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May 12, 2014
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The "Replicant D-ignition" event required players to unlock and beat difficult Boss Songs in order to collect their respective orbs. By collecting them all and beating the Extra Stage "Egoism 440" with a grade of AA or higher, the song "Max.(Period)" is revealed as an Encore Extra Stage. This marked the first time "Max.(Period)" ever appeared in an arcade entry of the series after its debut in the Japanese console release of Dance Dance Revolution Extreme.

During the event's second half, by beating "Max.(Period)" as an Extra Stage with a grade of AA or higher, a new Encore Extra Stage is revealed: "Over the 'Period'".

According to the song production information by composer TAG, "Over the 'Period'" was composed as the final part of the "Replicant D-ignition" Event to represent how, despite the assumption that the inclusion of "Max.(Period)" signaled the end of the series, this new song represents how the series is far from over:

"I had planned the story for Replicant D-ignition from the beginning.

First of all, MAX.(period) was going to be included in the arcade version.
MAX.(period) was recorded in the game that was the counterpart of the rumored final arcade title, I myself knew this so I was hesitant to record.
But I was against it. Pretending to end. It is not going to end. Is it just dramatic?

Replicant D-ignition began.
It was finished with EGOISM 440, a really good job by U1, and then MAX.(period) appearing at full force. Is the arcade series finally over? How many people thought it was?
Meanwhile, someone tweeted.

"TAG has yet to appear"

It was a very good read.
This song appeared in Phase 2 after a short period, and the excitement when this song appeared was extraordinary, to the point where some knees trembled.

So the condition was clearing the ENCORE EXTRA STAGE with a PERFECT FULL COMBO while playing in DIFFICULT? Now that Good is part of a combo, it seemed like that antithesis of hard.
I think that there was not a sense of tension at all.

Since X3's LOVE IS THE POWER was cleared up easily, this time the Difficult chart was made Level 15 so it would not be able to be cleared that easily, but it was a bit overkill...

It just rolled out in a direction that I never thought.
Top players recorded it. A song that was gradually cleared.
When the strategy battle involving not only Japan but Taiwan, South Korea, North America, etc. started, there was a feeling of excitement and expectation similar to whether human beings could reach an unknown planet for the first time.
I checked the progress everyday and was amazing. Today, the human race has reached so far.

And when the long-awaited first clear arrived, I was happy as if I cleared it.
However, at that time there was another chart cleared besides Difficult. "Beginner chart seems to have been cleared... Even though it is the easiest chart of Over The “Period”", "It is a real hell...", but I knew the veteran player who came this far would do it.

When the melody from Another Phase appears in the middle of the song, please remember the story that began with Another Phase, the song that symbolized the DanceDanceRevolution title which removed the numbering, and that ends with Over The “Period” (but it is not the end!).

Let's advance together. The light points to the place beyond.
Why do you need KONAMI ORIGINAL songs?

In the production notes for the song "DDR TAGMIX -LAST DanceR-", TAG revealed that he intentionally left the "Because" vague to let players fill in the gap. Though, in his own interpretation, the full sentence is actually "Because I love BEMANI and DDR."
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Information on Replicant D-ignition:

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