pinball: Space Cadet
subdirectory_arrow_right Full Tilt! Pinball (Game)
Space Cadet: 3D Pinball was a demo for a game called Full Tilt! Pinball. Full Tilt! Pinball had two extra boards compared to 3D Pinball, with the main differences in Full Tilt's Space Cadet board specifically being an expanded soundtrack, a more realisitc CGI side-art as opposed to the Buzz Lightyear-esque 2D cartoon art, and a multiball feature.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month December 26, 2023
Full Tilt Space Cadet - expanded soundtrack starts at 1:19:

Video of Multiball in Full Tilt, note that when the video says "Windows version of the game", it means "the version bundled with Windows":
Donk!: The Samurai Duck!
Donk!: The Samurai Duck was originally titled Dong. This name was used on cover disc demos prior to the official release before being changed.
Star Fox Adventures
subdirectory_arrow_right Dinosaur Planet (Game)
Attachment One of the enemies Sabre and Krystal would encounter in Dinosaur Planet were these robotic Scorpion-like automatons, typically found in Krazoa-build strongholds such as the Force Point Temples and Cape Claw. While removed in the final Star Fox Adventures, they could still be found hidden within the E3 2002 kiosk version via hacking.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 17, 2023
Dinosaur Planet - Robot scorpions in action:

Robot scorpions found within SFA E3 2002 demo:
Star Fox Adventures
Attachment Originally, going by some of the initial concept art as well as early gameplay footage for Star Fox Adventures, the tip of Krystal's staff was meant to transform whenever Fox performed one of its magic abilities. For example, when Fox performed the Ground Quake ability, it'd transform into a hammer. Curiously, one of the pieces of concept art mentions the staff transforming into a wing tip to give Fox the ability to glide, which goes unused in the final game. The models for these staff transformations were also found within the E3 2002 kiosk version of Star Fox Adventures. Ultimately, this went unused in the final game.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 16, 2023
SFA concept art:

SFA Space World 2001 trailer showing Krystal's staff tip transforming into a hammer when Fox performs the Ground Quake ability:

Unused Staff End Tips:
Star Fox Adventures
Attachment Found within the E3 2002 kiosk version of Star Fox Adventures is an unused cutscene of Fox talking with Tricky, Peppy and Slippy after placing presumably the final SpellStone. Various unused SFA voice clips sync up perfectly with this sequence, revealing the dialogue exchange to be:

Tricky: You did it, Fox! You saved Dinosaur Planet!
Fox: Don't get too excited, Tricky. We haven't delt with General Scales yet.
Slippy: Fox, Fox! Where are you going? You've completed the mission so let's go home!
Peppy: He's right, Fox. We don't need the extra bonus. I can finally retire with what we got.
Fox: It's not the bonus or even General Scales that I'm worried about...
Peppy and Tricky: Krystal!
Peppy: Ha! It's always the girls that get him!
Fox: Look guys, I promised I saved her. You wouldn't want her to die, would you? So I'm going to the Walled City, to find the final Krazoa spirit!

This presents bit of a different story from what is presented in the final game. In the retail release, it's discovered that returning all of the SpellStones to the Force Point Temples does not single handily restore Dinosaur Planet to its original state, and that Fox also needs to return all of the Krazoa spirits to Krazoa Palace to fully stabilize the planet, in addition to freeing Krystal from Krazoa Palace.

Here, it does seem returning the SpellStones restores the planet, and collecting the Krazoa spirits is for a separate task, that being merely freeing Krystal.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 15, 2023
Final SpellStone scene in Star Fox Adventures kiosk:

Final SpellStone scene Star Fox Adventures retail:
Star Fox Adventures
subdirectory_arrow_right Dinosaur Planet (Game)
Attachment Found within the files of the E3 2002 kiosk of Star Fox Adventures is a file called STORYBOARD.bin which reveals a set of storyboard images pertaining to a cut subplot in Dinosaur Planet's CloudRunner Fortress that would have dealt with Princess Kyte's traitorous uncle.

It seemed for two centuries, Kyte's uncle had been cast out by his tribe and now was seeking vengeance by allying himself with General Scales and the SharpClaw. It appears that Krystal and Kyte would combat and defeat this evil uncle, resulting in General Scales betraying him, and in retaliation, Kyte's uncle would attempt to perform a kamikaze attack on Scales and thus sacrifice himself.

While the storyboards otherwise are mostly similar to what is presented in the Dinosaur Planet condensed story and also leaked December 2000 build, there are some notable differences, just to name a few: as Krystal and Kyte enter CloudRunner Fortress, they witness a CloudRunner soldier get killed by one of the SharpClaw's spaceships (presumably provided to them by Drakor). The imprisoned SpellStone guardian, presented as a pachycephalosaurid type dinosaur from the BoneHead tribe in the leaked Dinosaur Planet build (who also appears in Star Fox Adventures with the name "Gradabug") is illustrated as more of a strange stegosaurid type of dinosaur here.

It's rather apparent that these storyboards were meant to pertain to a subarea within CloudRunner Fortress that had already been scrapped by the time of the condensed Dinosaur Planet story and also leaked build: the Trap Rooms, which would of featured an extra set of puzzles and challenges Krystal had to solve before acquiring the area's SpellStone. The storyboards show that the Trap Rooms were to be accessed through the underwater passage in the Fortress' main courtyard, which in the leaked build, instead leads to the jetbike race (in the final Star Fox Adventures, Fox accesses it through the CloudRunner's treasure rooms. Funny enough, Adventures' CloudRunner Fortress also has a scrapped area found beyond the Fortress' flooded courtyard pathway). It is worth pointing out that the March 1999 level list includes "CloudRunner - Treasure", "Dungeon", and "TrapRooms", but doesn't feature "CloudRunner - Race", which makes it all the more apparent the latter replaced the Trap Rooms in the December 2000 build, which would then carry over into Star Fox Adventures.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 14, 2023
Star Fox Adventures
subdirectory_arrow_right Dinosaur Planet (Game)
Attachment The original Dinosaur Planet storyline had Sauria, the namesake Dinosaur Planet, a part a group of eight planets dubbed the "Majestic Eight". Said to be the first planets created when the universe began, the seven other were, as described by the Krazoa:

Animus, the home world of Sabre, Krystal and Randorn
• Aleminach, the home world of the Krazoa
• Eridal, the home world of Drakor's race, the Kamerians
• Nibiru, the home world of the "Nephilim", and "a land of giants"
• Earth, the home world of the "newest universe members, a very evil race, the humans"
• Melqua, a planet of water with rings of gold
• Selaf, the home world of the "Anunnaki"

Interestingly, in place of Animus, the voice lines for the Krazoa in Warlock Mountain instead mention Corneria. Obviously, this was to accommodate the presence of Fox McCloud in the leaked December 2000 build of Dinosaur Planet, as it was beginning to transition into Star Fox Adventures.

Some of these reference actual myths and conspiracies, such as the Nibiru Cataclysm, a doomsday theory that states that Earth will catastrophically collide with another planet, typically believed to be an object known as "Planet X" or Nibiru. The "Annunaki" are a group of deities in ancient Sumerian myths that are theorized by some as aliens from a planet called Nibiru that came to Earth to harvest gold, and also were reptilian humanoids. The myths surrounding the "Nephilim" tend to vary: some say they were giants (as mentioned by the Krazoa in DP) while others say that they were fallen angels or the offspring of humans and angels.

Each of the eight spirits Sabre and Krystal were told to collect by the Krazoa during their adventures were meant to represent these eight planets. The ultimate endgame of the Krazoa in Dinosaur Planet's original narrative was to align these Majestic Eight worlds by reuniting the eight spirits of Quan Ata Lachu (a deity the Krazoa worship) at Warlock Mountain in order to revive their people and bring "peace" to the universe. In reality, as Drakor describes it, this will result in the most deadly weapon in the universe, as the alignment of the Majestic Eight gives the Quan Ata Lachu (described by Drakor as being "a rare lifeform of pure evil") the opportunity to utilize the immense powerful energy that this will produce, and it will be focused through Warlock Mountain, creating the ultimate weapon of destruction that will allow the Krazoa to remold the universe into their image/liking, spreading disease, terror and chaos as they please. This is why Drakor has come to Sauria to revive the Kamerian war dragon that fell in battle against the Krazoa at the beginning of the universe, to prevent this from happening and exact revenge against the Krazoa.

This plotline would be revised and ultimately dropped in the final Star Fox Adventures game, as Dinosaur Planet is said to just simply exist in the Lylat System, and Krystal's home planet was renamed to Cerinia and was said to be mysteriously destroyed, hence why she's searching the galaxy for the truth of the death of her family (though this was omitted in the Japanese version). The plotline of Fox collecting the Krazoa spirits in promise of something good (in this case, saving Krystal from the top of Krazoa Palace and ultimately putting Dinosaur Planet back together) would in someway remain, but would instead result in Andross reviving himself as the true final boss of Star Fox Adventures.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 11, 2023
Majestic 8 lore:

Dinosaur Planet condensed story:

Ask Uncle Tusk - July 7, 2000:

Dinosaur Planet - Quan Ata Lachu cutscenes:

Dinosaur Planet - Krazoa voice lines:

Dinosaur Planet - Krazoa Keeper/Guide of Krazoa Palace voice lines:

Dinosaur Planet - The Countdown of the Majestic fan reconstruction:

Dinosaur Planet - The Majestic Eight Alignment:

Star Fox Adventures - Moon Mountain Pass:

Star Fox Adventures - General Scales and Andross boss fights:
Star Fox Adventures
subdirectory_arrow_right Dinosaur Planet (Game)
Attachment In the E3 2002 Kiosk version of Star Fox Adventures, CloudRunner Fortress contains a handful of elements from the Dinosaur Planet version that got scrapped in the final game, some of these being:

• The level is set on a stormy night in this version of the game, just like in Dinosaur Planet. The weather changes to daytime in the later areas of the fortress after Fox is captured.

• Certain sections of the stage use the "Sound Test 09" and "Sound Test 28" music tracks which go unused in the final version of Star Fox Adventures outside of the jukebox. Both music tracks were originally composed for Dinosaur Planet, and one of which is played while Krystal makes her approach into its version of CloudRunner Fortress.

• Interactive Krazoa-pattern-framed info screens appear throughout the fortress, which are also in the N64 version. In Dinosaur Planet, these info screens would provide advice and also occasional lore, one of which mentioning the Kamerian Dragon, which the CloudRunners thank for providing their wealth.

Curiously, the demo contains an unused map of the interior of General Scales' galleon separate from the one used during the intro. Its internal name is "insidegal"; Dinosaur Planet also has this map and it can be visited while the galleon is docked at the back of CloudRunner Frotress, which makes it seem that General Scales' galleon was at one point planned to appear here in Adventures, too. In 2024, an account named
Jeebs' Game Shack was finally able to access "insidegal" (as well as various other older SFA maps that seem to be circa mid-2001), fully confirming this to be the case. Hidden warp zone objects exist floating where the lower deck doors would be positioned if the ship was docked there, even in the retail version.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 10, 2023
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