September 15, 2009
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The game was almost released with a bug that if bacon was glued to a lion's back, the lion would eat itself. The bug was caught and fixed late into development.
Attachment There is an unused character found in the game's data which resembles a female Maxwell. She can also be found in the game data of Super Scribblenauts, and the girl version of evil Maxwell in Scribblenauts Unlimited also resembles her.
Originally, the Ollars store had 30 extra levels to buy, but they were later cut from the game. Rather than removing the menu to buy them, 5th Cell simply made the buttons to go to it invisible. Trying to access this menu freezes the game.

This feature was mentioned in the manual, suggesting it was cut late in development.
Scribblenauts has some internet memes you can write in your notebook, some of them being related to video games.
Attachment If you type "LOL WUT" into the game, it will make an enlarged version of Maxwell's head that can be put onto NPC's. In addition, if you type "THIS GAME", a DS cartridge with Maxwell on it will appear.
Although WB Games published the games in the US and EU regions, Konami handled the Japanese translation. Konami also added several of its own popular characters as cameos, including:
-Solid Snake, Old Snake and Big Boss from the Metal Gear series.
-Goemon and Ebisumaru from the Legend of the Mystical Ninja Series.
-Alucard from The Castlevania series.
-The Vic Viper from the Gradius series.
-Manaka from the Loveplus series.

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