Dance Dance Revolution Konamix
Dance Dance Revolution Konamix
April 24, 2002
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The song "LET THEM MOVE" is one of the few original songs by composer and former DDR sound producer Naoki Maeda to not be revived after its inclusion in 4th Mix. This is due to him feeling ashamed by the song. When asked in an interview on what his favorite memory of working on the Dance Dance Revolution Series was, he jokingly answered "LET THEM MOVE" before pretending to self-destruct..

The distaste towards this song also carried over to Jason Enos, manager of Dance Dance Revolution's American Console Titles. He attempted to lobby the song's exclusion from Dance Dance Revolution Konamix to no avail:

"[When] they wanted to put Let Them Move on Konamix, oh my gosh, I just went nuts. I sent the poll results. I was like, "Look. See the poll results? Let Them Move? Rank: Zero! Bottom of the list! Please do not include!" I just told them to please not include this song in there. Everyone hates this song. Do not put it in there. They wanted to put it in for the training, because it's a real easy song, and since it was going to be in training, they thought it would have been stupid not to make it a selectable song. Okay, well I can understand that, but I told them, "Can we just get something else besides that song?" But no, they kinda like that song. No one else likes it though. That song, I'm not very pleased about. Then again, I don't [want] any people ever selecting that song in the public".
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The version of "THE EARTH LIGHT" used in this game is censored, the vocals were removed because they would have been too inappropriate for a game with an "E" rating.

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