Dance Dance Revolution X
Dance Dance Revolution X
September 16, 2008
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In Dance Dance Revolution Supernova, the song "Healing-D-Vision" erroneously uses 8th and 16th note steps throughout the song, despite the song itself utilizing a triplet (12th note) beat. This is especially noticeable in the first half of the song.

This mistake was fixed in Dance Dance Revolution X.
Also Appears On: Dance Dance Revolution Supernova (Game)
The song "Horatio" has two unique Challenge Charts depending on the version.

In the North American PlayStation 2 version, Shock Arrows are used more frequently and before 16th notes, forcing the player to occasionally step in the center to maintain the stream patterns.

This was changed in the arcade release of X, reducing the quantity of Shock Arrows in the beginning and end and spacing them out further. This modified chart is also used in the Japanese console release of the game.
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RemyWiki page for the song:

The original chart for Horatio Challenge:

An example demonstration of Horatio Challenge Console, as linked in the trivia:

The current chart for Horatio Challenge for comparison:

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