Sound Voltex: Vivid Wave
Sound Voltex: Vivid Wave
February 28, 2019
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subdirectory_arrow_right Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Game)
The song "Bi" (び, pronounced like "bee") is notable for containing an 8-measure long, 16th note jackhammer section (a section of hitting the same button continuously) in its Maximum Chart. Fittingly, the jackhammer in question is the B Button.

When brought over to Dance Dance Revolution A20, and later A20 Plus, the Challenge Chart for the song references this section, using down arrows for its jackhammer, mirroring the position of the B Button in Sound Voltex.
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RemyWiki page for Bi:

Sound Voltex Maximum Chart for Bi (Starting at Jackhammer):

Dance Dance Revolution Challenge Chart for Bi (Starting at Jackhammer):
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RemyWiki page for the song:

MARENOL's SoundCloud page, featuring original artwork:

Tweet from composer LeaF, sharing why the jacket art was changed:

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