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Dance Dance Revolution ExtraMix
Dance Dance Revolution ExtraMix
June 7, 2001
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Both Dance Dance Revolution Solo Bass Mix and Solo 2000 are the only Arcade releases to feature a female announcer. The same announcer is also used in the console game Dance Dance Revolution Extra Mix.
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RemyWiki page on DDR Solo Bass Mix: https://remywiki.com/AC_DDR_Solo_BASS

RemyWiki page on DDR Solo 2000: https://remywiki.com/AC_DDR_Solo_2000

RemyWiki page on DDR Extra Mix: https://remywiki.com/CS_DDR_EXTRA_MIX
Attachment In the game's data there are unused graphics, including a CD, banner and background, for the song "PETIT LOVE" by SMILE.dk, a song which has never appeared on a home console release of Dance Dance Revolution.

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