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Dance Dance Revolution Supernova's Sound Director was Junko Karashima (credited under her alias "jun"). This marks the first, and currently, only time a woman has acted as Sound Director for a mainline BEMANI title. All other instances have been for spinoff titles.
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The Pop'n Music songs "Dance to Blue (Respect Style)" and "Mychronicle", along with the Sound Voltex song "GERBERA" were all initially credited to "BEMANI Sound Team" (Or "伊藤賢治 Remixed by BEMANI Sound Team" in the case of "Dance to Blue (Respect Style)").
These songs marked the first usages of such a moniker in BEMANI games.
It wouldn't be until December 2017 that these songs received the altered credits "伊藤賢治 Remixed by BEMANI Sound Team 'PON'", "BEMANI Sound Team 'positive MAD-crew'", and "BEMANI Sound Team 'TAG'" respectively.
Since then, all in-house BEMANI songs have been credited as BEMANI Sound Team "Artist Name".
Though no official breakdown for the BEMANI Sound Team moniker has been given, some theorize the change was either to distinguish in-house composers from commissioned artists (i.e. kors k and Ryu☆), or due to policies from a pachinko company merger with Konami, mandating reduced visibility of staff.
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Attachment Two Solar Gun frames in Boktai: The Sun Is in Your Hand refer to games published by Konami. These are the Gradius (named after the series of side-scrolling shoot-'em-ups) and the Beatmania frames (named after Konami's series of music games). The former offers rapid shots, while the latter fires shots that make loud sounds on impact.